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When do kittens start eating food

When do kittens start eating food? Well, it depends on the kitten. Some kittens will eat from their mother's milk as soon as they are born. Other kittens may not start eating solid foods until they're about a week old and still
When do kittens start eating food

You’ve gotten introduced a litter of kittens into the world, both accidentally or on function, and also you are actually accountable for their wellbeing.

You additionally want to make sure that your enter over the subsequent few weeks ends in kittens that may make good pets for his or her future house owners. To be good pets they have to be each wholesome and have the flexibility to get pleasure from residing with folks.

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The typical start weight for many cats is roughly 100 grammes, nevertheless, it’s regular for some pedigree cats to have considerably smaller or bigger kittens, relying on the breed. Wholesome kittens ought to double their start weight within the first two weeks, then proceed to achieve weight steadily. It’s useful to weigh your kittens to see whether or not they’re thriving and rising as they need to.

These are a number of the bodily adjustments that happen throughout the first few weeks of life:

0-2 weeks

Kittens’ responses are restricted and revolve round temperature, contact and odor within the first two weeks of life. The flexibility to really feel ache is current at start. They’re comparatively motionless however can use a gradual paddling motion to journey very brief distances. Throughout this time and as much as three weeks, the kittens are completely depending on the mom’s milk for vitamin and nursing is initiated completely by the mom. Eyes will open at any time between two and 16 days however often between seven and 10 days. Enamel begin to erupt at about two weeks of age.

3-4 weeks

Imaginative and prescient begins to play a task in guiding the kitten in direction of its mom at three to 4 weeks previous. Rudimentary strolling seems throughout the third week and by 4 weeks of age, kittens can transfer an affordable distance away from the nest. The body-righting response is absolutely developed by 4 weeks. The flexibility to proper the physique in mid-air whereas falling begins to look throughout the fourth week and is absolutely developed by the age of six weeks. Underneath free-living situations, moms begin to convey reside prey to their kittens from 4 weeks after start onwards so that is additionally the time at which kittens usually begin to eat stable meals and subsequently marks the onset of the weaning interval.

5-6 weeks

By the fifth week, kittens present temporary episodes of operating and should even begin to kill mice. As weaning progresses, the kittens grow to be more and more accountable for initiating bouts of nursing. By this time voluntary elimination has developed, and kittens are now not depending on their mom to lick their bottoms to stimulate urination.

7-8 weeks

Kittens have begun to point out adult-like responses to odor and visible threats from different cats. Weaning is essentially accomplished by seven weeks after start. By this time a kitten’s means to manage its personal physique temperature is similar as adults.

9 weeks and onwards

Complicated motor talents, similar to strolling alongside a slender fence or turning on it could not develop absolutely till 10 to 11 weeks after start. Imaginative and prescient continues to enhance till 12 to 16 weeks.


Regular kittens ought to eat or sleep for 90% of the time for the primary two weeks of their lives. Nicely-fed kittens have plump abdomens and seem content material. In the event that they cry excessively, are stressed or very inactive, or have lean abdomens then they’re often hungry or in poor health. New child kittens get their complete dietary wants (together with water) from their mom’s milk. The primary milk is called colostrum. It’s produced for the primary two days after start. It comprises all kittens’ dietary necessities along with antibodies from the mom to assist present immunity from frequent illnesses till the kitten’s personal immunity develops. Queens produce roughly 125ml of milk per day. Supplemental feeding is really useful when the milk provide is insufficient. Nevertheless, when the kittens have been orphaned or the queen is unable to feed them they are going to want whole substitute feeding – see our data readily available rearing kittens.

Weaning your kittens

Weaning (the transition to stable meals) ought to start at round three to 4 weeks of age. This may be irritating for the mom if performed immediately or too early, and will also be irritating for the kitten because it begins to eat new meals, discover its environment and begins to spend time aside from its mom and itslittermatess. A gradual regular weaning will result in more healthy kittens.

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Common feeding instances are really useful and are significantly helpful as they allow you to see which kittens are consuming nicely, and which can want additional encouragement. Stable meals could be launched from round three to 4 weeks of age – particular kitten meals (moist or dry meals) is at all times really useful as these have been particularly designed to satisfy the particular dietary calls for of a younger rising kitten. If utilizing dry meals, though the kitten kibble could be very small, it could be smart to moisten this with some water (or kitten milk) earlier than providing it to the kittens to start with.

Meals must be supplied on a really shallow saucer or plate in order that the kittens can entry it simply, and the kittens could be inspired to eat by providing meals in your finger or the tip of a small spoon. Initially, solely a really small quantity must be given. The kittens may even tread on the meals within the saucer so it must be modified often. Over just some weeks, the kittens will step by step eat extra of the kitten meals and take much less and fewer milk from the queen.

Pet food and human child meals ought to by no means be fed to cats since they’re poor in quite a few important vitamins, and could be harmful (and in some circumstances – similar to the place onion powder is included – even poisonous to cats). Even correct grownup cat meals is insufficient for the dietary calls for of a rising kitten so solely good high quality kitten meals must be supplied and there’s no must complement this with any human meals or different components.

