Taco Salad: Perfect for Feeding a Crowd

A Beloved Birthday Tradition

My niece has a deep affection for my Taco Salad, and it has become her go-to choice for her birthday dinner year after year. It’s a dish that holds a special place in her heart. Even when she was away at college, she would make the journey back home just to indulge in my Taco Salad. And who could blame her? This delectable dish is a medley of her favorite ingredients – savory ground beef, crisp iceberg lettuce, juicy tomatoes, briny black olives, creamy avocados, tangy cheese, and cool sour cream. The list goes on and on!

Taco Salad for a Crowd

A Trash Can Mishap

It’s not just her unwavering devotion that attests to her love for this salad. There was a moment that showcased her adoration in an unexpected way. As I was preparing 5 pounds of ground beef for our large gathering, my niece, fresh from college, offered to lend a hand. Together, we attempted to drain the fat from the pot by tilting it over the trash can. However, in a comical mishap, the hot pot grazed my arm, causing me to flinch and the lid to loosen. In an instant, those five pounds of perfectly browned beef tumbled into the trash can! We stared at our ruined dinner and then burst into laughter. We had just fifteen minutes until our guests arrived.

The conversation unfolded as follows:

Me: I guess I’ll have to make a quick run to Taco Bell for some tacos instead.

My Niece: NO!

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Me: What am I supposed to do now?

My Niece: Let’s dig it out of the trash! Duh!

Me: You’ve got to be kidding me!

My Niece: We just put a new trash bag in there before we dumped it! There’s nothing else in there! We’re definitely digging it out!

Me: Not a chance!

My Niece: Please!!! It’s my birthday, and you always said I could have anything I want for my birthday dinner. I want that taco salad! We won’t tell anyone. I promise!

Me: sigh

And so, like any resourceful cook, my niece and I retrieved the ground beef from the trash. I proceeded to assemble the Taco Salad for our hungry crowd – slicing the crisp iceberg lettuce, dicing the ripe tomatoes, chopping the tender avocados, shredding the sharp cheddar, and whisking up a delightful dressing. We garnished it with cilantro, olives, and sour cream, serving it alongside chips and salsa. With a smile on my face and a covert wink to my niece, I presented the salad to our guests. And none of them ever knew. Until now, that is…

Taco Salad for a Crowd

A Resounding Success

As expected, the Taco Salad was met with resounding enthusiasm. The famished crowd devoured every last morsel. Little did they know of our little mishap. Everyone left with full bellies and contented smiles. It’s a testament to the irresistible allure of this Taco Salad that even the prospect of retrieving it from the trash couldn’t dampen our spirits. Well, at least the two of us who were in on the secret can attest to that!

Taco Salad for a Crowd

So, if you were in my shoes, you might have seen this entire ordeal unfold live on my Snapchat! Make sure to add me (@TheSpicyApron) to catch my latest escapades in the kitchen. And don’t forget to share this tale with your friends on Facebook. We all have our kitchen disasters, and sometimes it’s nice to know we’re not alone!

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