Vitamix vs Juicer

The Vitamix is an appliance that can be used to blend, chop, mix, puree and emulsify food. It has become a popular kitchen appliance because of its ability to make smoothies, juices and ice creams with

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Make juice with vitamix

vitamix juicerI like vegetable juice! It’s one thing I may drink daily, however going out and shopping for a kind of $10 cold-press juices is the epitome of luxurious for me and doesn’t occur fairly often. So, I make juice at house as a substitute.

I personal each a Vitamix A3500 and a juicer Omega J8008. Each home equipment are able to making juice however the way in which they accomplish that is completely different.

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On this evaluation, I dive into the variations between a high-speed blender and a juicer, what sort of juice they’re able to making, and which equipment is healthier for you.

Mixing vs Juicing

There may be an eternal debate within the well being meals neighborhood about the advantages of mixing vs juicing. They could look like the identical course of, however there are lots of variations between the 2.


  • Requires little produce (e.g. it takes ~ 2 medium carrots – plus water and ice – to make 1 cup/240 ml carrot juice), which suggests:
    • Much less greens/fruit packed in a single serving.
    • Cheaper.
  • Pulverizes entire meals, maintaining insoluble fiber intact.
  • Creates gradual, even launch of vitamins into the bloodstream.
  • Produces filling drinks that may be an satisfactory substitute for a meal.
  • Reduces meals waste.


  • Requires lots of produce (e.g. it takes ~ 9 medium carrots to supply 1 cup/240 ml carrot juice), which suggests:
    • Extra greens/fruit packed in a single serving.
    • Extra cost-prohibitive.
  • Extracts water and vitamins from produce and leaves insoluble (indigestible) fiber behind.
  • Makes vitamins available to the physique in massive portions.
  • Produces mild refreshing drinks that nourish and restore the physique at a mobile stage.
  • Will increase meals waste (until you utilize the fibrous pulp in different recipes or for a compost).

Mixing and juicing each have their benefits and drawbacks and one will not be essentially higher than the opposite. What’s nice about Vitamix is that it could do each.

carrot juice in a Vitamix blender

Variations Between a Blender vs Juicer

Each blenders and juicers course of vegetables and fruit into drinks. Nevertheless, the way in which they accomplish that, and the top end result, will not be fairly the identical.


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There are three varieties of blenders – common (counter-top) blenders, high-speed (counter-top) blenders, and immersion (hand) blenders. The one blenders which might be able to making juice are high-speed blenders, such because the Vitamix.

Much like centrifugal juicers, Vitamix blenders have a really highly effective motor (my Vitamix A3500 has a 2.2-HP motor), which permits the blades to spin at a really quick pace (28,500 RPM). Because of this high-speed blenders are capable of obtain the silky-smooth texture so attribute of blended meals. Not like unusual blenders which have both sharp blades or uninteresting blades, Vitamix blades are precision engineered to offer each actions. First, the sharp edge cuts and breaks down entire meals, then the flat edge works like a hammermill to smash and pulverize the tiniest bits and seeds.

Because of this although Vitamix is primarily a blender (and a meals processor, if in case you have the meals processor attachment), it could additionally act as a juicer.


There are three varieties of juicers – cold-press (masticating) juicers, triturating juicers, and centrifugal juicers. The primary distinction between these juicers is how briskly they extract juice. Chilly-press and triturating juicers function at a really low pace (40-100 RPM) whereas centrifugal juicer are quick (3,000 – 10,000 RPM).

It takes a substantial quantity of energy to tear by way of robust fibers of greens, so the motor of juicers is usually fairly highly effective (the Omega 8008 has a 2-HP motor). Sluggish juicers don’t have any blades – they extract juice by gradual crushing – whereas quick juicers have very sharp blades – they extract juice by quick chopping.

Vitamix Juicer

Utilizing Vitamix as a juicer has been gaining in reputation over the previous few years. It is smart since a juicer is a single-function machine whereas a Vitamix is a multi-functional machine.

Whereas Vitamix will not be a conventional juice extractor (which means, it doesn’t squeeze juice out of the vegetables and fruit), it makes juice by pulverizing and liquifying entire meals – pores and skin, seeds, and pulp included. Your complete meals is damaged all the way down to a mobile stage, making all the dear nutritional vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients readily digestible with out speedy blood sugar spikes. It’s quick, simple, and wholesome.

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Juicing purists insist that the entire level of juicing is to take away fiber, and thus make the juice simpler to digest – you get all the very important vitamins with out activating the digestive course of. True. Nevertheless, it’s not simply vitamins that get quickly into the bloodstream, but additionally sugar, inflicting blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Complete Meals Juicing vs Conventional Juicing

So, which one is healthier – entire meals juicing (with a high-speed blender) or conventional juicing (with a juicer)?

It depends upon your objectives and present state of well being. When you have imbalanced blood sugar ranges, want to extend quantity of vitamins in addition to fiber, and wish to change a meal or two for a complete meals drink, a high-speed blender is a better option. When you have a fragile digestive system, want to maximise quantity of nutrient consumption, or are present process a detox program, you’ll profit from a juicer.

Well being apart, different components to think about are time and comfort. If you’re on the lookout for one thing quick and straightforward, then Vitamix is the reply. A whole lot of juicers can’t deal with entire vegetables and fruit (there isn’t any method I may match a complete apple into the juicer chute opening with out slicing it first), so certain quantity of meals prep is required. There may be additionally no denying that it’s simpler to wash a blender than a juicer. My Vitamix virtually cleans itself by merely including heat water and a drop of dish cleaning soap into the container and operating the cleansing cycle whereas my juicer has as much as 10 removable components to wash.

Learn how to Make Juice in a Vitamix

Utilizing Vitamix as a juicer is simpler than you could assume. Add all of the substances into the Vitamix. Flip it on and step by step work as much as the best pace, mixing till the drink takes on a {smooth} texture. Mess around with including extra liquid till you get the proper consistency. In case your mannequin comes with preset applications, you may also choose the “whole juice” characteristic.

In case you take pleasure in juice with pulp, mixing is all you need to do. To make fully {smooth} juice, pressure it utilizing a nut milk bag or just a few layers of cheesecloth.

Vitamix Juicer vs Chilly-Press Juicer

Making the selection between utilizing your Vitamix for juicing or investing in a juicer actually comes all the way down to what sort of juice you wish to make. Each strategies are distinctive methods of consuming extra vegetables and fruit each day.

In case you can afford to have each in your house, go for it and luxuriate in all the advantages of each. Nevertheless, in case you don’t wish to spend money on two completely different home equipment, proudly owning a Vitamix can provide you the benefits of each a blender and a juicer.

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