Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie Review

Montagne Jeunesse Body Smoothies is a new line of healthy, delicious and convenient fruit-based drinks.
Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie Review

Hello IMBBians,

I recently had a relaxing spa day at home. I did buy the products I needed and when I purchased the body scrub, I also bought this body smoothie from Montagne Jeunesse. Today’s review is about Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie. So read on to know more.

Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie Review

Price: €1.79 for 20ml Claims: Intense zesty aromas and pressed Buriti Fruit from the marshes of Brazil plus Mangosteen & silky Cupuacu Butter penetrate deep, helping improving skin elasticity. Skin Benefits: Using a unique liquid crystal system derived from Olive Oil, our recipes are lovingly enriched with SuperFruit nutrients to instantly absorb for an non-greasy soft, silky smooth sensation. Unlike traditional body butters, skin moisture is retained for longer, leaving the skin super hydrated all day long.

Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie Ingredients

My Experience with Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie:

The relationship of body care and Montagne Jeunesse is something I thought never existed. I had an assumption that they only have face care products and it was only recently that I got to know that they have a range of body butters and scrubs. I guess it is limited to UK and US but when I spotted this body smoothie, I wanted to pair it up with the scrub for the perfect spa feeling. The body smoothie comes in a 20ml sachet pouch. It is travel-friendly and fits inside your purse. I think it would make a perfect travel companion for 1-day outing as you do not have to take those bulky lotions. As far as price is concerned, it made me think twice before buying this product as I could buy big bottles of an economic lotions for another few cents. I wouldn’t want to spend €1.79 on a 20 ml sachet.

Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie

The smoothie is creamy white in color, and is extremely creamy and fluffy. It looks like whipped cream, in fact. The smell is very citrusy and strong. The smell goes on for around 4 hours. The body smoothie, once applied, takes some time to get absorbed so you need to strain your hands for few more circular motions to get the product absorbed into your skin. But, once absorbed, there is no residue or greasiness on the skin. The skin absorbs the product and I really do not see any difference outside but the skin feels very smooth, soft and hydrated. The smoothie also makes your skin feel fresh with the zesty fragrance. However, I noticed that the cream is extremely moisturizing.

Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie Swatch

I have dry body skin and after application when I pressed my hands I could feel my skin greasy from within. This was not shown on the top but if you observe deeply you can find this. For me, this is an advantage as I prefer body lotions which have high moisturization power; but, for those with oily skin, I think the smoothie is heavy. The body smoothie provides intense moisturization and nourishment for more than a day. After my spa day, my skin was still smooth and free of dry flakes for the entire next day till the afternoon. Even after I took a bath the next day, I could feel that my skin was still smooth and very supple to touch. The pouch contents can be used once and I am sure I am planning to buy the big tubs from the same range. The other advantage of this company is that they do not test on animals and are vegetarian. The body smoothie is also paraben free and gives you another option to go pick this one!

So summing up:

Pros of Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie:

⦁ Travel-friendly. ⦁ No residue. ⦁ No greasy feeling. ⦁ Intense moisturization and nourishment. ⦁ Skin feels smooth, soft and supple. ⦁ Moisturization lasts more than 24 hours. ⦁ A perfect travel partner for 1-day vacation. ⦁ Soothes dead skin. ⦁ Paraben free. ⦁ Not tested on animals.

Cons of Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie:

⦁ Price. ⦁ Might not be a good choice for oily skin.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 Would I Recommend/Repurchase Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie? Yes! Getting a tub so that I get better quantity.

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