The kittens’ development must be monitored and wholesome kittens ought to proceed to achieve weight steadily. Most kittens are utterly weaned by six to eight weeks of age and must be fed in accordance with their wants following the suggestions of the meals producer as a information. Most kittens can truly be fed ‘ad libitum’, as extreme calorie consumption is never an issue in kittens. Most kittens fed advert lib will eat each few hours, and small frequent meals are most popular. For a newly weaned kitten, if advert lib feeding just isn’t used they need to ideally be fed not less than 4 instances a day.

Whereas kittens could be supplied milk substitute or business cat milks as a part of the weaning course of, this isn’t crucial, as they are going to get all of the vitamin they want from the queen and the kitten meals. If the queen can not produce enough milk for the kittens then supplementation with particular milk replacer could also be required and makes an attempt could be made to wean the kittens barely earlier.

Litter field coaching

A low-sided litter field (tray) must be offered from about three weeks after the kittens are born. It’s initially safer to make use of sand-, wood- or paper-based kinds of cat litter, somewhat than bentonite (clay) litter, as some kittens will attempt to eat the litter. Silica gel litter shouldn’t be used for kittens beneath eight weeks of age.

Many kittens be taught litter field coaching just by watching their mom. Nevertheless, if they don’t, then stand the kitten within the tray (the very best time is after sleeping or consuming) and use one in every of its forepaws to scratch on the litter. Then therapeutic massage the kitten’s ano-genital space with a ‘wet wipe’ or damp ball of cotton wool. This often trains the kitten to carry out as required. Leaving a small quantity of dirty litter within the tray can act as a helpful scent reminder.

Se our data on how to decide on and use a litter tray

Worming and flea therapy

Since intestinal parasites (eg, roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms) are frequent in kittens, all kittens must be handled with medication to kill these parasites from three to 6 weeks of age.

See our data on worming your cat


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The protecting impact of maternal antibodies lasts for quite a few weeks, typically six to eight weeks after start. The kittens’ vaccination programme ought to subsequently begin from roughly 9 weeks of age, though the precise timing and content material of the vaccinations could be tailor-made to the wants of the actual surroundings, as decided by your veterinary surgeon. If you don’t vaccinate the kittens earlier than they go to new houses you have to to advise the brand new house owners what’s required.

See our data on vaccinating your cat or kitten


Cats not meant for breeding must be neutered earlier than puberty (at round 4 months previous). There are not any well being, behavioural or different benefits to delaying neutering till after puberty (see our data on neutering your cat). Additionally, the mom cat just isn’t neutered she will rapidly grow to be pregnant once more, so except you plan to breed from her once more, discuss to your vet about neutering right here as quickly because the kittens are weaned

Recognition and therapy of sickness in kittens

If kittens cry excessively, or fail to suck, they’re often hungry or in poor health. Widespread indicators of sickness embrace the kittens being chilly (hypothermic), torpid (weak), or regurgitating milk. Sick kittens reply poorly to their surroundings, they typically lay separated from the opposite kittens, and are sometimes ignored by their mom. They sometimes have both very empty abdomens from lack of meals or very swollen abdomens from swallowing air. Since kittens can die in a short time, they (and their mom, if nonetheless current) must be examined by a veterinary surgeon as quickly as attainable to make sure that nothing severe goes unsuitable.

The most typical well being issues seen in younger kittens are most likely hypothermia (getting too chilly), hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), dehydration, diarrhoea and constipation. New child kittens could die immediately, or current as ‘poor doers’ and ‘fade’ inside a number of days. Sadly, the scientific indicators of many kitten illnesses are very comparable and obscure.

Congenital abnormalities

Apparent bodily defects could also be seen in 10 to twenty per cent of useless new child kittens. Congenital problems are current from start, and may have an effect on any physique system. A standard abnormality is a cleft palate though extreme defects often end in stillbirth or early demise. Nevertheless, milder problems could end in fading kittens, or solely grow to be obvious later in life.

An infection

There are particular viruses that may trigger kittens to grow to be in poor health. In all probability the commonest are the cat flu viruses, feline calicivirus [FCV] and feline herpesvirus [FHV-1]. Whereas in wholesome kittens an infection could also be gentle and brief lived, weak kittens could develop extra extreme scientific indicators or secondary bacterial infections. Therapy of viral illness in kittens is commonly very tough so your veterinary surgeon must be consulted instantly your kittens present any indicators of sickness.

Insurance coverage

You possibly can rehome your kittens with 5 to six weeks free insurance coverage which can give the brand new house owners some peace of thoughts ought to something occur.

See our information to cat insurance coverage

There are the primary well being issues when citing a litter of kittens – how nicely the kittens work together with folks in a human surroundings is essential and the duty for the way the kitten approaches folks for the remainder of its life as a cat can relaxation on the way you convey it up within the first 7 to eight weeks of life. Click on right here for extra data on behavioural issues in citing a litter of kittens.

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