Fresh Firm Tofu: Using Lemon Juice [Kua Taum Paaj]

This is a recipe for tofu that I like to make in the summer when fresh lemon juice is in season.

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Make tofu with lemon juice

Hello There Tofu Lovers!

Yes! Most of you requested me to reveal you all exactly how to make fresh tofu. So I’ll be revealing you my mommy design by utilizing lemon juice to make the tofu curd. Fresh, all-natural, and also very tasty. Tofu is fairly simple to make, it simply takes some time. There are lots of methods to coagulate soymilk right into tofu curds. You can make use of vinegar, nigari, seawater, pineapple juice, tamarind juice, lemon juice; practically any type of fruit which contains acid. My granny makes use of tamarind juice and also it functions rather well as well. We will certainly be utilizing lemons today because they are simple to discover as well as likewise very light and also wonderful in this dish. And also indeed, if you have a tofu press, by all mean usage it! I do not make tofu typically to completely devote to having a tofu press in my kitchen haha. Where do you get it? Look online. So I wish you all offer it a shot. Satisfied Food preparation! What do you like to make with tofu?

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* Simply be conscious that whatever acid you wind up utilizing the proportion will certainly be various because they all have various degrees of level of acidity (sorry I can not assist you with the proportion if you wind up utilizing various other acids)


Soybeans: Dried Out soybeans must be saturated for at the very least 6 humans resources prior to utilizing. I such as to saturate mine for 24 humans resources to enable the soybeans to flower correctly.

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Take in cool water for 24 humans resources After 24 humans resources Drain pipes the saturating water and also wash well Assimilate a mixer with the advised quantity of water and after that placed it via a bowl-shaped sieve with a mesh towel over a large pot to stress out the soy milk. Placed the soy milk via filter to do away with grits and after that steam to do away with the raw soybean preference After preparing the soy milk, include the lemon juice & & water to coagulate the soy milk. After 20 mins we obtain tofu curds Placed the curds via a tofu press or a bowl-shaped sieve with a cheese towel. In my instance, I’ll be utilizing my bamboo cleaner with a cheese towel to hold and also drain pipes the curds. Load it rather complete because it will certainly decrease to half its dimension when being pushed down. After being pushed for an excellent thirty minutes to obtain firm/extra company tofu Cut right into items and also chef to your preference! Super simple and also appetizing!


– CHawjCreations

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