Keto Whipped Cream Dessert

This delightful keto-friendly dessert is incredibly indulgent, giving you the feeling of cheating without actually doing so! With fewer than 3 net carbs, these whipped cream and strawberry treats are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. Please note that this post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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Last July, I embarked on the keto diet and managed to shed an impressive 17 pounds in just one month. However, I abruptly fell off the bandwagon and switched back to traditional carbs, causing me to swiftly gain 10 pounds back.

Keto Whipped Cream and Strawberries Dessert in Glass

Since my children and husband aren’t following this plan, I still want to create and feature delicious classic comfort foods alongside some healthy recipes. Let’s face it, we all enjoy carbs in moderation. However, I need to shed this weight, and reducing my carb intake has proven effective for me.

My Keto Journey

During my annual physical last month, my doctor expressed her concerns about my weight, urging me to “stop eating carbs” in the most straightforward manner. Equipped with more knowledge and experience, I decided to give keto another try.

For me, keto is a temporary plan that will help me achieve a weight I can easily maintain. I don’t intend on following this plan forever because sustainability is crucial to me. My initial goal is to lose a solid 15 pounds, and so far, I’ve already lost 7. That’s definitely something to celebrate!

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This time, I’m also incorporating intermittent fasting into my routine. I limit my eating window to between 12:30 PM and 8:30 PM, but in reality, I only consume two meals per day.

Snacking on Keto

I must admit, I’m a big snacker. I used to feel the need to indulge in a post-dinner snack regularly. However, these days, I reserve snacking for special occasions. Since Fridays are my date nights with my husband, I thought, what better way to celebrate than with a delectable keto whipped cream dessert? Each dessert is topped with sugar-free chocolate and two large strawberries per parfait. It’s truly delightful!

The Perfect Sweetener for Keto Whipped Cream

After experimenting a bit, I discovered that adding one packet of Stevia to one cup of heavy cream creates the perfect level of sweetness. I prefer not to make it overly sweet since the strawberries already provide natural sweetness. This balance works perfectly for me.

Is Vanilla Extract Necessary for Keto Whipped Cream?

Based on my experience, adding or omitting vanilla extract is purely optional and doesn’t affect the deliciousness of the dessert in any way. It’s entirely up to your personal preference.

How Many Net Carbs in 4 Strawberries?

Although I’m not an expert, according to the average nutritional values of strawberries, I’ve calculated that four strawberries amount to 2 net carbs. That’s pretty impressive! In fact, aside from avocados and blueberries, strawberries are one of the most keto-friendly fruits when consumed in moderation.

Keto Strawberries & cream dessert 1

The Best Keto Chocolate (in my opinion)

I’ve tried various no-sugar added chocolate bars, and my favorite by far is Simply Lite Low Carb Dark Chocolate. I enjoy all of the different varieties and savor just one square at a time since that is the recommended serving size. However, be cautious, as too much sugar substitute can kick you out of ketosis. Take it slow and make sure it fits within your macros.

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For this dessert, I only use half of one square between both servings, creating a light dusting that satisfies my chocolate cravings perfectly. You can find this delicious low-carb chocolate online on Amazon.

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Want to Try This Keto Whipped Cream Strawberry Dessert? Get the Printable Recipe Below

Disclaimer: Please note that I used a calculator to estimate the carb counts, and there might be slight variations. I’m not responsible if they are slightly off. Calculators can vary, so it’s always a good idea to do your own research.

Looking for another scrumptious keto dessert? Check out this recipe for Crustless Cheesecake.

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