weight loss smoothies with frozen fruit

Weight Loss Smoothies with Frozen Fruit is a blog post about healthy smoothies.

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Weight loss smoothies with frozen fruit

My Skinny Berry Smoothie Recipe is a healthy blend of just two ingredients to make a delicious, icy treat that you can feel good about, too. Plus it’s non-dairy and low carb!

Looking for your new favorite summer drink? This Skinny Berry Smoothie recipe is perfect for sipping poolside while munching on a big helping of Skinny Southwest Chicken Salad and dipping into our favorite Creamy Ranch and Vegetable Dip.

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A close up image of a skinny berry smoothie in a glass with a can of diet 7up and fresh berries in the background.

Skinny Berry Smoothie

My family loves smoothies – my kids would drink one everyday if I’d make it for them. I love them too, however, they can be really high in calories once you add juice and yogurt to the fruit.

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I thought I’d see if I could skinny it down a bit, and I did – two ingredients, that’s all that is in these Skinny Berry Smoothies! To be fair, I’ll take any excuse to use my amazing Ninja Blender. I seriously love this thing – it’s a total workhorse and whips up a smoothie in seconds flat!

This drink is sweet, fruity and a little bit thick and fizzy. Overall it’s absolutely delicious and at only about 36 calories for a rather large glass, it’s totally guilt free!

An overhead shot of two glass of berry smoothies topped with a black and white straw and fresh berries; there is a plate of fresh strawberries and blueberries in the background.

How to Make Skinny Berry Smoothies

Making a smoothie is about as simple as it gets. Throw a few ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth, pour in a glass and drink. Boom. Super simple. How about a few tips to get you started?

  1. Always use frozen fruit. I don’t like to add extra water to my smoothies, and that includes ice. If you have fresh fruit on hand, lay some out on a tray or even a paper plate in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. Voila! Frozen fruit! Plus you get the slushy smoothie texture without extra water that takes away the flavor.
  2. If you are averse to using an artificially sweetened diet soda, you could substitute coconut water or coconut milk, and add some honey. It will increase the calories but not enough to make this drink a no-go.
  3. Feel free to customize the flavors in this berry smoothie. Any fruit would be delicious, from pineapple to mango to strawberries to bananas.

But isn’t Diet soda bad for you?

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Most things you put into your bad are bad if you overdo it. Too much artificial sweetener is not good for you, however in moderation, like a small amount in this skinny berry smoothie, can be fine. If you are concerned about your intake of artificial sweetener though, you should consult your doctor first.

A hand reaches in to grab one of two glasses filled to the brim with a skinny berry smoothie mixture.

More delicious drinks to try:

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A hand reaching in to take a glass filled with a blended berry smoothie. Title text on the image for pinterest.

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