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Lockdown Recipes One pot Vegetarian Indian Dinner recipes

This is a vegetarian Indian dish that has been adapted from traditional recipes. It is a mix of vegetables, lentils, and spices in a tomato sauce.
Lockdown Recipes One pot Vegetarian Indian Dinner recipes

Lockdown Recipes: 10 Indian dinner recipes that are quick, easy to make and delicious. There are times when we all need these easy Indian dinner recipes to make wholesome, healthy, comforting meals.

These One pot rice recipes are simply effortless and time savers for a busy day or more importantly now during coronavirus lockdown.

Best Vegetarian Indian dinner ideas

Generally, when I set parameters to the quick, easy and wholesome meal, all the arrows point towards a hearty plate full of one-pot rice meal. Here are my best rice recipes for dinner. These super easy veg recipes for dinner are nutritious as well as delicious.

More often than not I choose rice recipes over other continental one-pot meals like pasta etc most of the time. Simply because rice is a comfort food for me.

Also, this is one basic pantry staple which is available in all Indian kitchens. Rice is evidently a quick source of energy and vegan protein. It is easy to digest and light on the stomach. After a busy day, eating a burger may not fulfil the nutritional requirement.

Indian vegetarian dinner recipes – One Pot Rice recipes

When I say one-pot rice meal, it is not necessarily mean a simple khichdi or a simple veggie pulao. These meals though made in a hassle-free manner will not compromise on the taste meter nor will it turn out to be monotonous. Why so? I have particularly focussed on ‘variety’ while making this list of Indian veg recipes for dinner.

Masale Bhat / Masala Rice

Masale Bhat Recipe

Easy maharashtrian style spiced rice this masale bhat or masala rice recipe is healthy one pot Indian vegetarian dinner recipe. You can pack it for lunch or enjoy a lazy meal with a bowl of curd or raita.

Tava Pulao

bombay tawa pulao

Tava pulav is Another delicious rice recipe from Mumbai street food, you can make this one pot recipe with left over rice and enjoy a quick and easy meal.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Mushroom Rice

Mushroom rice is an One pot rice dish that you can make without a lot of fuss. You can make this spicy Instant pot rice in minutes. This is a nutritious vegetarian meal for the family. Get The Recipe

Sambar sadam Recipe

Sambar Sadam is lentil and rice one pot spicy meal you can easily cook in a pressure cooker or an instant pot. Learn to prepare South Indian Sambhar rice

Sambar Sadam Recipe is lentil rice one-pot meal is delicious South Indian dinner recipes. If you like the tanginess of tamarind and spice tadka of the south this sambar rice is a must cook once in a week.

Nutrition: It has the extra nutrition of proteins from the Dal. is gluten-free and light on the stomach because of rice. This creamy lentil rice dish with a pop of texture in the form of south Indian tadka of spices and lentils is a perfect one-pot rice meal.

Til wali bhuni khichdi

Punjabi Chane ki dal ki bhuni khichdi for makar sakranti

Bhuni khichdi: This is not your regular khichdi, and does not even have any connection with Bengali Bhuni khichuri. This is my families heirloom recipe that is made with rice and lentils.

This is particularly cooked during the winters because it has til/ sesame seeds. Bhuni khichdi is so wholesome and tasty that you can’t wait for the winters to arrive.

Nutrition: This recipe has chana Dal and til which are super energy boosters. You can serve this any meal from breakfast to lunch or dinner. Bhuni Khichdi Recipe

You can Watch The Video Of Bhuni Khichdi

Rajma pulao

Rajma pulao is delicious one pot meal for vegetarians. The Indian Rajma pulao recipe or kidney beans pulao recipe is very simple and it makes a hearty comfort meal.

Rajma Pulao Recipe, Rajma and chawal made together in a spicy tasty and easy one-pot meal. This combination has got its recognition because of its filling and healthy ingredients. Rajma rice/kidney beans and rice has been served in a meal or perfect to carry for lunch box.

Chana and Amritsari wadi pulao

Easy chana pulao recipe which makes delicious and wholesome one pot meal for is Punjabi chana pulao recipe with a flavorful Amritsari twist

Chana Pulao Recipe. Chole or chana and rice is yet another all-time favourite one pot for North Indian recipe. Chana pulao made with spicy crunch of Amritsari wadi and achari masala makes it a really exciting.

