A Complete Meal on One Tray: Sheet Pan Low Country Boil

If you’re a fan of effortless dinners, then this Sheet Pan “Low Country Boil” is the perfect recipe for you! With just 5 minutes of prep and minimal clean-up afterward, this easy weeknight meal will save you time and effort.

Shrimp and kielbasa from low country boil on a spatula

What is a Low Country Boil?

If you’re not familiar with the traditional seafood dish from Louisiana known as the Low Country Boil, let me fill you in. It’s a flavorful combination of shrimp (or crawfish), sausage, corn, and potatoes cooked in a single pot. Usually prepared outdoors, this dish is perfect for serving at large social gatherings.

There are countless variations of this dish, allowing you to customize it with different vegetables and seafood options.

In my version, which I like to call a “Low Country BROIL,” we put a unique twist on the classic recipe. Instead of boiling the ingredients, we let the oven do the work for us!

This sheet pan low country boil is designed to be a versatile weeknight dinner. You can easily adjust the quantities to feed a family of four, scale it down for a cozy meal for two, or multiply the ingredients to serve a crowd.

And the best part? No need for an outdoor campfire! The result is a deliciously crispy meal that surpasses the flavors of the original boiled version.

Sheet Pan Low Country Boil with shrimp and sausage on a platter with serving tongs

Serving Suggestions

This low country boil is bursting with flavors, making it a perfect pairing with some warm cornbread or fluffy biscuits on the side.

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If you’re looking for something lighter and low-carb, a refreshing salad would complement the meal beautifully.

Shrimp and kielbasa from low country boil on a spatula

Top Tips for the Best Low Country Boil

  • For the corn, I recommend using a package of frozen Bird’s Eye Mini Corn on the Cob. You won’t even need to cut them in half, and make sure to thaw them before adding them to the recipe.
  • Opt for jumbo shrimp (16-20 shrimp per pound) to ensure they don’t overcook while the other ingredients bake. This larger size has a slightly longer cooking time.
  • Cooking for just two? Halve the ingredients while keeping the baking instructions the same.
  • Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days and enjoyed cold or reheated. You can even transform the leftovers into a hearty soup or stew.

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Try this Sheet Pan Low Country Boil for a hassle-free, mouthwatering dinner tonight! And for more fantastic recipes, visit Family Cuisine.

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