Blueberry Flax Superfood Smoothie

I love smoothies. They are quick, easy and healthy! I have a few favorite recipes that I like to make in the summertime. My favorite recipe is this one with flax seed! It's so good for you, and

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Smoothies with flax seed

Blend up this refreshing blueberry flax superfood smoothie for breakfast this week! It is fiber packed from the flaxseed, protein packed from the greek yogurt and perfectly sweet from the blueberries!

Blueberry smoothie in a cup

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Smoothies are the Best

When in doubt, make a smoothie! This blueberry flax superfood smoothie is one of the most nutrient packed smoothie, ever! We love this smoothie because it is made with simple ingredients, yet is creamy and delicious!

All the Healthiest Ingredients

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We packed this smoothie with healthy ingredients that are accessible to everyone! Let’s break down all of the ingredients and why they are healthy!

  • Blueberries- You can find blueberries in most of the frozen sections at the grocery store! They are packed with fiber, potassium, and vitamin C!
  • Ground Flax Seed- Say hello to the nutrient packed ground flaxseed! Flaxseed is known for being super high in fiber and omega 3 fatty acids!
  • Spinach- You don’t have to be forced by your mom to eat your spinach! When you blend spinach into a smoothie you can’t even taste it! Spinach is packed with protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. WOWWY.
  • Greek yogurt- Greek yogurt is the key to making smoothies creamy! Greek yogurt is also loaded with protein!
  • Almond Milk- When it comes to milk alternatives, we are big fans of almond milk! Almond milk just happens to be high in protein and low in calories, too!

Ingredients in the blender

Superfood Smoothie 101

Are superfood smoothies healthy?

Yes, superfood smoothies are healthy! They get some bad flack for being calorie dense. But superfood smoothies are packed with healthy calories that are so good for your body!

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Just be sure not to have a smoothie for every meal! It’s all about balance!

What are the best smoothie toppings?

Toppings are one of the best parts of a smoothie. You can choose what direction to go! Here are a list of some of our favorites!

Blended blueberry superfood smoothie Blueberry Flax Superfood Smoothie with fresh blueberries

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