Vegetarian Dish

30 Tasty Vegan Side Dishes

A healthy, flavorful, and easy-to-make vegetarian side dish is the perfect addition to any meal. This recipe for non pasta vegetable side dish is an excellent way to use up leftover vegetables from your fridge.

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Non pasta vegetarian side dish

Here are all the best vegan side dishes to round out a plant based meal! These recipes load on the colorful vegetables and plant based protein.

Vegan side dishes

Looking for vegan side dishes? It’s deceptively difficult to round out a vegan meal. Sure, you can find a plant-based recipe or two: but making it into a healthy meal? That can be trickier. Most importantly: you’ve got to think about plant-based protein to make a vegan meal filling enough to last through the day.

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Because of these challenges, we’ve rounded up a bunch of our best vegan side dish recipes! These are all the recipes we turn to on the regular. There’s a mix of recipes that load on the colorful veggies and nutrients, and others that bring in the plant-based protein. Let’s get cooking, shall we?

And now…the best vegan side dishes to try!


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