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Whole Food Vitamins: Ascorbic Acid Is Not Vitamin C

What is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that helps with the body's immune system, supports collagen formation, and helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Entire Meals Nutritional vitamins: Ascorbic Acid Is Not Vitamin C

– by Timothy O’Shea, medical researcher

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With out additional ado, right here’s the kernel: ascorbic acid isn’t vitamin C. Alpha tocopherol isn’t vitamin E. Retinoic acid isn’t vitamin A. And so forth via the opposite nutritional vitamins. Huge sums of cash have been expended to make these myths a part of Standard Knowledge. When you have a number of faculty levels and all that is information to you, don’t really feel unhealthy. Until you assume your schooling ended at Graduation. Which is usually true.

Wheels Inside Wheels

Nutritional vitamins should not particular person molecular compounds. Nutritional vitamins are organic complexes. They’re multi-step biochemical interactions whose motion depends upon plenty of variables throughout the organic terrain. Vitamin exercise solely takes place when all circumstances are met inside that atmosphere, and when all co-factors and parts of the whole vitamin advanced are current and dealing collectively. Vitamin exercise is much more than the sum of all these elements; it additionally includes timing.

Nutritional vitamins can’t be remoted from their complexes and nonetheless carry out their particular life features throughout the cells. When remoted into synthetic business varieties, like ascorbic acid, these purified synthetics act as medicine within the physique. They’re now not nutritional vitamins, and to name them such is inaccurate.

A vitamin is “a working process consisting of the nutrient, enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, and trace minerals activators.” – Royal Lee “What Is a Vitamin?” Utilized Trophology, Aug 1956

Forgotten Trailblazer

Dr. Royal Lee was the pioneer researcher within the area of complete meals nutritional vitamins. For many years he documented the essential information summarized on this chapter. His work has by no means been scientifically refuted. Anybody who significantly undertakes the research of nutritional vitamins as we speak corroborates Lee’s work. His story is an interesting research in itself, a research of indomitable perseverance within the pursuit of true rules. Jensen tells us that Royal Lee’s work is not going to be appreciated till the subsequent century.

Hasn’t occurred but.

Lee felt the total weight of organized medicine/medication bearing down on him. Studying like one thing out of Schindler’s Checklist, we study that the FDA not solely persecuted Lee for difficult the economics of artificial nutritional vitamins, produced by big drug corporations, however that he was really ordered by a courtroom to burn all his analysis of the previous 20 years! Burn his analysis! When has that ever occurred on this nation? They didn’t even do this to Larry Flynt.

Going off on a tangent, ever puzzled how the FDA attained its current place as assault canine for the drug corporations and meals producers? It’s one other complete story in itself. The precursor of the FDA was the Bureau of Chemistry. Up till 1912 the Bureau of Chemistry was headed up by a person named Dr. Harvey W. Wiley. Right here’s a quote from Dr. Wiley that illustrates the place his pursuits lay:

“No food product in our country would have any trace of benzoic acid, sulfurous acid or sulfites or any alum or saccharin, save for medical purposes. No soft drink would contain caffeine or theobromine. No bleached flour would enter interstate commerce. Our foods and drugs would be wholly without any form of adulteration and misbranding. The health of our people would be vastly improved and the life greatly extended. The manufacturers of our food supply, and especially the millers, would devote their energies to improving the public health and promoting happiness in every home by the production of whole ground, unbolted cereal flours and meals.”

