TGI Jack Daniels Sauce – A Deliciously Sweet Whiskey Glaze

Formerly known as TGI Fridays Jack Daniel’s Sauce, the famous Whiskey Glaze may have been discontinued from commercial sales, but fret not! You can still enjoy it at the restaurant… and now even at home! Take a look!

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Is Jack Daniel’s Sauce the same as Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce?

No, they are two distinct sauces. While Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce is a tomato-based sauce with a delightful sweet and tangy profile, Jack Daniels Sauce, now known as TGI Fridays Whiskey Glaze, is the original sauce that made this line famous.

Infused with just the right amount of Jack Daniels bourbon, both sauces are cooked long enough for the alcohol to burn off, leaving behind a subtle whiskey flavor. Moreover, their delightful sweetness makes them appealing to a wide variety of diners.

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The Perfect Ingredients

Let’s take a look at the essential components that make up the TGI Fridays Whiskey Glaze:

  • Dark brown sugar – This ingredient not only adds sweetness but also acts as a natural thickener.
  • Pineapple juice – With its slight tartness and natural sweetness, pineapple juice brings a tropical note to the glaze.
  • Water – The right amount of water helps maintain the perfect consistency of the glaze.
  • Jack Daniel’s whiskey – As the star ingredient, it lends the subtle flavors of whiskey without the overpowering alcohol taste (which burns off during cooking).
  • Soy sauce – Adding a touch of umami, soy sauce enhances the overall flavor profile of the glaze.
  • Lemon juice – A hint of lemon juice adds a touch of brightness to the sauce.
  • Garlic powder – Instead of using minced garlic, opting for garlic powder ensures a smooth finish without any garlic bits.
  • Onion powder – Similar to the garlic powder, onion powder keeps the glaze free from any onion remnants and tears.
  • Cayenne pepper – For those who enjoy a bit of heat, cayenne pepper adds a peppery kick to the glaze.
  • Cornstarch – This ingredient not only thickens the glaze but also gives it a silky and shiny texture.
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How to Enjoy TGI Friday’s Whiskey Glaze

Here are some ways to savor the deliciousness of TGI Friday’s Whiskey Glaze:

  • Meats and seafood – Elevate your grilled or roasted beef, chicken, shrimp, or fish by brushing on this mouthwatering glaze.
  • Sandwiches – Take your sandwich game to the next level by spreading this glaze on deli meats such as turkey, roast beef, or chicken. You can also slather it on the bun before assembling your fried fish or grilled chicken sandwich.
  • Grilled foods – If you’re grilling up some hamburgers, hot dogs, or bratwurst, generously slather this sauce all over when you assemble your buns.
  • Dipping – If you prefer not to baste your proteins, use the glaze as a delectable side dipping sauce for both meat and seafood dishes.
  • Topping – Drizzle the glaze over tacos, pizza, nachos, or even chicken dip to add a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes.

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Whiskey Glaze Variations to Suit Your Taste

The TGI Fridays Whiskey Glaze serves as a perfect base to create your own unique flavors. Here are some suggestions to customize your glaze:

  • Smoked paprika – Add a touch of smoky undertones by incorporating a few dashes of smoked paprika.
  • Arrowroot – If you don’t have cornstarch on hand, substitute it with arrowroot in a 2:1 ratio. Arrowroot also freezes better than cornstarch, making it ideal for leftovers you plan to freeze.
  • Peppers – For some heat, peppers are an excellent choice. To ensure a smooth glaze, either puree the peppers before adding them or use an immersion blender after the cooking process.
  • Honey – If you prefer a sweeter rendition, drizzle a bit of honey into the recipe.
  • Seasonality – Make your sauce slightly seasonal by adding a touch of juice that imparts the flavors of the season. For example, apple cider in fall, cranberry in winter, peach in spring, or anything tropical in summer.
  • Soda – Some swear by adding soda to their sauce for added sweetness. Feel free to experiment!
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Storage and Freezing

To ensure maximum freshness, store the whiskey glaze in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It will remain delicious for about a week. Need it to last longer? Not a problem!

You can freeze the whiskey glaze sauce for up to 3 months in storage containers or freezer bags. For added convenience, consider using an ice cube tray. This way, you can easily portion out the amount you need whenever you desire.

More Homemade Sauce Recipes

If you’re craving even more homemade sauces, check out these recipes:

  • Sweet Thai Chili Sauce Recipe
  • Big Mac Sauce Recipe
  • Caramelized Onion Jam

Remember, when it comes to incredible flavor and versatility, TGI Friday’s Whiskey Glaze is the perfect choice for all your culinary adventures. Try it out and discover why it has become a beloved classic!

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