Banana Substitutions (Subbing out the Banana, Replacing Bananas in Smoothies, Baking) the ultimate fat-free vegan banana bread recipe

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Replacement for bananas in smoothies

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HATE bananas?

Reading: replacement for bananas in smoothies

Cannot even stand the scent of them?


OR you are fully out however you need to make a smoothie anyway?

This is find out how to do it.

+ the BEST fat-free (oil-free) vegan banana bread recipe

Subjects on this publish:

  • What does a banana substitute in baking
  • Learn how to substitute bananas in muffin recipes
  • Learn how to substitute bananas in baked oatmeal recipes
  • Learn how to freeze bananas for smoothies
  • Learn how to peel frozen bananas (2-ways!)
  • Are you able to substitute frozen bananas for contemporary in baking?
  • Learn how to substitute bananas in Black Bean Brownies
  • Can you employ contemporary bananas in smoothies?
  • Banana smoothie substitutions
  • Do you place the banana in in a single day oats?
  • Learn how to ripen bananas.
  • Learn how to maintain bananas from browning.
  • How ripe is just too ripe for bananas?
  • What ought to bananas appear to be for baking?
  • Are black bananas suitable for eating?
  • How have you learnt if a banana has gone unhealthy?
  • The BEST fat-free banana bread everrr (oil-free, vegan)

What does a Banana Substitute in Baking

Bananas are used to switch eggs in baking, since bananas are binders.

Are you able to Use Eggs to Change Bananas in Baking?

So long as you are not attempting to make banana bread, the percentages are in your favor that this substitution will work out. Since I am vegan, I’ve by no means tried to do that myself, however individuals have left feedback through the years saying they’ve efficiently changed bananas with egg whites in a few of my recipes.

Learn how to Substitute Bananas in Muffin Recipes

With entire wheat muffins, it is protected to switch bananas for the reason that wheat will bind itself, however when you’re utilizing gluten-free flours or white “all purpose flour” you may want one other binder (one other egg replacer) comparable to flax eggs or cornstarch or chia seeds when you omit the banana. See this publish for assist changing eggs.

Assuming the “egg” concern is taken care of:

You’ll be able to exchange 1 banana with 1/2 cup of applesauce, however keep away from utilizing greater than 1 cup complete applesauce in a recipe (it will be too moist and dense and prepare dinner erratically).

Silken tofu, yogurt, mayo, and canned pumpkin may also work, however chances are you’ll want so as to add sweetener and when you’re utilizing acids (like lemon juice, buttermilk, or vinegar) or baking soda, it could actually get dicey utilizing yogurt and mayo, so Baker Beware 🙂

One of many causes I like utilizing entire wheat a lot (except for it being more healthy than white flour) is I haven’t got to make use of a binder more often than not.

Learn how to Substitute Bananas in Baked Oatmeal Recipes

Mashed cooked candy potato works finest.

Applesauce can work IF you cut back the opposite liquids barely. (Applesauce is “wetter” than a banana).

If you happen to use canned pumpkin (or silken tofu) you may need to add sweetener since bananas present a pure sweetness and tofu/pumpkin aren’t candy in any respect.

Plain yogurt MIGHT work, it depends upon the opposite elements. If there’s lemon juice or vinegar within the recipe, use one other alternative.

Learn how to Freeze Bananas for Smoothies

Peel, lower, and lay on a baking sheet to freeze individually. As soon as they’re frozen into little banana cubes, put them in a container.

A faster technique is to interrupt the banana into 3-4 chunks earlier than freezing, however they may nonetheless stick collectively and require you to interrupt them aside earlier than mixing.

Banana Substitutions (Subbing out the Banana, Replacing Bananas in Smoothies, Baking) + the ultimate fat-free vegan banana bread recipe

Learn how to Peel Frozen Bananas

Peeling a frozen banana is subsequent to unimaginable so peel them BEFORE you freeze. If it is too late for that, put your frozen banana in a bowl of water for a couple of minutes.

Pop open the tip and the banana will plop out.

You can too use your knife to chop away (peel away) the frozen pores and skin, but when you do not have good knife expertise attempt the above technique as a substitute.

