make dessert with hot chocolate mix

This is a great dessert that is easy to make and tastes amazing! It's also very simple. All you need to do is mix some hot chocolate mix with butter and sugar, and then add whatever flavorings you like. Here are some

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Make dessert with hot chocolate mix

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Winter and hot cocoa go hand in hand. After all, there’s nothing more warming than a steaming, sweet mug of chocolaty goodness after time spent in the bitter cold.

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But did you know there are more ways to use your favorite hot cocoa mix other than simply stirring it with milk? We’ll show you our favorite recipes using hot chocolate mix.

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Psst! Have you tried hot cocoa bombs yet?

6 Ways to Use Hot Chocolate Mix

1. Bake Hot Chocolate Cookies

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Want the ultimate indulgence after a day of sledding? Try Hot Chocolate Cookies with hot cocoa mix and marshmallow bits baked right into each bite. They taste amazing dunked into—you guessed it!—more hot cocoa.

2. Mix Into a Milkshake

Give a plain ol’ milkshake an extra-sweet twist by adding a packet or two of hot cocoa. We suggest opting for a mix without marshmallows to keep a smooth consistency. But don’t worry—you can always add a few on top! Learn how to make the perfect milkshake.

3. Add to Cupcake Batter

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If your little ones have a knack for baking, our Kid-Made Cocoa Cupcakes recipe is a must-try. It features a rich, cocoa flavor and pairs well with almost any type of frosting. (Although we’re pretty partial to a big dollop of whipped cream!)

4. Whip! Whip! Whip!

Have you tried the whipped coffee trend? Take it to the next level by making whipped hot chocolate! You’ll need hot cocoa mix, hot water and heavy cream—plus a strong arm. Beat in a bowl until the mixture is nice and thick, then float on top of milk. Find more whipped drink ideas here.

5. Create a Coffee Shop Copycat

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Instead of heading to your local cafe and forking over $5 for a drink, make a fancy beverage at home. This Mocha Mint Coffee combines hot cocoa mix, dulce de leche, sugar, coffee and peppermint chips for an indulgent pick-me-up. Bonus: You just add the ingredients to a slow cooker and it takes care of the rest.

6. Indulge in Hot Cocoa Pancakes

Start your day the right way—with hot cocoa pancakes! Simply add a few packets of mix to your favorite pancake batter and cook on the griddle. Serve with mini marshmallows, of course.

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