Best Napoleon Cake Ever!

The Austrian emperor, Francis II, was known for his love of sweets. He'd always say "I'm hungry" whenever he saw a dessert...

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Make austrian napoleon dessert

This Napoleon Cake comes out soft, moist and delicious! No more buying puff pastry for this cake, because you can now make it yourself at home.

A slice of Napoleon cake on a plate topped with berries and a mint leaf.

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I am excited beyond words to share with you this recipe because it truly makes the best Napoleon Cake ever! This recipe was gotten from here, but originally my friend Inna shared it with me, for which I am grateful, thank you, Inna! This Napoleon cake comes out soft, moist and delicious! No more buying puff pastry for this cake, because you can easily make it yourself at home.

The Secret to Moist Napoleon Cake

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The secret to delicious and moist Napoleon is mainly letting it sit in the fridge or at room temperature until the cake layers have absorbed enough of the frosting to make them soft and moist. Having very thin cake layers helps the cake get there faster.

Being too impatient and cutting into the Napoleon cake too early is why all those other Napoleon recipes that I tried did not work. I always allowed the cake to sit in the fridge for 24 hours, but that just wasn’t enough.

This time around I let it sit covered, at room temperature for 18 hours and then another 9 hours in the fridge before I let the knife touch it (if you do decide to keep it at room temperature, do it at own risk, as the frosting has eggs in it and can spoil if your room is too hot). I think allowing it to sit for 48 hours might’ve been even better.

Custard for Napoleon Cake

If you look at my pictures closely, you will see that the frosting is not as smooth as it is supposed to be, and you’re right. For some reason, even though my custard and the butter were all room temperature before I combined them, the butter did not fully incorporate in the cream. Next time, instead of combining the two after the custard cooled down, I will just add the butter while the cream is hot. Fortunately, it had no effect on the taste of Napoleon and that is why I decided to go ahead and still post the recipe with pictures of my imperfect frosting. The YouTube video from the website had the ‘embed’ feature, so I included it in my post for you to see right here.

The sweetness of the Cream

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In addition to that, I made some changes to the amount of sugar included in the cream for the Napoleon. After I allowed the cream to cool, I tried it and to my taste, it was just not sweet enough. I knew that the whole cake would be even less sweet after the custard gets combined with completely unsweet cake layers, so I took the liberty and added full 1.5 cups powdered sugar to the recipe.

I hope you like this Napoleon just as much as my family does!

Do keep in mind that this is not the French version of the Napoleon where the layers are kept crisp. This is the Russian Napoleon version where the layers are intentionally allowed to become very soft. Give this cake a try and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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