How to use tea tree oil for cold sores

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for cold sores. It can be applied in a number of ways, but most commonly it is used as an ointment, or by mixing it with water and using it to gargle.

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The next important oils could also be helpful for treating chilly sores:


Lavender oil has been used for years to deal with a wide range of points, together with pores and skin irritation and bruises.

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Though it could not have any impact on the virus, lavender oil could also be useful in lowering ache related to chilly sores. In a single examine, lavender oil appeared to have the potential to lower ache and irritation.

The primary time somebody makes use of lavender oil, they need to dilute it with a provider oil. If there isn’t a response, they may have the ability to use a stronger combine.

Lavender oil will also be used undiluted, because it doesn’t normally irritate the pores and skin. One or two drops of lavender oil will be utilized on to the sore.

Peppermint oil

In a single examine, peppermint oil was proven to inhibit the exercise of each the herpes virus sort 1 and sort 2. The examine concluded that peppermint oil could be helpful in treating recurrent herpes infections.

Just a few drops of peppermint oil diluted with a milder oil, akin to almond oil, will be utilized to the sore.

Chrysanthemum oil

Though chrysanthemum oil could not particularly deal with the herpes simplex virus, analysis has recommended that the oil has a powerful anti-inflammatory impact, which can scale back signs.

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Allergy symptoms to chrysanthemum oil are usually not unusual. It’s best to check a small space of the pores and skin earlier than utilizing the important oil on a chilly sore. By no means apply on to the pores and skin, and at all times dilute in a provider oil.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil could also be helpful in treating chilly sores because of its anti-inflammatory skill.

A paper within the Journal of Ethnopharmacology indicated that eucalyptus oil may lower irritation. By lowering irritation, eucalyptus could pace up the therapeutic means of a chilly sore.

Customers ought to you’ll want to dilute eucalyptus oil in a provider oil earlier than making use of it to the pores and skin to keep away from irritation. Eucalyptus is a recognized allergen, so folks shouldn’t use it if they’ve a response.

Clove oil

The impact of clove has been studied on the herpes simplex virus in addition to different viruses, together with hepatitis C.

Clove could have an antimicrobial and antiviral impact on the herpes simplex virus. It additionally could lower ache related to a chilly sore.

Clove is irritating if utilized on to the pores and skin. It ought to be diluted with a milder oil, akin to coconut oil. Customers ought to use warning when making use of the combination to the sore.

Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil interrupts absorption of the herpes virus into the cells in another way than antiviral medicine, in response to some analysis.

This oil can also be helpful in treating drug-resistant strains of herpes. Once more, chamomile oil should be diluted in a provider oil earlier than being utilized to the pores and skin.

Tea tree oil

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In keeping with a overview revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Dermatology, tea tree oil has proven the flexibility to cease or kill the herpes simplex virus.

The oil is powerful, so it’s best to make use of it with warning. Customers ought to dilute it with a provider oil to lower the probabilities of a pores and skin irritation.

Hyssop oil

Analysis on hyssop oil confirmed that the important oil precipitated a lower in viral exercise.

Just a few drops of hyssop oil will be diluted and utilized to the chilly sore.

Lemon balm oil

Lemon balm oil, which can also be referred to as Melissa extract, could have an antiviral impact on the herpes simplex virus.

One examine indicated that the oil prevents the herpes virus from penetrating the cells.

Customers ought to apply the diluted oil to the chilly sore with a cotton swab three or 4 instances a day for greatest outcomes.

Thyme oil

Thyme oil has been examined to find out its skill to deal with herpes simplex virus sort 1. The outcomes of 1 examine indicated that the important oil exhibits antiviral motion in opposition to the virus.

Thyme oil ought to at all times be diluted with a provider oil earlier than it’s utilized to the chilly sore.

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