Spices For Spaghetti Sauce

the best spaghetti sauce

This is not just any spaghetti sauce recipe – it’s the best spaghetti sauce you’ll ever taste. Let me tell you why.

The Best Spaghetti Sauce, Hands Down!

There are a few reasons why this spaghetti sauce stands out from the rest. First and foremost, it is incredibly delicious, rich, and flavorful—a true comfort food. But that’s not all. This recipe is also incredibly easy to make. You thought your mom’s spaghetti and meatballs was simple? Well, this recipe beats it. And finally, this sauce is good for you—it contains no added sugar or strange ingredients you might find in a jar of sauce.

Before we dive into the recipe, let me share a funny story with you.

A Childhood Tale of Mushrooms

As a kid, I detested mushrooms. I vividly remember staying with my aunt, who decided to make spaghetti sauce for dinner—with mushrooms. I threw a major fit, protesting those dreaded mushrooms. My aunt, being the wise woman she is, simply said, “If you don’t like them, just pick them out.” As you can imagine, that didn’t go over well with a child like me. To this day, my aunt still teases me about my aversion to mushrooms.

Thankfully, my taste buds have evolved over the years, thanks in part to my husband. He’s the kind of guy who will eat almost anything, which has helped me expand my culinary horizons. Now, let’s get back to why this spaghetti sauce is the bomb.

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Reasons to Love This Sauce

  1. It’s a hit with the kids. My little ones can’t get enough of it. Whether they have it with noodles, zoodles, or spaghetti squash, they often end up devouring the sauce straight from the spoon.
  2. You can freeze it. This recipe makes a generous amount of sauce, so you can easily freeze half of it and enjoy another fantastic meal later.
  3. Perfect for last-minute meals. Most of the ingredients in this recipe are pantry staples—canned or dried. That makes it ideal for those nights when you’re wondering, “What are we going to eat?” I usually have some frozen ground meat on hand, along with canned tomatoes and spices in my kitchen drawers.

A Word on Ingredients

When it comes to canned tomatoes, I recommend checking the labels while shopping. Look for ones that are “BPA free” and “no salt added.” For an even better option, opt for jarred tomatoes in glass to avoid any potential exposure to aluminum. My personal favorites are Muir Glen for canned tomatoes and Jovial for jarred tomatoes. They simply taste the best.

Now, let’s talk about herbs and spices. It’s worth investing in high-quality, organic options. Always check the labels, especially on spice mixes, as they may contain fillers like corn starch, sugar, and preservatives. Trust me, this sauce calls for a generous amount of seasoning, so you’ll want to have a well-stocked spice collection.

organize spice drawer

If you’re worried about the cost of buying multiple spices, let me share a secret. Many health food and gourmet grocery stores, such as Whole Foods, Central Market, and Sprouts, have bulk food sections. These sections not only offer nuts, grains, and dried fruit, but also a wide variety of dried herbs and spices. You can buy as little or as much as you need, whether it’s in a baggie or your own jar. If you’re just starting out, you can simply keep the herbs and spices in the baggies provided by the store. Just be sure to label them, so you know what’s what.

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Cooking as an Art

Cooking is more like art than math or science. There’s no one right way or one right answer. Instead, there are countless ways to create a beautiful finished dish. Remember, cooking should be fun and enjoyable. Feel free to put your own spin on a recipe or even come up with something entirely your own. Let your inner artist shine in the kitchen.

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paleo spaghetti sauce

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