Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion Smoothie Copycat Recipe

Jamba Juice is a popular chain of smoothie and juice bars that began in 1994. At the time, the idea was revolutionary. Jamba Juice's founder, David J. Karp, wanted to create a healthy alternative to sugary

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Jamba juice homemade smoothies

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This Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion Smoothie Copycat Recipe is creamy and delicious! Made with mango passion juice, frozen peaches, strawberries, and orange sherbet.

When I lived in Taiwan, it was hard to find anything sweet. Apparently, they just don’t eat sweet stuff because even the McDonald’s ice cream had no sugar in it!

Reading: jamba juice homemade smoothies

One day my friends and I found a shop that made creamed slush and used real fruit concentrate as a flavoring which made them sweet. My favorite was Passion Fruit. We frequented this shop, and because I had learned a little Mandarin Chinese I always ordered for everyone.

I find it funny that 12 years later one of the only things I remember how to say in Chinese is, “I would like some Passion Fruit ice cream.” Ever since Taiwan, I’ve really loved anything with passion fruit in it. In fact years later, my Taiwanese friend Eno tried bringing passion fruit concentrate to the US for me. Unfortunately, it was confiscated in the LAX airport—lame I know.

Last weekend, I was talking to a good friend about how I love Caribbean Passion Jamba Juice and she said she knew the recipe for it! She gave it to me and said I could publish it on my blog.

In preparation for this post, I went to Jamba and got a small juice. It cost just over $5.00. Then I went to the store to get the ingredients. I was able to get ingredients for 4 Jamba Juice small sized smoothies for just over $6.00 (30% of the cost). I made it this morning, and the kids and I are really enjoying it.


Caribbean Passion Smoothie—Jamba Juice Copycat Recipe

1. Blend all the ingredients together.

Caribbean Passion Smoothie

I love my Blendtec blender! Interesting side note, Jamba Juice uses Blendtec blenders in their stores as well.

Jamba Juice Copycat Recipe

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2. Taste test. Modify as desired. I always recommend taste testing everything you make before serving. This is because sometimes things may be off. For example, fruit can be more or less ripe. As a result, the ingredients may need to be adjusted to meet the desired taste.

Caribbean Passion Smoothie—Jamba Juice Copycat Recipe

3. Serve immediately and Enjoy.

Caribbean Passion Smoothie—Jamba Juice Copycat Recipe

Ingredients for two small smoothies:

1 Cup Mango Passion Juice (any variety)10 medium Strawberries (without the stems)1/2 Cup peaches fresh or frozen or 7 slices from a can1 Cup orange sherbet1/2-1 Cup large ice cubes (I used the ones from my fridge ice machine)

To “Make it Light” my friend told me to just substitute orange juice and fat-free creamer for the sherbet. I’m not sure on quantity though—you’d have to experiment.

Supply List

Blendtec blender

Measuring cups and spoons set

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Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion Fruit Smoothie Copycat Recipe.

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