make hong kong tea with evaporated milk french press

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Make hong kong tea with evaporated milk french press

Every nation has their very own variation of tea. Hong Kong’s is straightforward. It’s uncomplicated. It’s. The. Spunk.

Frequently located in every edge coffee shop and also dining establishment in Hong Kong, this milk tea is additionally understood by the capitivating name of “pantyhose tea” since it is generally made with sackcloth bags. We’re mosting likely to streamline the procedure my deducting the pantyhose and also still generate some employer butt tea.

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2 cornerstones: The Tao of Tea’s Ceylon Orange Pekoe and also Long Life Brand Name Sweetened Condensed Milk Gold. Hong Kong Milk Tea is made with a vibrant, smooth black tea, and also The Tao of Tea provides a solid and also smooth outcome near those from Hong Kongese coffee shops. Long life’s Gold version compressed milk not just ‘cause I’ m Bad and also Boujee, yet ‘cause it makes a big damned difference from their standard line – you would’ ve never ever tasted anything silkier.

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So, you prepared to boba?

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