What is the best chicken food

The best chicken food is a fried or baked chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.
What is the best chicken food

Relating to feeding your flock, simply as feeding your self, it’s essential to know good high quality meals from poor high quality meals. Realizing your rooster feed is essential.

Moreover, it’s simply as or much more essential to know HOW to feed them.

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Though the elements utilized in totally different feed varieties are comparable, the proportions range relying on the actual age and use class of chickens being fed.

Every bag of feed is labeled with its particular use. So earlier than choosing the highest decisions for rooster feed, let’s begin by explaining the required kinds of meals applicable for the totally different ages of chickens we preserve:

Chicken Feed Brands

Starter Feed

Day-old chicks by 18 weeks outdated require starter feed, aka starter crumbles, containing 20-24% protein.

Starter feed incorporates the best proportion of any industrial feed kind protein, applicable for the quantity of progress the typical chick does in its first few weeks of life.

You should buy starter feed for chicks in each medicated and un-medicated varieties.

Your choice regarding buying medicated vs. un-medicated would possibly hinge on the vaccinations if any, your chicks obtained earlier than you purchased or hatched them.

top 7 chicken feeds

Pullet Grower Feed

As soon as the chicks hit six weeks of age, feed them pullet rooster growers till about 20 weeks. The dietary necessities for a rooster between 6 to twenty weeks outdated are totally different than each a child chick and a laying hen.

Primarily, grower feed incorporates a protein content material between 16-18% however has much less calcium than common layer feed.

When you feed high-calcium diets to rising chickens, kidney injury may end up, so it’s greatest to feed these adolescents meals with steadiness of excessive protein and a median quantity of calcium.

Layer Feed

As soon as your chickens begin laying eggs (round 20 weeks of age), it’s best to change them to a layer feed. Layer feed is often accessible in a mash, crumbles, and pellet types, all of which describe the feed’s dimension.

Mash is the smallest, and pellets, the most important. Layer feed usually incorporates 16-18% protein and has added calcium, vital for robust bones and creating wholesome eggshells.

Whereas layer feed incorporates an honest quantity of calcium, a further calcium supply akin to crushed oyster shells could also be made accessible to laying hens in a separate dish that’s accessible however not part of common feed.

Chicken Feed Brands

Feed Dietary supplements

Along with an honest normal feed, there’s some common ‘add ons’ that make good sense for a yard flock:


Rooster scratch is a typical time period for random blended grains, akin to corn and wheat. It serves as an inexpensive approach to complement your hens’ food regimen by offering grain and offering them with added incentive to scratch.

It’s essential to appreciate that you shouldn’t use scratch in nice quantities; an excessive amount of grain supplementation can throw their food regimen off steadiness and have an effect on egg manufacturing.

The rule of thumb is with scratch, restrict it to 10 p.c of your yard chickens’ food regimen.


One other addition that makes for an entire feeding for some yard chickens is grit. The time period grit describes arduous supplies akin to sand, dust, or small stones that help digestion.

Whereas starter feed and layer crumbles and pellets want no assist being digested, treats, grains, and different fibrous meals require grit to assist digest them.

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Since chickens haven’t any enamel, fibrous meals are floor with grit within the gizzard (a muscle within the digestive tract).

Chickens foraging exterior will naturally decide up bits of grit from the bottom. Those that don’t forage exterior should have grit in a dish other than their feed.

Oyster Shell

The eggshell for every egg that your hen lays is about 95% calcium carbonate by dry weight. Once they’re inactive lay, they use 4 occasions as a lot calcium as a non-laying hen.

If a laying hen doesn’t obtain sufficient calcium in its each day meals, its physique begins taking it from its bones. This may then result in weak and brittle-boned chickens.

The addition of oyster shells to a hen’s food regimen can defend in opposition to this.

If provided as a separate entity subsequent to their each day meals, a hen will naturally eat the oyster shell in portions her physique would possibly must make up the distinction in calcium she requires.

Necessary notice: Solely hens who’re laying eggs must be given extra calcium of their food regimen; an excessive amount of calcium in a hen’s food regimen can result in kidney injury.


Steady entry to scrub, recent water in your yard hens is a should. When a rooster turns into dehydrated, diminished egg manufacturing is without doubt one of the first issues that occurs.

Layers vs. Broilers

One other factor to say right here is that meals for chickens raised for meat ought to have a better protein proportion than that for layers to facilitate fast progress for earlier butchering. This meals is known as Broiler Rations.

These high-protein feeds are for meat birds, notably Cornish X Rock crosses that develop extraordinarily quick. Broiler rations are sometimes 18 to twentypercentprotein.

That is additionally generally known as a “grower-finisher” feed. For heritage and pastured meat birds, protein content material may be lowered to 16 p.c after 12 weeks of age till butchering.

Some could select to maintain the heritage meat birds on the upper grower-finisher rations till slaughter.

Chicken Feed Brands

Listing of High Rooster Feed

Relating to a “Top 10” listing, the rating standards decide who’s on the high and who’s on the backside of the listing.

