How to use tea tree oil for bacterial vaginosis

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy with many uses. It can be used to help treat bacterial vaginosis, which is an infection of the vagina that affects approximately one in four women. This infection can cause symptoms such as a thin or

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How to use tea tree oil for bacterial vaginosis

In wholesome vaginas, good micro organism preserve unhealthy micro organism from excessively reproducing. However when one thing disturbs this stability, the dangerous micro organism start to take over, inflicting a vaginal an infection known as bacterial vaginosis (BV). This usually results in irregular vaginal discharge and a foul odor from the vagina.

As with all situation, you’ll be able to simply discover dwelling cures on-line promising to deal with bacterial vaginosis and clear up these signs. However many of those therapies not solely are ineffective; some might exacerbate your an infection.

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To assist make sure you correctly deal with and get rid of BV, on this article I’ll clarify what bacterial vaginosis is, the signs and causes of BV, dwelling treatment and prescription therapies, and the best way to forestall BV.

What Is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis is the commonest vaginal an infection amongst girls of reproductive age in america.

Wholesome girls have each good and unhealthy types of micro organism and fungi residing inside their vaginas. Good micro organism, like lactobacillus, defend towards dangerous microbes by producing sufficient hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, and different substances to maintain the vaginal setting acidic and inhospitable to them.

When a lady’s vaginal pH turns into unbalanced or disrupted, her ranges of wholesome micro organism decline, and her pure defenses towards dangerous microbes weaken. Fungi and unhealthy micro organism can then proliferate contained in the vagina and trigger irritation and discomfort. If a fungus, like candida, over-reproduces, it causes a vaginal yeast an infection. If unhealthy micro organism takes over, you’ve got bacterial vaginosis.

Signs and Causes

Roughly 50% of individuals with BV don’t expertise signs. Amongst these girls that do, the commonest signs embrace:

  • Skinny, watery, grey, or white discharge
  • A foul or fishy odor from the vagina, notably after sexual exercise or whereas menstruating
  • Vaginal or vulvar itching
  • Burning or ache throughout urination

BV happens when there’s extra dangerous micro organism than good micro organism within the vagina. Danger components for this imbalance embrace:

  • Having a brand new sexual associate
  • Having a number of sexual companions
  • Douching
  • Utilizing an intrauterine machine (IUD)
  • Being pregnant

Dwelling Treatment Therapy Choices

Should you suspect you could have bacterial vaginosis, it is best to search medical therapy, notably if you’re pregnant. Whilst you could also be tempted to strive dwelling cures, many of those are unproven and a few could also be dangerous. Right here’s what it’s good to find out about the commonest pure cures for BV.


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There’s insufficient knowledge to recommend that consuming yogurt can assist deal with BV. You additionally ought to by no means put yogurt into your vagina, as this could worsen signs by selling bacterial progress.


Some research have proven that taking probiotic dietary supplements containing lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1, or lactobacillus fermentum RC-14 might assist deal with or forestall bacterial vaginosis. Should you want to do this, do your analysis on totally different manufacturers. The Meals and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate dietary supplements, so some might not comprise the components that they promote on their labels.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a necessary oil that has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Though some proof means that the micro organism that trigger BV may be vulnerable to tea tree oil, there haven’t been sufficient research to recommend that is an efficient therapy.

Boric acid

Analysis means that utilizing boric acid suppositories together with the remedy metronidazole (Flagyl, Metrogel-Vaginal) or tinidazole (Tindamax) might assist forestall recurrent bacterial vaginosis. However speak to your physician earlier than you do this or mix any dwelling treatment and drugs.

Hydrogen peroxide

Two small research recommend utilizing hydrogen peroxide as a vaginal wash might assist clear up vaginal odor, enhance discharge, and restore vaginal pH in sufferers with BV. As with many different dwelling cures, nevertheless, this isn’t sufficient proof to suggest attempting this.


One examine checked out inserting garlic dietary supplements vaginally to deal with bacterial vaginosis. Though this therapy seemed to be as efficient as metronidazole, this isn’t a inexperienced mild to place garlic in your vagina.


