Mac Demarco’s Salad Days: A Must-Have Album for Laid-Back Music Lovers

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Mac DeMarco has successfully captured the essence of sun-drenched melodies in his album “2.” One particular track, “Ode to Viceroy,” stands out as a relaxed guitar-pop daydream that effortlessly draws listeners in with its soothing charm. Despite the song’s content surrounding a deadly habit, it paradoxically entices us. This contradiction is just one of the many reasons why Mac DeMarco’s music is so appealing.

The Enigma of Mac DeMarco

DeMarco is known for his playful demeanor, often seen as a mischievous troubadour who serenades us with heartfelt love ballads. Many assume he’s a carefree stoner, but he insists he has never touched the stuff. It’s hard to describe him without using the word “slacker,” but in just a short span of two years, DeMarco has gone from opening at the Bowery Ballroom in New York to headlining at Webster Hall’s larger venue. It makes you wonder, could he have achieved even greater success if he had tried?

The Evolution of Mac DeMarco

DeMarco’s evolution as an artist is evident in his transition from the eccentric detours of his 2012 EP “Rock and Roll Night Club” to the more focused and refined sound of “2.” His second full-length album, “Salad Days,” follows this trajectory of growth and maturity. It doesn’t stray far from its predecessor, but rather builds upon its foundations, resulting in a captivating and assured musical experience. “Salad Days” effortlessly joins the ranks of other great albums that possess an understated brilliance.

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A Harmonious Consistency

Contrary to the divisive opinions surrounding DeMarco’s music, “Salad Days” offers little justification for such criticism. The laid-back rhythm of “Blue Boy,” which shares its title with the indie-pop classic by Orange Juice, playfully advises against putting up a tough exterior and worrying excessively about appearances. “Brother” exudes a warm and watery groove reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” while its dreamy lyrics evoke a sense of introspection similar to “I’m Only Sleeping.” It’s worth mentioning that this supposedly hip album of the year pays homage to mothers more often than expected.

DeMarco’s Inner Struggles

Similar to Real Estate’s “Atlas,” DeMarco’s latest album embodies a sense of maturation while still grappling with internal conflicts. The title track, “Salad Days,” subtly undermines the narrator’s anxieties about aging by reminding us that he is merely 23 and far from needing a retirement condo in Florida. Additionally, “Passing Out the Pieces” deviates from the expected pot anthem, instead offering a reflective commentary on the sacrifices of an artist’s life. Lastly, “Go Easy,” expresses concern for a girlfriend left behind during tours, culminating in a lyrical non sequitur that could be interpreted as a critique of DeMarco’s favorable portrayal in the music press. Et tu, Vernor?

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Mac DeMarco’s “Salad Days” is a must-listen album for those seeking relaxed and captivating melodies. Its seamless blend of carefree charm and thoughtful introspection is a testament to DeMarco’s growth as an artist. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to his music, “Salad Days” is an enticing addition to any music lover’s collection.

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