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Make tea in milk

Tea with Milk

There are so many ways to brew tea. And, one of them is brewing tea with milk. As you probably know, the British have been drinking tea this way for a long time. Milk adds smooth and creamy taste to the tea making it one of the most popular tea ingredients. So, today we are going to share some tips on how to brew tea with milk.

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Tea with Milk Step 1 – Boiling the Water

Of course, the first step when brewing tea with milk is boiling the water. After adding water to a tea kettle heat it to a medium or medium-high heat just until it reaches a boiling point. Some tea kettles even whistle when the water is boiled. If that is not the case with your kettle, make sure to be careful. Furthermore, you can even boil water in the microwave. The only thing you need to be careful about is to boil water in intervals of about 2 minutes so you don’t overheat it.

Place the Water and Tea Leaves in the Teapot

Tea with Milk

The second step is to measure tea leaves and place them in the teapot. Next, fill the teapot with boiling water. The good thing about making tea with milk is that you can use any type of tea. The only exception is white tea because it’s a little too delicate. However, for an appealing and smooth taste you can even use herbal tea. Some floral types of tea such as rose tea are especially suitable for this occasion.

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If you perhaps prefer a bit stronger taste, adding more leaves will do the trick. Also, to get the strong tasting tea, try avoiding steeping tea for too long. Finally, you should turn the heat off after you’ve added tea leaves to the water.


This step includes covering the teapot and letting the tea leaves steep for about 1 to 5 minutes. Naturally, different types of tea have unique steeping times. Here are the steeping times for some of the most popular teas:

Herbal tea: steep for about 5 to 6 minutes

Green tea: steep for only about 1 minute

Black tea: steep for 2 to 3 minutes

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Oolong tea: steep for about 3 minutes

Adding Milk

Tea with Milk

Finally, adding milk to the tea is the last step. But, it is important to add milk to the tea as it steeps. Additionally, make sure to stir slowly while adding milk. Lastly, use a tea strainer and pour the tea through it in your favorite mug.

Tip: add milk in a couple of additions as adding it all at once can make the tea too watery. Also, if you want the best possible taste of your tea, don’t heat the milk for too long.

So, this is it. If you decide to brew tea with milk and follow these steps, you’ll get a pretty decent taste along with a smooth flavor added by milk. It’s easy, fun and delicious. For more tea brewing techniques and innovative recipes, visit Teabloom.

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