In a single examine, sufferers used a vaginal cream infused with the extract of calendula officinalis, an herb generally generally known as pot marigold. The members within the examine discovered it as efficient at treating BV as metronidazole, however at this level we’d like additional analysis earlier than docs can suggest utilizing it.

Apple cider vinegar

Some individuals douche with apple cider vinegar or combine it into a shower to deal with BV and different vaginal infections. However there isn’t a scientific proof to recommend these pure cures deal with the situation or relieve any signs. The truth is, douching with apple cider vinegar can worsen your an infection.

Prevention Choices

Though no dwelling cures are confirmed efficient to deal with bacterial vaginosis, you’ll be able to take motion to forestall BV and preserve your vagina pH balanced and wholesome.

Breathable cotton underwear

Micro organism love sizzling, moist environments. Since cotton is moisture-wicking and breathes, it might preserve your vulva dry, serving to scale back the possibility of an an infection.

Good hygiene

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All the time wipe entrance to again when utilizing the toilet and don’t use scented tampons or different female hygiene merchandise.

Secure intercourse

Should you’re susceptible to BV, you might need to contemplate limiting your variety of sexual companions. Additionally follow protected intercourse by utilizing latex condoms and dental dams. Lastly, though BV will not be a sexually transmitted illness, girls with BV can cross it to their feminine sexual companions. So you might need to skip intercourse till an an infection clears up.

Keep away from douching

Douching can change the pH and bacterial stability of the vagina, which is able to solely make you extra vulnerable to BV and different infections. The vagina is self-cleaning and doesn’t want any douching.

Can You Treatment BV in One Day?

When you’ve got BV, you need it to go away—now! However attempt to be affected person. Standard antibiotic medicines can be found as a single-dose or seven-day oral remedy or a five- or seven-day intravaginal therapy. Most individuals who use a week-long course of antibiotics report that their signs subside inside 2-3 days after they start this therapy of bacterial vaginosis.

Take your remedy precisely as directed, even in the event you not expertise signs. Should you cease taking your medication early, your BV might come again and be more difficult to deal with.

Different Therapy Choices

As soon as you’re recognized with bacterial vaginosis, your physician will doubtless prescribe one of many following medicines to eradicate your an infection and restore stability to your vagina:

  • Metronidazole (Flagyl, Metrogel-Vaginal): An antibiotic remedy that you simply take orally as a tablet or insert intravaginally as a gel. Uncomfortable side effects can embrace nausea, belly ache, and upset abdomen. Keep away from ingesting alcohol whereas taking this remedy.
  • Clindamycin (Cleocin, Clindesse): An antibiotic cream that you simply insert vaginally. Uncomfortable side effects can embrace nausea, vomiting, and vaginal itching. This remedy can weaken latex condoms, so use additional precautions whereas taking it.

Dangers and Problems of BV

Though some instances of bacterial vaginosis are delicate sufficient to clear up on their very own, most sufferers with BV threat well being issues in the event that they don’t deal with their situation. This features a increased threat of chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and different sexually transmitted infections (STIs), in addition to pelvic inflammatory illness, a probably long-term situation that may result in infertility.

Bacterial vaginosis might be notably detrimental to girls who’re pregnant. Left untreated, symptomatic BV can result in the next threat of getting a baby with low delivery weight and giving delivery prematurely.

When to See a Physician

In case you are experiencing uncommon vaginal discharge, odor, or different signs that offer you a cause to consider you’ve got bacterial vaginosis, contact your gynecologist or healthcare supplier to be screened and handled as quickly as attainable. As soon as they check your vaginal fluid for indicators of BV, they will prescribe a course of antibiotics that can deal with your signs and restore your vaginal well being.

Get BV Therapy In the present day with Ok Well being

Ok Well being gives a easy, accessible choice for bacterial vaginosis therapy. Chat with a physician in your telephone to find out whether or not you certainly have BV and get a prescription despatched straight to your pharmacy, all for simply $23.

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