Anti-Rheumatoid Pineapple Cilantro Smoothie

Rheumatoid arthritis can be debilitating, causing pain in different joints and causing swelling in the fingers. This condition is often treated with medication or surgery. However, there are natural treatments that can help ease the symptoms of rheumatoid

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Smoothies for rheumatoid arthritis
anti-rheumatoid pineapple cilantro smoothie
anti-rheumatoid pineapple cilantro smoothie

Anti-rheumatoid pineapple cilantro smoothie is the smoothie you take not only for its sweetness but because you know it’s functional!How are you doing today my dear? Do you do smoothies?

You should do smoothies for you get so many nutrients with just one glass. If you look at it, if you ain’t eating raw food, chances are that you’ll never get to combine varieties of fruits and veggies in your dishes that often and in a single meal!

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Smoothies makes the nutrients readily available for absorption, which quickens your healing and they’re are filling. Your simplest and fast breakfast that you can even take to your workplace.

Besides, smoothies are one way for kids to eat what they would not generally eat. For instant, my daughter loves this smoothie and she takes two glasses of it while she can’t even take a bite of pineapple, kids gal, they’re challenging ha!

You make this super green anti-rheumatoid pineapple cilantro smoothie and you’re in for a treat, you’ll love it!


Considered as queen/king of fruits by some, they’re known for their sweet flavor and sugary taste. They come with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Looking back in time, pineapples have been used by several cultures over the centuries as a therapeutical plant.

Pineapples have been used to expel intestinal worms, to combat memory loss, sadness, and melancholy.

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Additionally, they’re used to reduce blood clotting and help remove plaque from the arterial walls.

Pineapples possess bromelain, which is used as anti-inflammation and anti-cancer. Bromelain has been used clinically to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

Pineapples also have malic acid which makes up to 13% of pineapple juice. Malic acid is beneficial for your health as it boosts your immunity. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of toxic metal poisoning.

Lastly, pineapples are high in fiber, which will help you have regular bowel movements, woo ho!

anti-rheumatoid pineapple cilantro smoothie-ing.


Cilantro is used almost everywhere in this world as a spice. It’s been known to be one of the earliest spice. From their fruits to roots, every part of cilantro is used in different cuisines.

It’s has been used as a medicinal plant and it’s still used in various fields like pharmaceutical and perfume industries.

In fact, cilantro has been used in the treatment of RA and joint pain because it’s anti-inflammatory. Moreover, it has carminative and digestive properties.

Cilantro is a good source of vitamin A, C and, K. It has Potassium, Iron, Thiamine, Zinc and besides it has dietary fiber.

I love the scent of cilantro, even though, the one we’ve here in France is different than that I knew in Kenya which has a very strong aroma.


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It’s known today that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate chronic pain without side effects like those encountered with pharmaceutical medicine.

Turmeric has been used as anti-rheumatoid. I personally take turmeric tea almost every day, plus I do take some turmeric supplements and yes dear, they do really help me a lot in reducing inflammation.

anti-rheumatoid pineapple cilantro smoothie

Just put a little piece of turmeric into your anti-rheumatoid pineapple cilantro smoothie, because uncooked turmeric tends to be bitter.

All the ingredients in this pineapple cilantro smoothie have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, I bet with you my dear, you’ll have all the benefits as you add this smoothie to your healing program.

We, my kids and I enjoy it due to its high fiber, I love the way it sends my kids to the bathroom quite often lol!

Take time to choose your pineapple, we’ve tried different varieties in making this smoothie and we found that the amount of sweetness varied with the type of pineapple.

Final word, don’t throw the pineapple core, that’s where you get a high concentration of bromelain and fiber. Blend it in with the rest of the ingredients or if your blender isn’t high speed, blend the core fast with some water then add the rest.

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I kiss you, Githu.

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