How to use tea tree oil for head lice

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for head lice. It's an essential oil, which means it has an extremely strong scent. Tea tree oil is not only used for its medicinal properties, but also because of its powerful smell that can

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How to use tea tree oil for head lice


Head lice infestation is attributable to Pediculus humanus capitis De Geer, belonging to the household Pediculocidae, everlasting and strictly compulsory ectoparasite species-specific: it completes the complete life cycle on the scalp of man. The pinnacle louse is a hematophagous that survives by sucking the blood, a number of instances a day (each 2-3 h).The male P. humanus capitis (2-3 mm) is smaller than the feminine (3-4 mm); the feminine is an important vector of an infection, because it lives 30 days after fertilization and lays 8-10 eggs per day for a complete of 50-300 eggs throughout its lifetime. From the eggs (nits), nymphs will hatch after 8-12 days and turn into mature in one other 8 days. One to 2 eggs are laid on the hair, at few millimeters from the follicle, grayish white, shiny floor, and adhering to the hair with a cementing substance. After 6-10 days, the larvae from the egg slip out of the positioning of the operculum (Burgess 2004; Chosidow 2000; Ko and Elston 2004; CDC 2005).

The transmission could also be direct, from one head to a different when they’re very shut, or oblique, by means of clothes (hats, caps, headbands muffs, shawls, scarves, and jackets), the widespread use of hair brushes combs, by means of the bedding, the backs of upholstered chairs, blankets, stuffed animals, and the widespread use of wardrobes (Leung et al. 2005).

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The infestation could also be asymptomatic or symptomatic; in symptomatic instances, the itching is present in a extremely variable share of sufferers (Chosidow 2000). The itching will be brought on each by the chew of lice on the pores and skin and the irritative-allergic response attributable to the deposition of saliva on the scalp. The signs happen when the infestation is already previous (Chosidow 2000; Flinders and De Schweinitz 2004).

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Many dad and mom overlook this downside or will not be sufficiently knowledgeable. Though the infestation is characterised by a low diploma of morbidity, due to its excessive prevalence, to not be excluded the psycho-social penalties, with exclusion of affected sufferers, this situation is taken into account socially inappropriate (Mumcuoglu 1999). Head lice infestation is unfold all through the world and represents an vital downside from the standpoint of social well being. In Italy, head lice infestation seems amongst youngsters in nursery and first faculties, particularly throughout the chilly months (autumn-winter) and in addition in summer season (swimming pool and colonies) (Canyon and Speare 2007a; Sidoti et al. 2009).

A number of topical head lice remedies primarily based on insecticidal chemical substances didn’t get hold of a lice management for his or her misuse or intensive use favoring the emergence of resistance, particularly in developed nations (Hunter et al. 2003; Roberts and Burgess 2005; Mumcuoglu 2006; Priestley et al. 2006; Burgess 2009a; 2009b; Burgess and Burgess 2011). As a consequence, the presence of lice infestation is an growing downside (Lee et al. 2000; Roberts and Burgess 2005), and the effectiveness of other compounds must be thought of to guage the event of novel pediculicides.

Plant-based compounds such because the flowers bud extract of Syzygium aromaticum, Melia azedarach, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon tea tree oil, thymol, and geraniol have been taken into consideration for his or her exercise in opposition to each bugs and their eggs and will symbolize an attention-grabbing method to restrict the emergence and the unfold of the parasitic infestation (Heukelbach et al. 2006; Abdel-Ghaffar et al. 2007; Priestley et al. 2006; Carpinella et al. 2007; Bagavan et al. 2011; Barker and Altman 2011; Mehlhorn et al. 2011; Abdel-Ghaffar et al. 2012).

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Tea tree oil is a compound derived from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia. It has well-established high quality management procedures, and its composition has specified beneath Worldwide Group for Standardization customary 4730 (oil of Melaleucaterpinen-4-ol kind) (ISO 1996). Tea tree oil is reported to have all kinds of organic properties, together with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and insecticidal actions (Gould 1997) with attention-grabbing applicative prospects. The insecticidal properties (Williamson et al. 2007; Heukelbach et al. 2008) could possibly be helpful within the therapy of larvae in strikes, the repellent results (Canyon and Speare 2007b; Eamsobhana et al. 2009; Maguranyi et al. 2009) might shield in opposition to new strikes or restrikes, and the antimicrobial and anti inflammatory actions (Carson et al. 2006) can favor wound therapeutic (Woollard et al. 2007).

Nerolidol or 3,7,11-trimethyl-1,6,10-dodecatrien-3-ol is a predominant sesquiterpene, which not solely happens in Baccharis dracunculifolia important oil however can be discovered in lots of important oils (Klopell et al. 2007). Nerolidol is a perfume ingredient and has been studied as a topical pores and skin penetration enhancer (Lapczynski et al. 2008; Williams and Barry 2004). Furthermore, it has been documented to have important antibacterial (Brehm-Stecher and Johnson 2003; Inoue et al. 2004), antifungal (Lee et al. 2007), antimalarial (Lopes et al. 1999), antileishmanial (Arruda et al. 2005), and antiulcer actions (Klopell et al. 2007). Specifically, Priestley et al. (2006), discovered a big lethality in opposition to louse eggs at a focus of 1 %.

The purpose of this examine was to guage the exercise of tea tree oil and nerolidol in opposition to eggs, nymphs and adults of Pediculus capitis used alone and together, in ratios 1:1 and 1:2.

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