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vegetarian main dish for christmas potluck

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I'm so excited for you to visit, but before we get started, I wanted to let you know that this is a vegetarian main dish for a christmas potluck.
vegetarian main dish for christmas potluck

One of the coolest things about becoming a vegetarian many years ago was the discovery that instead of closing down a bunch of food possibilities, it actually opened up a whole new world. I’m not talking about Tofurkey and nutritional yeast – it’s more that suddenly, I wasn’t limited to the typical ham-centered Christmas dinner. I could go any direction I wanted! The possibilities!

In reality, whenever I prepare a big holiday feast, I usually do include a meat dish. Pesky carnivorous loved-ones. It’s still fun, though, to prep a few vegetarian recipes, then sit back and smile as the the meat-eaters swoon over the meatless dishes instead of their plain ol’ traditional ham.

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a completely vegetarian (or vegan!) Christmas dinner, here are four complete menu ideas for your marvelous meatless meal. But really, the possibilities are endless!

Traditional Vegetarian Christmas Menu

A Classic Christmas

With its traditional ties, this dinner menu will have one and all singing yuletide carols and roasting chestnuts on the open fire by evening’s end.

To start

Hot Buttered Rum and Cider [Joy the Baker] // Greet your winter-chilled guests with this festive spiced warmer. This (literally) intoxicating hybrid of two traditional drinks – mulled cider and hot buttered black-spiced rum – couldn’t be any more “Christmas” if it tried.

Warm Tomato Basil Dip [Savvy Eats] // With only four ingredients, this melty, cheesy dip is a cinch to assemble. Serve with crusty french bread to help soak up all that rum.

The main event

Butternut Squash & Mushroom Wellington [NY Times] // I imagine myself proudly presenting this platter to my guests with a simple “Wellington?” Said with a bad British accent, of course. But then – thankfully, I’m sure – I’d sit down, shut up, and devour.

Broccoli Cheddar Brown Rice Casserole [Oh My Veggies] // This healthier take on the popular holiday staple swaps processed ingredients like canned soup and cheese “product” for a decadent homemade cheese sauce. Requests for seconds pretty much guaranteed.

Warm Beet Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette [The Tomato Tart] // This simple salad is nothing short of stunning.

Fresh Herb Dinner Rolls [Cookie Monster Cooking] // Soft, pillowy, and packed with fresh herbs. It’s a merry Christmas indeed.

The grand finale

Maple Cream Pumpkin Pie with Buttery Gingersnap Crust [Spa Bettie] // This incredible twist on traditional pumpkin pie is the perfect finish to this seriously scrumptious holiday meal.

Vegan Christmas Menu

A Very Vegan Holiday

Sacrifice? Hardly. Starting with garlic-cream cranberry apps and wrapping up with creamy mocha hot cocoa, this super-special menu is completely vegan – and totally scrumptious.

Garlic Pistachio Cranberry Tarts [Spa Bettie] // These savory-sweet tarts feature a garlicky cream filling dotted with tangy cranberry sauce. The perfect holiday starter.

Vegan Eggnog [Girl Makes Food] // All the flavors and richness of traditional eggnog with none of the eggs or dairy.

The main event

Mushroom & Kale Lasagna with Rosemary Cashew Cream Sauce [Oh My Veggies] // Kale, mushrooms, and a creamy rosemary cashew sauce take lasagna to new levels.

Balsamic Brussels Sprouts and Red Grapes [Nutrition Stripped] // Roasted Brussels sprouts and grapes (red and green! Bonus!) coated in a rich balsamic sauce and sprinkled with fresh thyme. Goodness.

Lemon & Bay Roasted Fingerling Potatoes [Beard & Bonnet] // Sliced lemons and bay leaves make this satisfying starch extra special.

Herb & Cheese Drop Biscuits [Oh She Glows] // From the popular vegan blog comes these golden rolls made “buttery” and flaky with a secret ingredient. (Psst: it’s coconut oil!)

