How to use tea bags in the garden

Most people know that tea is good for you, but did you know that it's also a great way to make your garden healthier? If you've been using regular tea bags in the garden, then stop. You're doing it wrong and

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How to use tea bags in the garden

The very last thing we want to promote is giving up of tea and low within the identify of meals miles. A tea and low throughout your working day is a necessity, enjoyment and tradition in lots of a busy work place — so we might as effectively honour them with some additional chores earlier than condemning them to the bin.

For individuals who add their spent dregs to the compost bin, you’ll be able to nonetheless accomplish that in lots of of those purposes as soon as their mission has been achieved.

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What to do with espresso grounds1. Soften pores and skinExfoliate with a physique scrub fabricated from espresso grounds, coconut oil and a bit brown sugar. Gently therapeutic massage it on within the bathe, rinse, be smooth.

2. Please the flowersUse espresso grounds as mulch for acid-loving crops — roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens, hydrangeas and camellias. They like espresso grounds for the pure acidity and vitamins they add to the soil.

3. Sadden the antsSprinkle espresso grounds round areas of ant infestation to discourage them.

4. Deter gastropodsUsed grounds are stated to repel snails and slugs, so sprinkle them in downside areas.

5. Simplify fire cleansingEarlier than cleansing the fireside, sprinkle with dampened used espresso grounds, which is able to crush the ash and thus get rid of clouds of smoke-flavored mud.

6. Make a sepia dyeSoak used grounds in scorching water and use as a dye tub for Easter eggs, cloth and paper for a stunning, smooth brown tinge.

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7. Hold cats at bayHold kitties out of the backyard with a combination of orange peels and used espresso grounds distributed round crops.

8. Encourage the carrotsTo spice up a carrot harvest, combine seeds with dried espresso grounds earlier than sowing. The additional bulk makes the wee seeds simpler to handle, whereas the espresso aroma can nourish the soil and assist repel pests.

What to do with tea leaves and tea luggageSome suggestions name for dried leaves, right here’s how. Once you’re completed brewing tea, place the leaves into a big strainer or colander. Press out as a lot moisture as doable, after which unfold the leaves on paper. Let the leaves dry totally, turning over a number of occasions within the course of. Additionally notice that moist tea leaves stain, so in case you are utilizing moist tea leaves on or close to a porous floor, make sure to take a look at in an not easily seen place first.

9. Tame stings and burnsCool tea luggage can carry aid when utilized to bug bites and minor burns, together with sunburn. For total pores and skin irritation, put spent tea leaves in a shower and soak.

10. Soothe your eyesThe tannins in tea have anti-inflammatory results, which is why cool ones are sometimes employed on puffy eyes. (The nippiness additionally helps with swelling.)

11. Feed the backyardUse tea leaves as meals for backyard crops — inexperienced tea is excessive in nitrogen, and as a bonus, the leaves can beat back pests and bugs. That is additionally good for houseplants, so add previous tea leaves to their water.

12. Increase potted cropsWhen potting crops, place a number of used tea luggage on prime of the drainage layer on the backside of the planter earlier than including soil. The tea luggage will assist to retain water and also will leach some vitamins into the potting medium.

13. Quell the cat field odorSprinkle used, dried tea leaves in litter packing containers to assist scale back the odor.

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14. Remove different pet odorsSprinkle dried, used inexperienced tea leaves in your pet’s pillow, mattress, within the doghouse, or different smelly spots to get rid of odor.

15. Freshen the carpetSprinkle dry tea leaves onto the carpet, crush them calmly and let sit for 10 minutes, then vacuum. This can refresh the carpet and deodorize your vacuum cleaner and bag. (Particularly useful if in case you have pets.)

16. Deal with the canine

As an extravagance, free leaf gunpowder tea is a deal with for canines to roll round in. It’s nice for the aroma and luster it provides to the coat.

17. Freshen mats and bedsIt is not uncommon in Southeast Asia to scrub straw sleeping mats in tubs of water to which tea has been added. The tea works as a deodorizer, so you’ll be able to apply this technique to yoga mats and air mattresses.

18. Save the fridgeIn case you’re out of baking soda, place dried, used inexperienced tea luggage or leaves in a small open bowl in your fridge to assist take in odors.

19. Wash your armsRid your arms of meals odors (garlic, onions, and so on.) by rubbing them with moist inexperienced tea leaves, an instantaneous deodorizer.

20. Deodorize kitchen surfacesRub moist tea leaves on reducing boards and counters to take away meals odors.

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