Animal feeds, together with rooster meals, don’t get ranked by the shoppers themselves. We have a look at the vitamin data of various manufacturers/kinds of feed particular to the age of our chickens.

Then we examine them to the usual for every age and determine the value we’re prepared to pay.

Our high rooster feed listing, particularly tailor-made to the wants of our personal flock, will end result.

To that finish, I’ve included what is basically thought of essentially the most useful software for evaluating manufacturers and kinds of rooster feed, the familycuisine.web interactive comparability chart.

It’s a simple, organized approach to analysis and pinpoint the precise make-up of the meals you want to feed your flock.

Here’s a shortlist of ranked manufacturers based on dietary data and value for these of us with little time digging into web site instruments and interactive lists.

The commonly acknowledged high 5 BRANDS of meals in the marketplace are hottest amongst shoppers, preserve a constantly excessive normal of vitamin no matter age-range formulation, and are reasonably priced.

Remember the fact that sure retailer manufacturers could also be simply as nicely made. As an illustration, Tractor Provide Firm sells its personal DUMOR model.

It’s essentially the most sensible meals alternative for some yard rooster farmers as a result of it’s native, covers all of the dietary bases, and cheaper than mail order. That mentioned, listed here are some high manufacturers that come most extremely advisable:

1. Scratch and Peck Feeds

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Scratch and Peck Meals additionally ranks extremely as a model that sells meals for all three ages; starter, grower, and layer. This feed has wheat, barley, peas, sesame meal, plus nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements.

It’s corn and soy-free, non-GMO, natural, and in addition incorporates floor limestone and oyster shell. Scratch and Peck feed have additionally been continuously mentioned to be a favourite shopper (of the hen selection) favourite!

2. Manna Professional

Manna Professional ranks extremely as a result of it sells chick, grower, and layer feeds, and a big number of specialty meals.

Meals akin to “Omega Egg Maker Supplement,” 16% pellets or crumbles with probiotics, meat chook starter with 22% protein, grit with probiotics, oyster shell, vitamin dietary supplements, and even an “All Flock” mix.

This mix is for several types of poultry and a “Golden Girls” senior hen meals.

Manna Professional has specialty meals for any situation, and it’s straightforward to search out in Walmart, Tractor Provide Firm, familycuisine.web, and Amazon.

The next feeds don’t supply all three progress phases, however the varieties they do provide are very nicely regarded.

3. Hiland Naturals

Hiland Naturals has feed appropriate for all three ages: starters, growers, and layers, however the Non-GMO Rooster Layer feed particularly charges very extremely on high feed lists.

Their elements embrace soybeans, corn, soybean meal, and numerous nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements.

It’s herbicide and pesticide-free, non-medicated, excessive in protein, and excessive in calcium, so dietary supplements usually are not wanted with this system. It additionally ranks very extremely due to its very aggressive pricing.

4. Prairie’s Selection Non-GMO Yard Rooster Feed

Prairie’s Selection presently sells grower system and layer system. Their area of interest makes a speciality of non-chemically processed meals, usually considered a more healthy choice, and non-GMO floor corn.

Additionally balanced of their feeds are protein, fats, fiber, calcium, phosphorus and salt, nutritional vitamins A, D-3, E, B12, and extra.

This feed is a superb alternative for separate ages of layers and growers. Prairie’s is unquestionably specialised sufficient. It lets you restrict feeding to the age of rooster it was meant for.

5. Kalmbach Feeds

One other model that provides solely grower and layer feed, Kalmbach, is exclusive in its dedication to offering vitamin that incorporates excessive calcium, amino acids, and Omega-3.

It ends in hens laying eggs with robust shells and a excessive Omega 3 fatty acid content material.

Because of this, it’s extremely regarded for layers.

6) Brown’s Layer Booster Rooster Feed

Brown’s Layer Booster is exclusive in that its feed makes use of solely pure plant protein. Their grower/layer meals incorporates no animal proteins or fat and provides nutritional vitamins and minerals in proportions designed for dense outer shells.

Due to the quantity of protein and calcium on this meals, it isn’t advisable for chickens below 18 weeks.

Their feed price isn’t essentially the most aggressive out there, however if you happen to’re on the lookout for meals freed from animal protein, this can be a sensible choice.

7. Kaytee Rooster Starter Grower Crumble

Kaytee Starter Weight loss program is a totally vegetarian food regimen for newly hatched and rising chicks.

This straightforward and comparatively cheap starter crumbles excessive in protein for rising chickens with added nutritional vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

Closing Ideas

All in all, selecting a feed in your flock is a really private alternative, generated by parameters akin to flock age, flock kind, value, and choice relating to the standing of GMO, natural, and vegetarian kind feeds.

Use this information as a software to start out the seek for a food regimen that fits your individual flock’s greatest dietary wants. Trial and error is perhaps vital to search out the precise match for you.

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Top 7 Chicken Feed Brands

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