The grand finale

Apple Cranberry Maple Crisp [With Food + Love] // Gluten-free, vegan, and guaranteed to make the house smell divine.

Ultra Creamy Mocha Hot Cocoa [Oh She Glows] // Cap off a night of glorious dishes with this chocolatey-sweet coffee concoction.

Make-Ahead Vegetarian Christmas Menu

A Merry Make-Ahead Meal

I am all about keeping stress levels down when hosting a big holiday meal, and to that end, make-ahead meals are where it’s at! Thanks to the fridge, freezer, and slow cookers, these vegetarian dishes help you stay focused on family instead of fussing all day over food.

To start

Slow Cooker Hot Spiced Apple Cider [Kitchen Treaty] // Brew this aromatic cider ahead of time, and then just keep it warm right in the Crock Pot, where it’s ready to serve whenever you and your guests are ready to drink it.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Roasted Pecans [Savvy Eats] // These crunchy sweet spiced pecans are perfect for merry munchers.

The main event

Mama’s Stuffed Veggie Loaf [Making Thyme for Health] // This meatless main features a satisfying blend of black and red beans, lentils, quinoa, veggies, and cheese. And – bonus – it’s gluten-free, too! You can make it weeks (or months!) ahead of time and freeze, then just defrost in the fridge and microwave for a couple of minutes before serving. Easy!

Coconut Chili Whipped Sweet Potatoes [Potluck at Oh My Veggies] // Make this decadent, fluffy side a few hours ahead of time, then just keep it warm in the oven until it’s time to eat.

Ginger Pear Cranberry Sauce [Potluck at Oh My Veggies] // Cranberry sauce lends itself especially well to make-ahead preparation. It keeps in the refrigerator in an airtight container for several days, or you can make it weeks ahead of time and freeze it. This festive spin on homemade cranberry sauce features zingy ginger, sweet pear, and warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Green Bean Salad with Basil, Parmesan, Shallots, and Balsamic[Karen’s Kitchen Stories] // Assemble this vibrant salad ahead of time, then refrigerate until it’s time to serve. Plus, everybody loves green beans for Christmas!

No-Knead Make-Ahead Dinner Rolls – [Averie Cooks] // Made with a no-fuss, no-knead dough that keep in the fridge until you’re ready to make them, these homemade dinner rolls practically bake themselves.

The grand finale

Cranberry Christmas Cupcakes [Kailley’s Kitchen] // Ginger-infused cake topped with a tangy cream-cheese frosting and sparkly cranberries. Not only delicious, but gorgeous and festive, too.

Superfood Vegetarian Christmas Menu

‘Tis the Season for Superfoods

Give your guests an extra dose of holiday love in the form of superfoods! Nutrient-packed foods such as pomegranate, dark leafy greens, walnuts, and even dark chocolate make an appearance in this gorgeous spread.

To start

Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea Holiday Spritzer [Bldg 25 blog from Free People] // Cranberry, pomegranate, and green tea?! Three superfoods in one recipe – and it couldn’t be more perfect for Christmas if it tried.

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries [For the Love of Leaves] // Ahhh, justification. I love that dark chocolate has been found to be so good for you. This pretty appetizer will be plucked up by your guests before you know it.

The main event

Savory Pumpkin & Cheese Stuffed Shells [An Edible Mosaic] // We’re just about over pumpkin by now, but I can’t help but make an exception for this delicious main dish. Yum.

Supergreens Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms [Rhubarb and Honey] // Feta, pine nuts, and a variety of dark leafy baby greens stuffed into mushrooms. Yes please.

Brussels Sprouts & Apple Salad with Candied Walnuts [Diethood] // Brussels sprouts and apples are a match made in heaven – and perfect as a Christmas side.

The grand finale

Sweet Potato Pie with Maple Quinoa Crust [Nosh and Nourish] // Quinoa in pie crust?! I LOVE this idea. Really, I love everything about this pie.

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