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What can turtles eat from human food

The turtles in my pond have a diet of mostly insects and worms. They also eat some fish and small frogs, but they are not very big on eating plants.
What can turtles eat from human food

As turtle homeowners, we’re all the time searching for new sorts of meals to feed our pets. Naturally, as accountable turtle homeowners, we would like the very best for our pets. However, one query has all the time intrigued us essentially the most. What can turtles eat from human meals? Is it protected to feed them the identical meals we eat every day?

Don’t fear, I acquired you coated.

Reading: What can turtles eat from human food

On this article, I’ll inform you precisely what sorts of meals from your house you need to use to feed your turtles. As well as, we’ll get into the professionals and cons of these meals, and what advantages you’ll be able to anticipate from each.

However earlier than we try this, let’s first reply the query.

What can turtles eat from human meals? Turtles are omnivores which implies they’ll eat just about every little thing. In different phrases, they’ll eat many of the meals you’ve in your house. Meat, fish, greens, and fruits, are all sorts of human meals that your turtle will gladly settle for and eat.

Now, let’s see the entire checklist of meals your turtle can, and those who it’s best to keep away from feeding them.


Turtles love fish. It’s no shock, in any case. They share the identical habitat, they swim with fish, they usually eat the fish. Fish are their major supply of high quality protein within the wild. So, you probably have any fish in your house, your turtle will gladly settle for and eat it.

Consuming fish has quite a few benefits and advantages. They’re glorious sources of omega 3 fatty acids, they’re wealthy in calcium and phosphorus, and most significantly they’re glorious sources of minerals. As you’ll be able to see, feeding your turtle with fish can have a optimistic influence on its well being.

Nonetheless, one query all the time arises whenever you feed your turtles with fish. Are all sorts of fish protected and wholesome for the turtle to eat them? And the reply isn’t any.

It is best to all the time watch out with what sort of fish you’re feeding your turtle. Keep away from wild-caught fish at any price. They might carry unknown pathogens that may be dangerous to your turtle. As well as, keep away from fish which can be excessive in fat. Meals in excessive fat can result in vitamin E deficiency in turtles.

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Normally, one of many most secure fish to provide your turtles are bluegills, crappies, and bass.

Feeding your turtles with feeder fish may have damaging results. Typically, feeder fish aren’t high-quality meals, principally as a result of they’re excessive in fats.


Each individual that has stored turtles is aware of that they get pleasure from consuming meat. Giving your turtle threats on occasion is rarely a foul thought.

Meat is a superb supply of protein, which is an important nutrient, extremely essential within the first couple of years of your turtle life.

Although meat is nice for turtles, it may possibly trigger damaging results, as properly. The primary aspect impact of an excessive amount of protein is a situation known as pyramiding.

What’s pyramiding?

Pyramiding is a metabolic bone illness that causes increase keratin within the scutes. It’s attributable to an excessive amount of protein and never sufficient calcium within the turtle weight loss program.

There may be another excuse why you shouldn’t overfeed your turtle with meat. Normally, meat is excessive in fats, subsequently it could have an effect on your turtle general well being.


Giving fruits frequently to your turtles is an effective way to enhance their general well being and cut back the chance of illness.

Why are fruits so priceless to turtles?

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Not solely that they’re filled with nutritional vitamins and minerals, however they’re additionally excessive in fiber, as properly.

Embody fruits in your turtle weight loss program and bear in mind to all the time wash the fruits earlier than you give it to the turtle.


Greens ought to be a part of each turtle weight loss program.

Particularly for grownup turtles the place greens make a majority of their weight loss program. Turtles can eat nearly all of the greens folks often eat, nevertheless, keep away from giving them greens that don’t have dietary worth.

Human Meals to Keep away from

Not each sort of meals folks eat is essentially good meals for a turtle. In a matter of truth, not each meals that individuals eat is nice meals for the folks themselves. However, that’s a totally completely different topic. Let’s simply deal with the turtles.

Let’s see what’s dangerous for turtles and why it’s best to keep away from feeding them.

Dairy Merchandise

It is best to keep away from feeding your turtle with dairy or milk merchandise. Turtles lack sure enzymes to interrupt down these vitamins and feeding with these might trigger extreme indigestion.


Candies and all other forms of sweets are dangerous on your turtle well being. By no means feed your turtles with a lot of these meals.


Bread just isn’t a wholesome meals on your turtle. If you’re to be taught extra about this subject try this text: Can turtles eat bread?

Ultimate Ideas

Your pet turtle deserves the very best meals. And I’m assured that you’ll present it. As a way to develop into wholesome people, turtles must have a various weight loss program. You can provide them meals out of your family on some events, or when you find yourself out of turtle meals.

Nonetheless, don’t overdo it. Keep on with sure sorts of meals which can be wholesome and useful on your turtle, and observe that schedule.

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