It not only is a mix of rice and chana curry but also the tangy pickle. Hearty recipes like these are served on your plate just under 30 minutes.

Coconut Rice

coconut rice recipe is fragrant, aromatic and one of my favourite side dish ! These days I make it in instant pot , electric pressure cooker any other pressure cooker. All It takes is 20Minutes. Cooked with fresh tender coconut and lots of aromatic, this is the perfect side dish for any Indian curry.

South Indian coconut rice recipe cooked in a pressure cooker is super simple but with a lot of fresh coconut flavour, this makes a delightful south Indian dinner recipe. All you need is a bowl of yogurt or curd to go with this one-pot rice meal. Coconut Rice Recipe

You can watch video of Coconut Rice

Lemon Rice

lemon rice recipe

Extra spicy veggie fried rice

Vegetable Fried rice a great vegetarian rice dish to use up the leftovers. It’s a Vegan Glutenfree and tastes exceptionally good because it is extra spicy veggie fried rice. You know I am a rice lover, in fact, I love rice more than I love Roti or paratha, now if only I could eat it for every meal! But me being me whenever I make it I make sure that it tastes absolutely smashing and totally worth of cheating my LOW GI everyday diet. So I go for the recipes that are full of flavors spices and above all try to bring in healthy as much as possible.

Make these Spicy Veggie Fried Rice when you have nothing but leftover veggies and want to eat something spicy and healthy, this veggie fried rice recipe one of the best recipe to make with leftover rice.

This recipe has the goodness of veggies added with the kick of extra spices. You can pair it with some dahi or eat it all by itself.

Quinoa Pulao

Indian Veg quinoa pulao

Quinoa Veggie pulao: If you love to eat healthy and have quinoa in your pantry this delicious Indian style quinoa recipe of quinoa pulao is perfect to serve for dinner.

Veg biryani Recipe

Paneer Biryani Recipe

Veg Biryani is one of the best options if you choose to make a one-pot meal for your unannounced guests or just your family.

Made with easily available ingredients to give a delectable dish, this biryani is definitely one of my favourites Indian recipes for dinner. It takes time to cook biryani but you can really spend some time when it comes to making a tasty Veg biryani recipe 🙂

Bisi Bele bhaat

Bisi Bele Bath or Bisi Bele Hulianna is a dish from Karnataka and is part of Udupi cuisine. This name Bisi Bele Bath means "hot lentil rice" in Kanadda language .The main ingredients are rice, toor dal and vegetables along with some aromatic spices.

Bisibele bhaat is literally hot lentil rice south Indian rice made with many vegetables and spices. It is a wonderful blend of taste in one pot. It is a famous sweet-tangy rice dish from Udupi cuisine. In Karnataka, it is served in breakfast which keeps you full till lunch, but I still love this as delicious Indian dinner idea. Bisibelle bhaat recipe.

Kala chana pulao

kala chana pulao

Kala chana or brown chickpea pulao is an easy one-pot rice meal. This pulao recipe is made with medium spiced rice, rustic and protein-rich kale chane/black chickpeas with the added flavours of saffron. It is a vegan and gluten-free recipe ideal to be served at lunch or dinners. Kala Chana Pulao Recipe.

Meal Prep Notes for These Indian Dinner Ideas

  • Keep some soaked and drained rice in your fridge for a quick meal.
  • Keep cut veggies pre-prepped in your fridge racks to save time.
  • Soak and boil the lentils before hand such as chana, Kala chana, rajma.
  • Add or subtract any veggies of your preference or health chart.

I have always found fried rice and pulaos to be a great way to feed the essential veggies to your elders and kids. You can also try other one-pot meals such as a cauliflower fried rice, schezwan fried rice, little millet pulao or wholesome soups such as tomato pasta soup.

With this list and more such flavourful one pot meals like one pan mushroom pasta and various salads. You are now all set for easy cooking without the hassle of juggling between the utensils. Plus you have less dishes to wash. One pot meals are great for stress free and happy cooking!

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