Energy Burst Healthy Morning Smoothie

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Morning smoothies for energy

???????? ???????? ???????? You guys! Do you want to know the secret to an AWESOME smoothie? One that will get you moving in the morning and get you all those healthy nutrients to satisfy your new years resolutions? Well I got one for you! Cheers to the Energy Burst Healthy Morning Smoothie!

My fabulous sous chef at work introduced me to a brand new way to make smoothies. First off, she is a massive tea lover, more so than myself (who knew??). She makes a fresh pot of tea almost every morning before she starts work, and the variety is absolutely amazing. My favorite is the jasmine tea that comes in tiny petal balls that unravel into huge leaves in the boiling water! Mmmm, nothing like a steaming cup of tea first thing in the morning ☕️????.

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SO anyway, one day we had a ton of extra produce, yogurt, and time and figured we should test out our new blender. The normal variety of ingredients went in (spinach/kale, yogurt, juices, frozen berries), and then she poured in some of the leftover familycuisine.net. GUYS. Adding tea to a smoothie is absolutely miraculous. All the nutrients, plus a little bit of caffeine gets you raring to go for your day. And it’s de-licious. Thus, the Energy Burst Healthy Morning Smoothie was born. Just in time to help out with those new year resolutions too!

This particular smoothie is great for getting rid of extra produce and it’s ridiculously easy to substitute missing ingredients. No spinach to be found but your fridge is overflowing with kale? Perfect! Throw it in. Any fruit left from a fruit salad? Great! Toss that in too. Just make sure to brew up your favorite kind of green tea, let it chill in the fridge, and then pour in to enjoy a burst of energy that is sure to jump start your day!

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Energy Burst Healthy Morning Smoothie | familycuisine.net

PS. If you’re not a fan of green tea, a black tea like english breakfast or earl grey would also work wonderfully as well. I just like the freshness the green tea adds to the flavors of this Energy Burst Healthy Morning Smoothie. Get blending friends and enjoy!

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