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r/Tifu A Kid Stole My Lunch, so I Fed Her Carolina Peppers (Video #1)
r/Gocommitdie | bae caught me stealin' (Video #2)
r/Niceguys | yeah, i'm "nice"... (Video #3)
r/Maliciouscompliance Take My Phone? It'll Cost You $100,000! (Video #4)
Spider-Man Rated-R (Video #5)
r/Trueoffmychest Husband Secretly Did Surgery on My Va**** (Video #6)
r/Crappydesign | daily dose of iron. (Video #7)
Spider Man Great Battle Carnivorous Monster Huggy Wuggy R.escue A Man Was Attacked | Survival Hunter (Video #8)
r/Pettyrevenge I Ruined an Angry Old Karen's Life (Video #9)
r/Trueoffmychest My Boyfriend Makes Love to Cows (Video #10)
r/Terriblefacebookmemes | that bridge doesn't look very safe. (Video #11)
r/Cursedcomments | NOW OPEN (Video #12)

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