Is Pickle Stronger Than Yujiro?

Video is pickle stronger than yujiro

Since the release of Baki Hanma season 2 on Netflix, fans have eagerly immersed themselves in the events of the season. The story follows the titular protagonist as he confronts a prehistoric menace named Pickle.

While his name might make some viewers roll their eyes, the prehistoric fighter proves to be no laughing matter when pitted against Baki.

Pickle’s Strength and Yujiro’s Refinement

In the second half of Baki Hanma season 2, fans witness Baki’s training as he tries to visualize Pickle’s aura and engage in sparring sessions with it. However, he admits that he is unable to fully comprehend Pickle’s immense strength, so he seeks Kaiou Retsu’s assistance in describing it.

Regrettably, Retsu states that he too was unable to fully unleash Pickle’s strength, leaving it still shrouded in mystery.

This fills Baki with immense joy, causing him to burst into laughter. He relishes the thought of facing an opponent who is truly incomprehensible, as it would allow him to explore his true capabilities firsthand. After speaking with Retsu, he leaves to make the necessary arrangements for the fight between the two of them tomorrow morning. During their conversation, Retsu mentions that he saw Yujiro Hanma in the Baki series.

However, the two’s conversation goes a little differently in the source material for Baki Hanma season 2. Before Baki goes into his giddy laughing fit, he tries once more to recreate Pickle’s aura but is still unsuccessful in doing so. This prompts him to proclaim that Pickle is indeed stronger than Yujiro.

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The fact that Baki can visualize Yujiro’s full strength but not Pickle’s is the driving force behind this assertion.

The Caveat of Power Scaling

While it’s unknown why the anime series cut this proclamation from this specific scene, the source material for the anime clearly states Baki’s opinion on the matter. Likewise, as the series’ protagonist and a seasoned fighter, fans are forced to take Baki’s word for it.

However, there’s something of a caveat to this claim from a power scaling perspective.

Although Pickle may be physically stronger than Yujiro in the source material for Baki Hanma season 2, this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a better fighter.

Pickle lacks the training and experience to fight against other men, which Yujiro has submerged himself in throughout his entire life. While Pickle’s savagery may be a benefit at times, it could potentially become his greatest weakness in a prolonged fight.

In Summation

While Pickle is said to be physically stronger than Yujiro by Baki in the anime’s source material, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a stronger or more talented fighter than Yujiro.

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