– The Historical past of a Crime Towards the Pure Meals Legislation,1912

Now clearly we are able to’t have a harmful lunatic like this in control of the general public vitamin, can we? Dr. Wiley really filed go well with towards the Coca-Cola firm in an try and maintain their synthetic product out of interstate commerce, and off the market. Happily, Wiley was ultimately changed by a saner particular person, extra attuned to the true dietary wants of the American individuals, as decided by the consultants who knew what was greatest for us: the meals producers. This was Dr. Elmer Nelson, and in his phrases we get an concept of the change in philosophy that marked the transformation of the Bureau of Chemistry into the FDA: “It is wholly unscientific to state that a well-fed body is more able to resist disease than a poorly-fed body. My overall opinion is that there hasn’t been enough experimentation to prove that dietary deficiencies make one susceptible to disease.” – Elmer Nelson MD, Washington Publish 26 Oct 49

Bernard Jensen illustrates how the tobacco trade and the meals giants like Coke had been not directly behind the authorized persecution of Royal Lee. Cigarette adverts within the 40s and 50s confirmed medical medical doctors selling the digestive advantages of smoking Camels. Or the promoting of Coke and different refined sugar meals stating that “science has shown how sugar can help keep your appetite and weight under control.” (Empty Harvest)

Throughout this similar interval, Royal Lee was saved in courts for years, combating to maintain the correct to promote his vitamin merchandise, as a result of he was a menace to the meals producers. Lee knew they had been poisoning the American public. He proved that refined sugars and devitalized, bleached flours had been destroying the arteries and the digestive system, inflicting coronary heart illness and most cancers.

Entire Vs. Fractionated

OK, pure vs. artificial. Let’s begin with vitamin C. Most sources equate vitamin C with ascorbic acid, as if they had been the identical factor. They’re not. Ascorbic acid is an isolate, a fraction, a distillate of naturally occurring vitamin C. Along with ascorbic acid, vitamin C should embrace rutin, bioflavonoids, Issue Ok, Issue J, Issue P, tyrosinase, ascorbinogen, and different parts.

As well as, mineral co-factors should be out there in correct quantities.

If any of those elements are lacking, there isn’t any vitamin C, no vitamin exercise. When a few of them are current, the physique will draw by itself shops to make up the variations, in order that the entire vitamin could also be current. Solely then will vitamin exercise happen, supplied that every one different circumstances and co-factors are current. Ascorbic acid is described merely because the “antioxidant wrapper” portion of vitamin C; ascorbic acid protects the practical elements of the vitamin from speedy oxidation or breakdown. (Somer, p 58 “Vitamin C: A Lesson in Keeping An Open Mind” The Diet Report)

Over 90% of ascorbic acid on this nation is manufactured at a facility in Nutley, New Jersey, owned by Hoffman-LaRoche, one of many world’s greatest drug producers (1 800 526 0189). Right here ascorbic acid is comprised of a course of involving cornstarch and risky acids. Most U.S. vitamin corporations then purchase the majority ascorbic acid from this single facility. After that, advertising and marketing takes over. Every firm makes its personal labels, its personal claims, and its personal formulations, every one claiming to have the superior type of vitamin C, despite the fact that all of it got here from the identical place, and it’s actually not vitamin C in any respect.

Fractionated = Artificial = Crystalline = Faux

The phrase “synthetic” means two issues:


-occurs nowhere in nature

From the outset, it’s essential to grasp the distinction between nutritional vitamins and vitamin exercise. The vitamin is the biochemical advanced. Vitamin exercise means the precise organic and mobile modifications that happen when the stage is about for the vitamin advanced to behave.

Consider it like gasoline and a automobile. Pumping the gasoline into the tank doesn’t essentially imply the automobile goes wherever. Different circumstances and components should be additionally current, to ensure that Exercise to happen. The gasoline line to the carburetor should be clear, the carburetor jets should be set, there should be a precise combination of air stream, the ignition should be turned on, the spark plugs should be clear, the precise quantity of gasoline should attain every spark plug proper earlier than it fires, no gasoline should be left over within the cylinder after the plug fires Getting the concept? If any of these items is lacking, there’s no Exercise: the automobile doesn’t run, or no less than not very nicely.

Wonderful as it might sound when you’re listening to this for the primary time, nutritional vitamins are greater than the artificial fractions we’re generally taught they’re. The ascorbic acid you purchase on the grocery retailer each few weeks, pondering you’re shopping for Vitamin C, is only a chemical copy of naturally occurring ascorbic acid, which itself remains to be solely a fraction of the particular Vitamin C. Actual vitamin C is a part of one thing residing, and as such, can impart life.

