Brain Fog Cure Green Smoothie

Brain fog is the inability to think clearly, concentrate, or remember. It is often caused by lack of sleep and poor diet. Some brain fog symptoms include memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and forgetfulness. Brain fog can be caused by a
Brain Fog Cure Green Smoothie

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brain fog cure smoothie

Brain fog is probably something we can all relate to at one time or another. Whether it’s that Monday afternoon energy lag, or the inability to focus when we really need to, I’m sure we can all benefit from brain fog cures. Let’s talk about brain fog causes as well as how to cure them the natural way.

What causes brain fog?

While we’re all different, there are a few brain fog causes that I think are fairly common: Stress, not enough sleep, diet, and changes in hormones.

If you’re anything like me, these common causes are usually linked to each other: When I’m not sleeping well, I don’t eat well. When my hormones are in flux, I often don’t eat well or sleep. Stress can cause me to not sleep as well as rely on processed foods… the list goes on. How can I easily cure brain fog? Grab your blender, then keep on reading!


Simple brain fog cures

Now that you know where that brain fog started, how can you fix it?

Get outside– vitamin D is no joke; getting outside doesn’t just boost your mood, it can also clear that fog.

Exercise regularly– Whether it’s a walk on your lunch break, a bike ride to your next activity instead of driving, starting a small garden… whatever it takes to get you moving. I may work from home, but I still need to schedule time to be outside every day.

Diet– By now you should know I’m a firm advocate of a plant based diet. This isn’t vegan or restrictive… I eat meat! Yet I do believe in the power of plants, and I know that Americans don’t get enough plants in their diet. Try a meatless Monday, take your kids grocery shopping then let them pick a new fruit or veggie to try, grow herbs to spice up that dinner plate.

Brain fog cures don’t need to be hard, complicated, or confusing. Instead, keep it simple and something you can easily do every day, like drinking a green smoothie or walking for 20 minutes.

brain fog causes + cures

Recipes to boost your brain power

If brain fog is a current issue for you, or you know you need your brain to be on full power in the coming days, then try these delicious recipes:

  • Spaghetti squash bowl
  • Vegan cheese sprinkle
  • Chocolate protein shake
  • Peanut butter chocolate smoothie
  • Honey turmeric smoothie
  • Golden milk
  • Avocado smoothie
  • Turmeric smoothie cubes
  • Lime popsicles
  • Avocado banana smoothie
  • Avocado crema
  • Peach spinach smoothie
  • Spinach berry smoothie

Best foods for brain energy

Be sure to reach for the following foods when fighting mental fatigue:

I’m serious about giving my brain the best boost I can, so I continue to make recipes that give me the best shot. The smoothie recipe below is super simple as well as effective at clearing up the fog. Coupled with some of the other simple cures above, this brain fog smoothie will help you stay on the top of your game. Give this smoothie a blend, then let me know how you feel!

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