How to Grill the Perfect Strip Steak

Get the Thickness Right

To achieve the optimal cooking results, it’s important to consider the thickness of your steak. This method is best suited for 1-inch thick steaks. If you have a steak that’s half an inch thick, using this method will likely result in overcooking. Most grocery store butchers are happy to cut the steak to an inch for you. Additionally, you can find pre-cut 1-inch steaks at many bulk warehouse shopping clubs. Remember, the thicker the steak, the longer it will need to cook on the indirect side of the grill after the initial high-heat sear.

Seasoning with Simplicity

When it comes to seasoning, I prefer to keep it simple. I believe a grilled steak is all about savoring the meat and the smoky sear. For this recipe, I recommend generously rubbing both sides of the steaks with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper. This simple enhancement highlights and accentuates the existing flavors of the meat. No need to go overboard with additional spices.

Achieving the Perfect Temperature

Steaks thrive in scorching high heat. One way to determine if your grill is at the right temperature is by holding your hand an inch over the grill grates. If you need to pull your hand away after just two seconds due to the heat, then you’ve got the perfect grilling temperature for steaks. If you can keep your hand there for longer without discomfort, I suggest adding more charcoal or turning up the gas. In my case, I used my Char-Broil® Kettleman™ charcoal grill, which proved to be ideal for this method.

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The key to achieving a tender, juicy inside with a seared outside is to sear the steak initially with high heat. Afterward, move the steak to the indirect heat area of the grill. On a gas grill, this can be done by turning off one burner. On a charcoal grill, the indirect heat area is where there’s no charcoal present.

Timing is Everything

For a 1-inch thick steak, three minutes is the magic number. Start by placing the steaks over high heat and grill for three minutes. Then, flip the steaks and let them sear for another three minutes. After that, move the steaks to the indirect heat area. Flip the steaks again after three minutes on the indirect heat. Following this 12-minute cooking session, you’ll have a medium-rare New York strip steak with a perfect balance of tenderness and juiciness.

The Finishing Touch

Once the steaks are done grilling, place them on a plate and add a pat of butter to each one. The heat from the steaks will cause the butter to melt instantly, adding a rich and luscious touch. Serve each steak immediately alongside your favorite side dish. The simple combination of salt, pepper, and a little butter at the end is all it takes to create a mouthwatering and perfectly grilled New York strip steak.

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