weight loss with green smoothies before and after

I am a weight loss coach. In this article I will share some tips on how to lose weight with green smoothies before and after.

My Green Smoothie Weightloss

I’m so proud of me!!!!!! The pictures on the end were taken in February of 2011 and the pic in the middle is 26lbs later! Wow, what a diff 26lbs makes huh?

Before My Newfound Green Smoothie Love

I said I wouldn’t blog anymore about my weight loss progress until I hit my intermediate goal because the last time I made good progress and blogged about it, I went to BVI for 2 months and fell off the wagon big time. Munchkin’s father eat’s a whole lot of pasta, bagels, bacon and hot dogs (in white rolls of course) and so it was only natural that I came home from my trip with energy levels on zero and a few extra pounds. He gets away with it because he works out hard and obviously has a higher metabolism. Me, not so much.

After I big chopped only one week after coming home, my lifestyle slowly began to change with not only my hair but my food choices going more and more natural. It was a nice surprise to hit the scale about a month ago and realize I had lost 5lbs, especially since all of this is mostly from clean eating as I exercise maybe once per week. I’m just truly not as committed to that part of it yet that I should be. #lazy

But they always tell you not to watch the numbers on the scale but how you look and feel in clothes. I received a package from Zion Rootswear after doing this post about them and I tell you I side-eyed the ish outta the baby-tee they had sent me. It’s been a while since I wore a baby tee. I gave up on them because wearing them with jeans always meant I would be sporting a muffin top. So imagine my surprise when I put it on Wednesday morning and looked like this:

I was ecstatic! These jeans I had put away as they had just gotten too tight but now my everyday jeans are too baggy so this has taken its place. I am on a high and it has certainly kicked me into high gear and I am now exercising more often. This week alone I went walk/jogging three times and I’m about to go do my Jillian Michaels DVD! My body is getting stronger too because last night when I went jogging I actually jogged much more than I usually do. I’m so proud of myself.

So what have I been doing to shed the pounds?

My Daily Diet Breakdown

Breakfast: Green Smoothie – spinach, mustard greens, celery, romaine lettuce, ground flax seeds and/or wheat germ, mango or banana and pine goes into my magic bullet cup and covered with water. All the above are kept in my freezer. As soon as I come home from the grocery, I clean and chop my veggies into small pieces, bag them and stick them into the freezer. It makes for a creamier smoothie plus of course keeps my veggies from withering before I get to use them. Mango is my favourite fruit for my green smoothies as the taste is overpowering so it doesn’t taste like grass and gives it that sweetness I crave.

Mid-morning snack: Almonds. Since I’ve started to include ground flax seeds and wheat germ into my green smoothie, they’ve been keeping me fuller much longer. However if I do get the munchies before it’s time to go for lunch, I carry a handful of almonds around with me. If I’m out of almonds then I run up to the fruit stand up the road from my office and grab an apple or a banana.

Lunch: I try to bring my lunch with me to work as much as possible and I cook pretty healthy meals at home. I only use coconut oil to cook with and my meals consist of lean meat or beans, veggies and ground provisions or brown rice. I try to limit the brown rice/ground provisions intake for dinner and instead carry them for lunch. My theory is that these carbs are the good kind, straight from the earth and I’m consuming them early enough in the day where I’ll definitely be burning them off before they get stored as fat. If I do order out for lunch I always get the baked/roast/bbq/rotisserie chicken with steamed veg or salad and ground provisions.

Dinner: I cook at least 5 days at home. The other 2 days are leftovers or if I’m just too tired then some kind of sandwich or oatmeal as we don’t really get takeout in my house. I try to cook extra chicken often so there’s always something in the fridge to make a sandwich with or throw into a salad. When I’m cooking as stated above its always meat, veg, brown rice or yams, green bananas and sweet potato and I have one or two pieces and fill my plates with carrots, green beans or whatever other veg I cooked.

If I get hungry after dinner then I reach for some of my favourite papaya/beet smoothie which is always in my fridge. Or I may grab another handful of nuts. On the weekends I rarely drink my green smoothies, opting instead for oatmeal shakes. 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats, half a frozen banana (frozen makes it creamy) some mango, papaya or mixed berries (whichever I have in my freezer at that moment) and a cup of skimmed milk. Oats are another power food so I make sure to get that in my diet often. I sometimes cook a small pot of spiced oatmeal with a banana mashed in for dinner if I’m feeling lazy. Luckily, munchkin loves her some oats.

This is not to say that I’ve been very strict with this. There have been nights out on the town that includes cocktails, and I did make a pumpkin cheesecake for fathers day! But the above is a template that does indeed happen every day. So yes, I am allowing myself to indulge in between the above meals but I have cleaned up my eating so much that my body has definitely taken notice and has been thanking me accordingly. I don’t want to feel as if I’m denying myself. This has to be something that I can stick with for life. And right now, I’m very happy with my diet and my body changes! I can see the weight loss in my face and you know that’s big!

I’ve even cut back big time on my juice intake. Unless it’s something coming out my blender (or of course I’m out on the town and there’s rum in there.) To me, juices and sodas just a waste of calories. I drink water. I keep my 28oz bottle on my desk and reach for it often. Drinks don’t full me up and so the extra calories I do not want. I need those extra calories for indulge day.

I’m 12 lbs away from hitting my intermediate goal of 150. It has been SO long since I said I weigh 150 anything! When that scale says 159 I’m gonna be doing the dutty wine so hard! It would be awesome to get to 150 this summer and I’m trying really hard to get there! Are you on a fitness journey too? How is it going? Any tips for a gal taking the slow and easy road to get there?

Get my favourite green smoothie recipe here.

How I lost weight with a Green Smoothie Diet (Plus clean eating)

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