what ingredients to make a no carb dessert

What ingredients are needed to make a no carb dessert?

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What ingredients to make a no carb dessert

Guess what? You don’t have to avoid dessert just because you are on a keto diet! We finally made a complete list of keto dessert recipes that won’t ruin your keto diet. These 42 keto desserts are perfect if you are looking to reduce the carbs that come with your late-night dessert cravings.

42 of the best keto desserts

From easy keto mug cake, fat bombs, to cheesecakes, and luscious sugar-free chocolate mousse, you can find a super easy keto dessert for any taste.

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All these keto desserts are easy to make, delicious, and approved by our family and friends.

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When it comes to making desserts without sugar, there are plenty of options that will undoubtedly make you love keto recipes.

Can you have desserts on a keto diet?

Absolutely! You actually can eat brownies, ice cream, and so much more good stuff when you go keto. Even better, you don’t have to slave over the stove for hours to create these sweets. There are so many sugar-free and low carb desserts that taste amazing and keep the carb count low!

Watch how to make some of the most delicious keto desserts:

What are the Best Sweeteners to Use?

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To reduce the sugar in these low carb desserts, I usually replace the white sugar with:

  • Erythritol – It’s a sugar alcohol so it passes right through the body. It’s also natural, affordable, versatile, and has about 70% the sweetness of sugar. It’s the most tolerated sugar alchool and most people don’t experience any side effect, but it’s best to not to consume keto treats in large quantities.
  • Monk Fruit – Monk fruit sweetener can be used anywhere you would use regular sugar. It can be found in different forms such as granular or confectioners and it has zero carbs or calories.
  • Stevia – Stevia is available in both liquid and powdered form and can be used to sweeten everything from drinks to desserts. However, because it’s much sweeter than regular sugar, recipes require less stevia to achieve the same flavor.
  • Allulose – one of my favorite keto sweetener for desserts that resembles the most to sugar. It’s the best sweetener on the market to replace white table sugar.
  • Yacon Syrup – This natural sweetness is due to yacon’s higher levels of fructose. In the food supply, yacon can be consumed in a number of forms including whole, dried, ground into powder or flour, and as yacon syrup.
  • Sucralose – Sucralose, which you may know as Splenda, is an artificial sweetener that passes right through your body without getting digested, which means it doesn’t provide any carbohydrates or calories.

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Low Carb Flours Substitutes for the Best Keto Desserts

By replacing sugar and more traditional flours in baking, you can uncover several low-carb flours and flour substitutes that reduce your carb intake, but still taste great.

  • Almond Flour – This option is one of the best keto alternatives to regular flour. It’s grain-free, low-carb, and widely available. Almond Flour is available in most grocery stores and relatively simple to use when replacing high-carb flours.
  • Coconut Flour – Coconut flour has low-fat content and high fiber content and is the second most popular flour to use in baked goods as it is also nut-free. I love that it is inexpensive and you need only a small amount, which greatly reduces carb count when baking keto goodies.
  • Ground Flax Meal – Flax meal is high in fiber and Omega 3, and has a subtle nutty taste. Ground flax meal will gel when mixed with water or other liquid ingredients.
  • Psyllium Husk – Psyllium husk is all fiber and is used as a colon cleanser. In baking, it can add volume and thickener to help the recipes bind together. This leaves a recipe with a great crumb-like texture.

Best Keto Dessert Recipes


The full recipe is in the recipe card below. Readers that love this aslo made these recipes:

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