STEP 1: Lower frozen banana in half within the center (not longways).

STEP 2: Lower the peel off alongside the sting, separating the pores and skin from the banana. Really feel for the sting (after the primary lower it will be apparent the place the sting is). Use your blade to separate the peel from the banana.

Can You Substitute Frozen Bananas for Contemporary in Baking?

It is a hit and miss for me. If the banana is performing as a binder, the gloopy frozen banana most likely will not get the job accomplished.

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For instance, once I’m making 2-ingredient cookies (mashed bananas + oats and any spices or mix-ins I need), or any of the Meal Mentor Breakfast Bars, solely contemporary bananas appear to work.

Likewise, I’ve had ZERO success utilizing frozen bananas when making my Black Bean Brownies or anytime I am utilizing a banana to switch an egg in a baking recipe. The frozen banana additionally throws off my bake time.

I’ve, nevertheless, used a frozen banana the way in which I take advantage of frozen strawberries or blueberries or chocolate chips or pecans in muffins… it is superb so as to add mashed up as an “extra”.

Learn how to Substitute Bananas within the Black Bean Brownies?

Talking of the Black Bean Brownies, I have never had luck making them with out bananas, however just a few bloggers have efficiently used applesauce. The perfect substitute is a considerably unripe avocado.

Are you able to Substitute Contemporary Bananas in Smoothies?

Frozen bananas do three issues in smoothes:

  1. Present pure sweetness.
  2. Make the smoothie chilly.
  3. Give it a creamy, milkshake thickness.

Contemporary bananas will not make the smoothie as creamy as a frozen banana, and until you embody different frozen fruits, your smoothie will not be very chilly. You COULD add ice, however that may make your smoothie extra watery and icy.

What’s a Good Substitute for Bananas in Smoothies?

  1. Frozen fruits
  2. Coconut milk (or coconut cream)
  3. Silken tofu
  4. Yogurt
  5. Ice Cream
  6. Avocado
  7. Oats

Frozen fruits are typically a superb substitute for bananas in smoothies, though they are going to alter the style, shade, and probably the feel of the smoothie.

SO when you’re attempting to make a specific-tasting smoothie from the meal plans (see the Colossal Smoothie Cookbook within the member library) or the Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie and Cinnamon Bun Smoothie from this web site, different fruits normally will not work and you may need to attempt one among these different choices:

Coconut milk and coconut cream present a creaminess with out including an excessive amount of change in shade or taste. You can too freeze coconut milk and coconut cream! (This feature is way increased in fats and energy, if that is a priority to you.)

Silken (gentle) tofu, vanilla ice cream, avocado, and yogurt can be used, though you may run into that “chilling” downside if different frozen fruits aren’t within the recipe and chances are you’ll want so as to add further sweetener.

Ditto for soaked cashews (or different nuts). You may want a excessive pace blender to get the nuts to completely cream.

Chia seeds are goopy, however some people like them of their smoothies.

How do you Thicken Up a Smoothie?

Including oats may also help thicken up the smoothie (whether or not you are utilizing bananas or not) and a few people discover that helps them keep fuller for longer.

Use rolled (quaint) oats or instantaneous oats. Do not use metal lower oats until you’ve got soaked them in a single day AND you’ve got a excessive pace blender. (It’s going to be gritty with bits of uncooked grain in any other case).

Inexperienced Goddess Smoothie

PB Cup Smoothie

Learn how to Substitute Banana in Meal Mentor French Toast

Loads of members like utilizing applesauce as a substitute of the blended banana. You can too use candy potato (significantly!) in addition to pumpkin, yogurt, or silken tofu. See this thread for extra ideas.

Do you Put Banana in In a single day Oats (ONOs)?

I add the banana once I make my ONOa and so they’ve by no means turned brown on me.

I am obsessive about Meal Mentors French Toast ONOs which requires you mash the banana and blend it up with the oats and almond milk. Even once I make per week’s price on Sunday, it is nonetheless “fresh” on Friday. (If you happen to’re a meal plan person, the recipe within the OATrageous Oatmeal cookbook within the member library).

If you happen to plan to warmth up your ONOs and you do not like the feel or style of “warm” bananas (they could be a bit slimy) add the banana earlier than serving.