Your artificial, fractionated chemical ascorbic acid by no means grew within the floor, by no means noticed the sunshine of day, by no means was alive or a part of something alive. It’s a chemical, a cornstarch spinoff, a sulfuric acid by-product. In your physique it’s simply one other drug. Artificial nutritional vitamins have poisonous results from mega-doses and truly can enhance the white blood cell depend. Nutritional vitamins are solely crucial in minute portions each day. Entire meals nutritional vitamins, against this, should not poisonous for the reason that vitamin is complexed in its integral working type, and requires nothing from the physique, and triggers no immune response.


Scurvy is a illness attributable to vitamin C deficiency. Scurvy is characterised by bleeding gums, gradual wound therapeutic, softening bones, unfastened tooth, ulcerations of the mouth and digestive tract, basic weight reduction and fatigue. From 1650 to 1850 half of all seamen on transoceanic voyages died of scurvy. It was found by ship surgeon Thomas Lind within the early 1800s that British sailors had been spared the illness altogether just by a food regimen wealthy in citrus fruits. Since limes traveled nicely, they had been the frequent alternative throughout the early years, and thus the expression “limeys” was coined to explain British sailors. It was later discovered each at sea and in jail fare that potatoes had been equally profitable in stopping scurvy, and less expensive to acquire. (Lancet. 1842) We discover that there’s lower than 20 mg of ascorbic acid in a potato. But this small quantity, since it’s complexed in a meals supply, is all of the physique wants not solely to forestall scurvy, but in addition to treatment it, even in its superior state. Such a treatment is described intimately in Richard Dana’s wonderful journal, Two Years Earlier than the Mast, written in 1840.

Entire meals vitamin C as present in potatoes, onions, and citrus fruits is ready to shortly treatment any case of scurvy. Against this, the fractionated chemical ascorbic acid has been proven to be inadequate in resolving a scurvy situation, just because it doesn’t act as a nutrient. (Lancet 1842)

Ascorbic acid merely can’t confer vitamin exercise, as taught by the discoverer of vitamin C himself, one other Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Georgi.

Szent-Georgi found vitamin C in 1937. In all his analysis nonetheless, Szent-Georgi discovered that he may by no means treatment scurvy with the remoted ascorbic acid itself. Realizing that he may all the time treatment scurvy with the “impure” vitamin C present in easy meals, Szent-Georgi found that different components needed to be at work to ensure that vitamin exercise to happen. So he returned to the laboratory and ultimately made the invention of one other member of the vitamin C advanced, as proven within the diagram above: rutin. All of the components within the advanced, as Royal Lee and Dr. Szent-Georgi each got here to grasp, ascorbic acid, rutin, and the opposite components, had been synergists: co-factors which collectively sparked the “functional interdependence of biologically related nutrient factors.” (Empty Harvest, p120) The time period “wheels within wheels” was used to explain the interaction of co-factors.

Every of the opposite synergists within the C advanced has a separate perform:

P components for blood vessel power,

J components for oxygen-carrying capability of crimson cells,

tyrosinase as a necessary enzyme for enhancing white blood cell effectiveness.

Ascorbic acid is simply the antioxidant outer shell – the protector of all these different synergists in order that they’ll be capable to carry out their particular person features.

Linus Pauling and Ascorbic Acid

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Now I can hear you asking, what about Linus Pauling, double Nobel Prize laureate, and his lifetime espousal of megadosing on ascorbic acid – as much as 10 grams per day? He lived to be 93. Are we saying that he took an artificial vitamin all that point? Sure, that’s precisely proper. Bernard Jensen means that ascorbic acid has an acidifying impact within the physique, making an unfriendly atmosphere for viruses, Candida, and pathogenic micro organism. “Most infectious pathogenic bacteria thrive in an alkaline pH.” Pauling’s good well being was not the results of artificial vitamin exercise. Good genetics and the acidifying impact are possible what introduced longevity to Linus Pauling. He ultimately died of most cancers.

