Subway Protein Bowl vs Salad

Video subway protein bowl vs salad

A New Era in Fast-Casual Dining

Subway, the renowned sandwich chain, has joined the bandwagon of fast-casual restaurants by introducing its own protein bowl. While protein bowls are typically associated with health-conscious individuals seeking a convenient and nutritious meal, Subway has taken a unique approach reminiscent of the ’90s Atkins diet. Their protein bowls are essentially deconstructed sandwiches, offering a breadless alternative. Imagine the deli tray at a school event, add some iceberg lettuce, and voila – you have a Subway protein bowl.

Deciphering the Quirky and Controversial Bowls

Upon seeing images of these newly launched protein bowls, one can’t help but be taken aback. Why choose a heap of salami and pepperoni atop unseasoned cucumbers and shredded lettuce for a stylized menu photo? Aren’t these protein bowls just a more aggressive rendition of Subway’s existing salad, only served differently? Is it really worth spending 15 minutes scrutinizing these pictures of a meatball tray?

According to a spokesperson for Subway, customers can transform any Footlong sandwich into a protein bowl, maintaining the same portions of protein, vegetables, cheese, and sauce, sans the bread. This may come as a relief for those who were put off by the recent ruling in the Irish Supreme Court, declaring Subway’s bread as too high in sugar to be classified as bread. Additionally, the introduction of these protein bowls coincides with a partnership with professional football player Marshawn Lynch, likely appealing to individuals following keto or paleo diets, despite concerns raised by medical professionals and nutritionists.

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The Missing Element or a Familiar Struggle Meal?

Perhaps it’s the absence of rice or other grains that leaves something to be desired in these protein bowls. Or maybe it’s the notion that Subway is essentially selling me the same kind of makeshift meals I prepare for myself when I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping for two weeks and can’t justify ordering takeout for the 17th consecutive night. A mashed-up canned tuna with lettuce? Absolutely! Turkey cold cuts and olives from the back of the fridge? Let’s drench it in thousand island dressing! Why not? However, Subway’s deconstructed spicy Italian sandwich fails to convince me that it’s worth the price. If I happen to visit Subway and opt not to indulge in their meatball tray, I’d rather have my pile of cold cuts on their signature sweet bread, thank you very much!

Mixed Reactions on Twitter

Although some Twitter users expressed excitement about trying Subway’s new protein bowl, there were others, myself included, who remained skeptical. One user tweeted, “[B]abe, is everything okay? You’ve barely touched your Subway Italian B.M.T. protein bowl®,” accompanied by a picture of the Italian B.M.T.®, with its copyrighted initials standing for “Big. Meaty. Tasty.”

Another user reached out to Subway on Twitter, sharing their experience of attempting to order a protein bowl, only to be told by the employee that they didn’t know how to prepare one. Perhaps it’s better that way.

Subway Protein Bowl

In conclusion, Subway’s foray into the protein bowl trend has sparked intrigue and debate. Whether it’s a hit or a miss depends on personal preferences and expectations. If you’re up for a novel twist on Subway’s classic offerings, give their protein bowl a try. But if you’re a die-hard fan of their traditional breaded sandwiches, the allure might not be strong enough to sway you. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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