Mango Juice

Mango juice is a refreshing beverage that can be made at home without the need for a juicer.
Mango Juice

The best homemade mango juice recipe uses organic alphonso mangoes for a terrifically sweet, nectar-like drink. Follow our step-by-step instructions with photos to learn how to make a delicious juice that’s perfect for enjoying by the glassful or including in any number of juice-based beverage recipes.

I am somewhat of a mango juice expert, in that I love all things mango. From Mango Milkshake and Mango Smoothie, to Aam ka Panna and Mango Shrikhand, this bright and tropical fruit is absolutely my favorite to include in recipes. And if given the option between a slice of mango or a glass of juice, I’ll happily choose the juice every time.

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Although I’ve been a big fan of mango juice for many years, I more than often prefer to make it specifically with organic alphonso mangoes. Hands-down these are the most prized variation of the fruit: they’re large with lots of delicious, perfectly sweet flesh.

While you can make a refreshing glass of mango juice with other mangoes, if you have alphonso available I highly recommend that you use them.

Mangoes are nutrient rich, so obviously it is good to include them in your diet. They are also a rich source of Vitamin A, C and dietary fibre.

Here I share with you my easy recipe and tips to prepare the best, most refreshing mango juice from scratch. It’s great to make on a hot day, and perfect to enjoy as it is or with your favorite snacks!

How to make Mango Juice

Peel and Chop Mangoes

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1. First, rinse the mangoes very well under clean water. Dry them with a clean kitchen towel. Use a sharp knife or peeler to peel the skins.

Start at the bottom of each mango, and slice upwards towards the more narrow end to remove the skin, keeping as much of the flesh intact as possible.

TIP: To reduce the heating qualities of mangoes, soak them in water in a bowl or pan for a couple of hours.

two peeled mangoes on a white chopping board

2. Next, chop the mangoes and discard the stone. To separate the flesh from the center pit, first slice large chunks off on both sides of the stone.

Scrape or slice through the remaining flesh and place them on the chopping board. Chop these slices and scrapings into small pieces, like in the photo below.

mangoes chopped

Blend Mangoes

3. Transfer the chopped mangoes to a blender.

chopped mangoes in a blender

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4. Blend until smooth. Add a splash of water or milk (dairy or plant-based) to thin out slightly into a creamy juice, if you like.

You can add a few ice cubes to make into an icy smoothie-like mango juice. Personally, I like my mango juice without anything added for the richest, creamiest and pulpy drink.

chopped mangoes blended to a thick pulpy mango juice

5. Serve the fresh juice immediately, or you can chill in the refrigerator. Feel free to garnish with your favorite juice or smoothie toppings, like chopped nuts, fresh berries, herbs or seeds.

I like to add a sprinkle of chia seeds to my juice, and my family loves chopped cashews and almonds. Get creative and enjoy!

closeup shot mango juice in a glass topped with chia seeds on a wooden table with a side of mangoes on a glass bowl

Helpful Tips

  • Additional flavors: I recommend that you do not add any additional flavorings to this recipe, to really let the mango shine. That said, if you prefer you can combine some other fruit juice like strawberry juice, pomegranate juice, orange juice with mangoes.
  • Mangoes: Use sweet and ripe mangoes that have a firm juicy pulp, like alphonso. Avoid fibrous, unripe mangoes. If your mangoes are sweet, you absolutely do not need to add any sugar or sweetener.
  • Garnish and toppings: Keep a few pieces of mango intact while you prepare the juice. Then you can use these slices as a lovely garnish with your drinks. You could garnish with fresh herbs like mint or with berries (fresh or dried), nuts or seeds.
  • For a cold juice: Add some ice cubes while blending. Or refrigerate the juice for a few hours. Keep the mangoes in refrigerator overnight before juicing them.
  • Consistency: To thin the consistency slightly, add water or a fruit juice or ice cubes.


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This mango juice recipe post from the archives (May 2013) has been republished and updated on 13 April 2021.

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