Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry smoothies with almond milk are a great way to start your day. They're healthy and delicious and easy to make.
Strawberry Smoothie

This simple Strawberry Smoothie is a refreshing reminder that basic can be beautiful. It’s healthy, cool, and creamy, offers protein and nutrients, and it’s friendly, fruity flavor and pretty pink color makes it widely appealing, whether you are blending it up for kids or for yourself.

Healthy Strawberry Smoothie in a glass made with yogurt and fresh strawberries

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A few years ago, I got into a total smoothie kick and stocked our pantry with every kind of nut, seed, and super powder, and I filled our freezer with a rainbow of fruit. I spent more minutes than I needed to coming up with different combos.

I created some seriously tasty, healthy smoothies in the process, from this Kale Pineapple Smoothie, to this Oatmeal Smoothie recipe, to this Blueberry Avocado Banana Smoothie, to this Apple Smoothie, to all of these healthy smoothie recipes. At some point, I burned out (as did our blender). Smoothies and I went on a break.

Then last week, I found myself with a hearty supply of strawberries and missing my morning smoothie routine. I replaced our blender and decided to see what smoothie recipe I could come up with using what I had on hand.

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The result: an AMAZING frozen Strawberry Smoothie that is made from the simplest ingredients!

Simple Strawberry Smoothie

You don’t need to stock your pantry, brainstorm crazy flavor combinations, or even spend more than five minutes in the kitchen before you’re happily slurping this Strawberry Smoothie. The ingredients couldn’t be easier.

  • Strawberries. I like to use frozen ones, because they make the smoothie ultra thick and creamy. You can freeze peak season strawberries (here’s a tutorial; you can freeze them whole), or simply buy bagged frozen strawberries at the grocery store. Be sure to look for frozen fruit without any added sugar. (If you love strawberries in your smoothie, try this Greek Yogurt Smoothie, Strawberry Spinach Smoothie or Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie.)
  • Yogurt. We always have plain Greek yogurt on hand for healthy snacks, and I use it in a lot of my cooking too. Making the Strawberry Smoothie with yogurt gives it a smooth, creamy consistency and adds protein. If you prefer to make the strawberry smoothie without yogurt, you can simply omit it.
  • Almond Butter. Adding nut butters to smoothies is an instant way to make them more satisfying. The healthy fats in almond butter will keep you full for longer. You can swap in any nut butter you like. To make the Strawberry Smoothie nut-free, use sunflower seed butter.
  • Honey + Vanilla Extract. Frozen strawberries can be pretty bland on their own. A squirt or two of honey sweetens the smoothie naturally, without making it overwhelming. Vanilla extract gives it wonderful flavor.
  • Almond Milk. I made this Strawberry Smoothie with almond milk, because that’s what we keep on hand for cereal. It’s also my favorite for smoothies, because its flavor is mild, and the creamy consistency is ideal for smoothie making.


Easy and healthy frozen Strawberry Smoothie made with yogurt and served in a glass

You may have noticed the absence of a common smoothie ingredient, bananas.

I opted to make this Strawberry Smoothie without banana, because (wait for it) I didn’t have one on hand. Also, while I adore bananas in smoothies (they’re naturally sweet and make the smoothie super thick), their flavor can sometimes overtake the rest of the ingredients. I also made this Strawberry Mango Smoothie without banana.

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I wanted every sip of this Strawberry Smoothie to taste like pure strawberry. Making it without banana does just that.

Fresh strawberries to be used in a healthy Strawberry Smoothie made with yogurt

As with any smoothie recipe, this Strawberry Smoothie is ultra versatile. I often add a few handfuls of spinach. Heads up: adding spinach will turn the smoothie green, so if you are making the Strawberry Smoothie for kids and want to sneak it by them, be sure to pour the smoothie into an opaque cup like this one.

For those watching their Strawberry Smoothie calories, you can reduce the amount of nut butter and use a more moderate amount of honey. (Though I find that I end up being hungrier when I leave the nut butter out, so I highly encourage you to try it!) If you’d like to make it without yogurt but still have protein, try adding a scoop of protein powder.

Low-calorie and healthy Strawberry Smoothie made without banana and served in a glass

Blender Recommendations

  • My new blender is a total splurge (which likely means that a lot more Strawberry Smoothie recipes are heading your way as I justify my purchase). I actually bought a certified refurbished version directly from the manufacturer, which reduced the price.
  • That said, you do not need a high-dollar blender to make a great smoothie! If you plan to make smoothies a lot, it might be worth looking into options, but if not (or if the price tag is out of reach), you can still make a yummy smoothie. I’ve included some tips in the recipe notes.
  • For a regular blender, I owned this option for a while. While it doesn’t get things as smooth as quickly as a high-powered blender or come with the same bells and whistles, it’s a good option for the price.
  • I also have an obsession with these stainless steel straws. They make everything you drink through them from smoothies, to iced coffee, to even water taste extra cool and refreshing. I also keep a few in my purse for when I’m out and about, so I don’t need to ask for a (plastic or paper) straw.

Healthy Strawberry Smoothie: basic has never been so deliciously sippable and sublimely satisfying!

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