In case your banana does flip brown, you may nonetheless eat it. It isn’t poisonous or spoiled.

The browning occurs from oxidation-totally regular chemical response.

Learn how to Ripen Bananas

Stick them in a paper bag, shut the paper bag, and wait 24 hours.

Learn how to Hold Bananas From Ripening Quicker (Browning)

STEP 1:separate your bananas so they’re single and never in a bunch.

STEP 2: wrap the stem of every banana with plastic wrap.

You will want a 3 or 4-inch extensive part of plastic wrap per banana. Wrap it across the stem reasonably tightly, you may need to go over your wrap just a few occasions. It will not stick collectively like glue, however it would stick. Voila!

STEP 3:retailer bananas away from one another.

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Refrigerating can even assist sluggish the ripening course of although the pores and skin will flip darkish brown rapidly within the fridge.

This is a video- Learn how to Hold Bananas from Ripening

How Ripe is Too Ripe for Bananas?

The riper a banana is the softer it’s and the sweeter it tastes.

A riper the banana the extra it would scent and style “banana-y” which is nice for banana breads however could possibly be too overpowering in different recipes.

Right here is the Banana Ripeness Scale:

Banana Substitutions (Subbing out the Banana, Replacing Bananas in Smoothies, Baking) + the ultimate fat-free vegan banana bread recipe

Very unripe– majority of the banana is inexperienced. Exhausting to Very agency.

Barely unripe– inexperienced on the edges. Nonetheless very agency.

Ripe – vibrant yellow in shade with no inexperienced and minimal brown. Agency.

Noticed– vibrant yellow with many brown freckles. Barely agency, a little bit gentle.

Very Ripe– Half or extra is brown or noticed. Gentle however not mushy.

Overripe– majority of the banana is brown or black. Very gentle.

Here’s a Videoon the Ripeness Phases of Bananas:

What Colour Ought to I Eat a Banana?

That is largely private desire when it comes to how candy or banana-y you need it to style in addition to what texture you favor. For instance, the riper the banana the softer and mushier it’s and the extra unripe the banana is, the firmer it’s.

A simply ripe or noticed ripeness is an effective start line.

Is a Inexperienced Banana Good for You? Are Inexperienced Bananas Secure to Eat?

Some individuals expertise abdomen pains from overripe and/or unripe bananas.

Are you able to Put Bananas within the Fridge?

Sure however it might make the pores and skin flip brown or black. Refrigeration helps sluggish the ripening of the banana, particularly when you pull the bananas aside from the bunch.

What Ought to Bananas Seem like for Baking?

Aside from my Black Bean Brownies (use a green-ish banana in that recipe) simply ripe or noticed bananas are at the perfect stage for baking, excluding banana bread. The riper, the higher with banana bread.

What Ought to Bananas Seem like for Smoothies?

Freeze overripe or too ripe bananas for smoothies. Usually, the riper, the higher with smoothies UNLESS you do not need a robust banana style. If you would like creaminess with out banana flavoring, use a noticed or simply ripe banana plus different elements like chocolate syrup or peanut butter that may masks the banana style.

Are Black Bananas Secure to Eat?

If the banana is gentle with a number of mushy and/or brown spots, it’s overripe and not good for eat. Freeze for a smoothie or use for banana bread.

How do you Know if a Banana Has Gone Unhealthy?

Fully or largely brown or black pores and skin is an effective indicator the banana is overripe, although that doesn’t imply it has “gone bad.”

You don’t want to eat an overripe banana, however you may freeze it for smoothies or use it to make banana bread.

Be aware: Placing a banana within the fridge could cause this to occur even when the banana remains to be suitable for eating.

What Ought to Bananas Seem like for Baking?

The BEST Banana Bread Recipe

When you have the Completely happy Herbivore Cookbook (pictured under) the recipe is on pg 47. If you do not have the e-book, Nini made a video of find out how to make Completely happy Herbivore Banana Bread on YouTube

Banana Substitutions (Subbing out the Banana, Replacing Bananas in Smoothies, Baking) + the ultimate fat-free vegan banana bread recipe

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