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recipe with red cabbage main dish vegetarian

This is a vegetarian recipe that uses red cabbage as the main ingredient. The dish has a sweet and sour flavor, making it delicious with or without meat.

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Recipe with red cabbage main dish vegetarian

Roasted Red Cabbage adds a splash of colour to any meal! The warm and comforting flavours of red cabbage and sweet apple in this easy vegan side dish are perfect served with all kinds of dinners. With minimal prep and lots of delicious flavours, it’s simple enough to make on weeknights and impressive enough for holiday feasting. I’ve even included instructions for transforming it from a side to a main by adding some vegan sausage while roasting!

roasted red cabbage and apples with sausage and mashed potato

Is anyone actually passionate about cabbage? Sure, it has plenty of uses, like in slaws, pickled vegetables, or salads, but it’s so rarely the star of the show. That’s why this recipe for Roasted Red Cabbage is such a game-changer.

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Roasting red cabbage in the oven transforms this ordinary vegetable into your next big craving. As it bakes, the cabbage and apples become really tender, sweet and juicy. The longer it’s in the oven, the better it gets!

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red cabbage, mashed potato and sausages on a metal plate

Fantastic as a holiday side or with vegan roast dinners, this roasted red cabbage with apples, onion, and fresh seasonings goes great with just about any dish. One of my favourite ways to transform it into a hearty meal is to serve it with the vegan sausages, vegan mashed potatoes, and red wine gravy drizzled on top.

What ingredients do I need and why?

For detailed measurements and instructions, see the printable recipe card.

Who knew red cabbage and apples together were a dream come true? This short list of ingredients is all you need to help the humble cabbage go from “blah” to “wow”:

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Here’s what you need to make it:

ingredients for roasted red cabbage as per the listed ingredients in the recipe card
  • Red cabbage – Whether you call it red or purple cabbage, this bright and versatile veggie is delicious and full of nutrients. It’s super easy to cut up too. Its flavours work really well with the apples and other flavourings and it looks so pretty!
  • Onion – Roasting onions with the cabbage adds so much flavour!
  • Apples – You can use your favourite kind of apple for this recipe. They will bake along with the onion and cabbage to make the dish sweet and juicy. The pops of soft apple are such a lovely contrast against the cabbage.
  • Fresh herbs – The fresh thyme and sage really elevate this recipe and add so much flavour.
  • Red wine vinegar – The tangy flavour of red wine vinegar makes each bite of this side dish more intense (in the best way).
  • Sweetener – Maple syrup or brown sugar helps balance the acid from the vinegar and adds a hint of sweetness.
  • Vegan sausages (totally optional and only needed if you want to transform this recipe from a side to a main) – You can use any type, but Field Roast apple sage sausages are incredibly good with this cabbage dish.

How to make oven roasted red cabbage

Sliced red cabbage is easy to make in the oven. The heat and lengthy cooking time will help turn the raw and crisp veggie into a sweet and juicy side dish. And it’s so pretty!

chopped red cabbage

This is how you make my roasted red cabbage:

Step 1 – Chop the cabbage and apples and add everything to an oven-safe dish, placing the herbs on the top so they are easy to pick out before serving.

red cabbage, apples and herbs in a skillet

Step 2 – Cover and bake for just under 1 hour. The cabbage should be tender and smell very fragrant and delicious once it’s done.

baked red cabbage and apples in a staub skillet

It’s as simple as that. Such an easy recipe and it tastes like way more work went into it than it actually did!

Success tips

  • The fresh herbs really elevate this roasted cabbage recipe and add so much flavour. I really recommend not subbing dried herbs. You can usually find them year-round in the produce section at grocery stores.
  • The cooking time depends on the cabbageʼs freshness, how finely itʼs shredded, and the size of the pan.
  • Wear gloves while prepping the cabbage if you want to avoid red hands!
  • If the cabbage isn’t fork-tender or very fragrant, leave it in the oven for a few minutes longer to finish cooking.
  • Covering the baking sheet with a lid of foil will prevent the cabbage or onions from drying out or burning and make everything tender and juicy.

Some ways you can adapt this recipe

  • Add vegan sausages while roasting. Instructions are included in the recipe.
  • The oil could be omitted to make the recipe oil-free but be sure to use a good non-stick oven-proof dish.
  • You can try using pears if you don’t have apples on hand (as long as you don’t mind the pears disintegrating a little).
  • Use green cabbage and white wine vinegar instead of red cabbage and red wine vinegar.
  • Omit the sugar to make the recipe sugar-free or use maple syrup to make it refined sugar-free.
  • Need a substitute for red wine vinegar? Balsamic vinegar is an easy replacement or you can use sherry vinegar for something more subtle.
a plate of mashed potato, sausage, red cabbage and peas

Are red cabbage and purple cabbage the same?

Red cabbage and purple cabbage are exactly the same. The colour of the vegetable will always be somewhere between a deep purple and pink (this depends on the pH value of the soil it’s grown in).

Is red cabbage good for you?

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Red cabbage is an impressively healthy food. It’s an excellent source of fibre and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Read more about its health benefits here.

How do I serve roasted red cabbage?

Serve this delicious roasted red cabbage as a light and flavorful side dish with just about anything, from Sunday roasts, to midweek dinners with some vegan sausages baked in with it!

It’s a great recipe to turn to when you don’t know what to do with the leftover cabbage in your kitchen. Here’s how I love to serve this dish:

  • Because this recipe is naturally gluten-free, it makes the best side next to my gluten-free seitan roast
  • Or keep the gluten and make my vegan roast for the holidays
  • With vegan meatloaf
  • With lentil shepherd’s pie
  • Turn it into a main! Slice a few Field Roast (or a similar brand) sausages and roast them with the cabbage. More details are included with the full recipe below. Serve that delicious combo alongside some creamy vegan mashed potatoes and vegan red wine gravy. Maybe with some vegan green bean casserole as an additional side!
roasted red cabbage with apples and sausages

Can this recipe be made ahead of time?

This easy red cabbage recipe can be made ahead of time and stores well. Cook the roasted cabbage and apples as per the recipe instructions. Once cool, store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. To reheat the cooked cabbage, place it in an ovenproof dish, cover and bake in the oven at 350ºF (175 °C) for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Can cooked red cabbage be frozen?

Yes! Before freezing let the cooked red cabbage cool completely. Keep it in a sealed container or bag and freeze for up to 3 months. Let the frozen cabbage defrost completely in the fridge overnight, then reheat it in the oven in a covered dish at 350ºF (175 °C) for about 20 to 25 minutes.

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