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milk boiled and vessel became black how to remove stains

I was just minding my own business and washing the dishes when all of a sudden I hear a hissing sound and see that the milk boiled over. The milk spilled onto the stove, where it created a black ring around the burner.

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Whether you have been cooking for many years or are a beginner in the kitchen, you may have burnt vessels while cooking once in a while. Not only does your dish got spoilt, but there’s so much hard work also involved in cleaning the burnt vessel. From now on, you don’t have to sweat it out with your burnt vessels because, in this post, we shall be discussing some effective and easy hacks that you can use to clean burnt vessels like a pro!

Simple Ways to Clean Burnt Utensils

When it comes to the burnt dish, well, you can always prepare that dish again but what is worrisome is that the vessel gets burnt in the process. The stubborn and nasty stains that burnt foods leave behind may sometimes seem impossible to get rid of, however, with some of our simple and easy kitchen hacks, you can get rid of even the toughest burnt stains:

Simple Ways to Clean Burnt Utensils

1. Aerated Drinks

That black beverage you drink can do wonders when it comes to cleaning a burnt vessel. All you have to do is pour some of it in the vessel and place it on low heat. As soon as the bubbles stop popping, remove from heat. Scrub it off with a plastic brush and dish soap and see the burnt patch melting away. This trick works well on aluminium utensils.

Aerated Drinks

2. Salt

One of the most effective agents to clean burnt char from a vessel is salt. If you want to know how to clean a burnt pan with salt, it is very simple. All you have to do is take ample salt on your scrub pad and clean the vessel with your usual dish soap. Salt works effectively as a cleaning agent.


3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great choice for removing stubborn black burnt marks from utensils. All you need to do is soak the utensil in a paste made with baking soda and water for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with regular any dish soap and water to see the utensil shine like before.

Baking Soda

4. Tomato Ketchup

If you are thinking whether it’s possible to get your burnt stainless steel pot to sparkle like before, well, yes it is possible! To clean a burnt stainless steel utensil, here is a very simple and easy trick that you can try. Take tomato sauce and put a thick layer on the burnt mess and let it sit overnight. Tomatoes are acidic and the acid eats away the burnt mess. In the morning, clean your utensil as you do it usually and see the burnt char melt away.

Tomato Ketchup

5. Cream of Tartar

It contains tartaric acid and potassium hydroxide, which works well in cleaning the burnt mess from utensils. Take two heaped tablespoons of cream of tartar and a cup of water, and let the mixture boil. Let it cool down, and scrub and clean the burnt utensil with your regular dish-washing soap. For tougher burnt stains, you may have to repeat the trick a couple of times.

Cream of Tartar

6. Lemon Juice

Most dishwashing soaps contain lime as an active ingredient because it helps in getting rid of tough stains and grease from dirty dishes. Lemon juice is also beneficial for cleaning off stubborn burnt marks and stains from dishes. For those who are interested in knowing how to clean a burnt non-stick pan, well, lemon juice may actually prove to be helpful. All you need to do is apply ample lemon juice on the vessel, and leave it for some time. The acid in lemon juice will make the stains easy to scrub off.

Lemon Juice

7. Vinegar

Vinegar is also a great cleaning agent and works effectively in getting rid of crusty burnt food from your pans. Soak the burnt stain in vinegar for some time, then wash with warm water and soap. This is a great way of getting rid of burnt marks, especially in the case of aluminium pots and pans.


8. Wine

If you’ve got some leftover wine from a party, you can use it to clean burnt marks. Wine works in the same way as vinegar does in clearing off burnt char from dishes. It helps in softening the thick crust of burnt layer on your vessel, which you can then scrape off using a plastic pad.


9. Dishwashing Liquid

Your regular dishwasher detergent can also work just fine in cleaning tough burnt stains from the utensils. All you do is pour some liquid detergent into the burnt pan along with some hot water. Let the detergent sit in the pan for some time. Clean as usual. If the stain is really bad, you may have to repeat the same process a couple of more times.

Dishwashing Liquid

10. Fabric Softener

Yeah, you read it just right; fabric softeners can clean off those disagreeable burnt satins from your favourite pan too. Take the affected pan and pour some fabric softener over the burnt area. Let the fabric softener do its job for a few hours, or you can let it sit overnight too. In the morning, wash the pan with warm water and some dish soap to see the burnt bits melt away with no extra effort.

Fabric Softener

We all go wrong with cooking sometimes and end up with burnt vessels. However, you can use any of the hacks mentioned above to remove the tough burnt stains from your vessels. You will probably have to repeat the vessel-cleaning process a few more times to achieve the desired results. We hope that you will try out some of our tips in getting rid of stubborn burnt stains.

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