whats a good dessert to make with frozen peaches?

Frozen peaches are a delicious summertime treat that can be used in many different desserts. One of the best ways to use them is in a peach cobbler.

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Whats a good dessert to make with frozen peaches?

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This frozen peach cobbler is sweet and simple and easy to throw together. You use frozen peaches right from the freezer so you always have time to make this beauty. Inspired by Joanne Fluke’s book Peach Cobbler Murder.

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a bowl full of frozen peach cobbler with ice cream

I will happily eat fruit-based dessert all year long.

While there is nothing more delicious than a fresh summer peach I can’t go months without one of my favorite desserts – peach cobbler.

This frozen peach cobbler recipe gives you all the flavor of summer but uses simple store-bought frozen sliced peaches. It’s the perfect compromise!

You don’t even need to thaw the peaches! That’s how easy this recipe is to make!

It’s sweet, perfectly spiced, and pairs perfectly with ice cream or whipped cream.

The thing I love most about this recipe is that I can make it all year round!

frozen peach cobbler in the baking dish with a wooden spoon

What is a peach cobbler?

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Peach cobbler is a dessert dish that is made with peaches (but can also be made with several other different fruits) and topped with a batter or biscuit-like dough before cooking.

After it has cooked the topping is soft like a cake or biscuit and pairs perfectly with the warm soft fruit.

In the south, fruit cobblers are very popular and they are often eaten warm or room temperature with ice cream or whipped cream.

Do I need to thaw my peaches?


This recipe is made to use your peaches fresh from the freezer.

This is what makes the recipe so easy to make. No need to defrost.

Or if you’re like me, no need to REMEMBER to defrost.

a white bowl filled with frozen peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream

Can I substitute other frozen fruit?


The recipe should remain pretty much the same.

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Anytime you’re changing a tested recipe you’ll want to keep an eye on the cooking time to make sure your fruit won’t need a little extra time to cook.

Great substitution would be blueberries, strawberries, mango, or even a fun tropical blend.

close up of cooked peaches for frozen peach cobbler recipe

Can I use fresh peaches in this recipe?

If you’re using fresh peaches no changes need to be made.

Simply follow the directions as written except you’ll be using your fresh sliced peaches.

You can feel free to peel your peaches if desired but I have made many cobblers and crisps by leaving the peach skin on. I happen to like it a lot and it cuts down on prep time.

Check out my ginger peach crisp to see a delicious peach dessert that I opted to leave the skin on.

How do I store fresh peach cobbler?

You can keep peach cobbler covered, in the refrigerator, for 4-5 days.

While I personally think peach cobbler tastes great cold you can also opt to warm it up in the microwave oven for about 30 seconds.

frozen peach cobbler scooped out into a bowl

Love this frozen peach cobbler?

Why not try a few of my other sweet and savory peach recipes!

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