Beauty Fruit Smoothie Recipe

I was looking for a way to lose weight but not have to give up my favorite foods. I tried a magic bullet smoothie recipe that has been going around the internet and it's been keeping me on track!

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Magic bullet smoothies recipes

fruit smoothie Beauty Fruit Smoothie Recipe

This is my daily morning ritual: wake up, have coffee, read e-mails, look at stats and make a beauty fruit smoothie to inject myself chock full of vitamin C.

I then take a shower and get ready for the day. The daily fruit smoothie made its appearance about five months ago when I decided to take my daily intake of fruit more seriously.

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I had to be honest with myself and admit that I wasn’t doing a very good job of incorporating fruit in my diet, so something needed to change.


For someone like me who doesn’t wake up feeling hungry and instead prefers to chug several cups of coffee, the thought of drinking a fruit smoothie seemed a little daunting.

Plus, having to clean a big blender every morning was another turn off (a big one). It all seemed like a big pain in the butt so I brushed the idea under the rug month after month while promising myself to add more fruit to my diet.

It obviously didn’t work so I finally relented and gave the fruit smoothie a try. At first, I added honey to my fruit smoothie thinking it might lack sweetness but it ended up being the exact opposite. Scratch that from the list.


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I then tried to figure out the right ratio of fresh and frozen fruits to liquid to get the perfect consistency.

All in all it took a few weeks before I was fully satisfied with my concoction. Forward five months later and I’m completely addicted to my fruit smoothie!

What’s also made things less messy and easier is the addition of the Magic Bullet in my kitchen. I’m not going to write a review about it but all I’m going to say is that there is only a cup and a blade to clean up once you’re done blending and drinking! Ah-mazing!

You know me; anything that makes cleaning the kitchen easier is a good thing!


Not only does it taste great, this smoothie is also potent with anti aging benefits.

Berries are a given when you think about fruits that have powerful antioxidant properties, but kiwi is a less popular one that deserve a lot more praise than it gets. Did you know it can delay the formation of fine lines and wrinkles?

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Kiwi is a very powerful fruit for women looking for ways to keep their skin smooth and supple. Pineapple is also a strong ally when it comes to ridding your skin of wrinkles and… Drum roll… Cellulite! The enzymes and bromelain also aid in the production of collagen.


And that’s why I call this fruit smoothie a beauty fruit smoothie. My skin feels smooth, hydrated and my complexion looks more clear.

Plus, it feels great to know that I am drinking something super healthy and filled with nutrients that benefit my entire being.

So don’t wait any longer – drink up and watch your skin transform itself into a smooth, bouncy and glowing canvas!

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