What is the best fast food fish sandwich

The best fast food fish sandwich is the most popular type of sandwich and has been around for decades. It consists of a breaded, fried fish fillet on buttered white bread. The sandwich is often served with tartar sauce or cocktail
What is the best fast food fish sandwich

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The pale, sesame-seed encrusted bun is gentle and clammy — seafood pun unintended, however welcomed nonetheless. In a phrase, the gist of this sandwich is … gummy. The feel (or “mouth feel,” a meals writing time period that brings an on the spot grimace) is chewy and dense in each bun and fish. The fillet is comically giant and tragically sodden. The tartar sauce is undetectable. If there have been any taste to start with, I’m uncertain I might determine it amidst the dense breading and denser bread.

It lacks any style or pleasure. The chain ought to keep on with its tried-and-true turf, as a result of its surf is stagnant.

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