what stove do you make yogurt dumplings in dessert shop

You could make them in a pot, but you will need to use a lot of water. You can also make them in the microwave or the oven.

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What stove do you make yogurt dumplings in dessert shop

These Middle Eastern homemade meat-stuffed dumplings are to die for! They are the ultimate comfort food and every minute that goes into making these are well worth it. Shish Barak can be considered the ravioli of Arabic cuisine; they look just like them except the stuffing must be minced meat and the sauce it is cooked in is yogurt-based to be considered traditional. Often, ground beef or lamb or even a mixture is used to make this hearty meal.

Making the filling and the dough is the easiest part. It is the tedious repetition of making the dumplings by hand. First, you have to lay the dough flat and then cut into equal circles then stuff then shape. Repeat. So, yes making these are time-consuming but they are great to make with friends or family as an activity that you get to enjoy later. They are so worth it too!

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These also freeze really well. You can go ahead and make two batches of the dough and freeze 1-2 batches depending on the size of your family. This way, you have a quick meal to go back to stashed right in the freezer which is also perfect for Ramadan.

Why I make Shish Barak:

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My grandmother is the one who showed me many years ago how to make this or what shish barak even was. My mom never really made it growing up but after my grandmother introduced my siblings and me to it; we were hooked. My mom had no choice but to make it for us after my grandmother traveled back to Palestine. Let’s just say my mom made them once every 5 years if that!

Now, more than ever with being home and craving comfort and nostalgia; I had to make this dish myself from A-Z. I wanted to document it and share it with the many others I know want to learn this dish but can’t find the resources to do so. So, here it is; the best recipe for traditional shish barak. I hope you enjoy!

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