Dr. Royal Lee’s phrase “biological wheels within wheels” all the time comes up in any dialogue of complete meals nutritional vitamins. Basically it signifies that particular person synergists can’t perform as a vitamin in a chemically remoted type, like ascorbic acid. Nutritional vitamins live complexes which contribute to different greater residing complexes – like cell restore, collagen manufacture, and upkeep of blood circulation. Ascorbic acid isn’t a residing advanced. It’s a copy of part of a residing advanced generally known as vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is a fractionated, crystalline isolate of vitamin C.

Why are you a highschool graduate or a school graduate or a health care provider, and also you don’t know this? As a result of drug producers like issues clear and easy and low-cost to provide. To this easy reality add the politics which all the time comes into play when anybody mentions the phrase “billions,” and you’re starting to get the concept about the place to start your investigation. Burned his analysis???

Dietary Sources

Most nutritional vitamins can’t be made by the physique. They should be taken in as meals. The perfect sources then are clearly complete meals, wealthy in nutritional vitamins. Due to soil depletion, mineral depletion, pesticides, air air pollution, and erosion, it is not uncommon information that meals grown in American soil as we speak have solely a fraction of the nutrient worth of fifty years in the past. Which means a fraction of the nutritional vitamins and minerals crucial for regular human cell perform. Royal Lee described the American food regimen because the cultivation and manufacturing of “devitalized foods.” Dr. Weston Worth describes these empty merchandise because the “foods of commerce.” Suppose it’s gotten higher or worse since their time? Thus the need for supplementation.

Nutritional vitamins and minerals should not functionally separable. They make one another work. Instance: vitamin D is critical for the physique to soak up calcium. Copper is critical for vitamin C exercise. And so forth. Mineral deficiencies may cause vitamin deficiencies, and vice versa. Epidemic mineral deficiency in America is a well-documented results of systematic soil depletion. (See Minerals chapter: familycuisine.web)

So that’s the different prime distinction between complete meals nutritional vitamins and synthetics: complete meals nutritional vitamins include inside them many important hint minerals crucial for his or her synergistic operation. Artificial nutritional vitamins include no hint minerals, counting on, and depleting, the physique’s personal mineral reserves.

Humorous Farms

Following the German agricultural strategies of Von Leibig within the mid-1800s, American farmers discovered that NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) was all that was crucial for crops to look good. (Frost p7) So long as NPK is added to the soil, crops will be produced and bought yr after yr from the identical soil. They appear OK. However the different crucial hint minerals important for human vitamin are nearly absent from most American soil in any case these years. Many of those minerals, similar to zinc, copper, and magnesium, are crucial co-factors of vitamin exercise. Depleted topsoil is one easy, widespread mechanism of each vitamin and mineral deficiency in American produce as we speak. This doesn’t even keep in mind the tons of toxic herbicides and pesticides dumped on crops. In line with the UN, two million tons of pesticides are used worldwide yearly. (Jensen, p69)

American agri-business has one motive: revenue. Such a spotlight has resulted in an output of empty produce and a nation of unhealthy individuals. The earth’s immune system is its soil. To be important and able to rising important meals, soil should be wealthy in each minerals and soil-based organisms – life varieties. Wholesome produce naturally resists bugs. Bugs are like unhealthy micro organism within the physique: they’re interested in diseased tissue, although they don’t trigger it.

The Meals of Commerce

And we’re nonetheless solely speaking about individuals who really eat uncooked fruit and veggies, which is a minority. Processed meals composes nearly all of what most People eat. The one vitamins in most processed meals are “enriched” and “fortified” as described beneath.

When a health care provider says that meals dietary supplements are all pointless as a result of we are able to get all the things we want from our meals, that physician is missing fundamental data printed and agreed upon by his personal friends. Whether or not or not we want supplementation is now not a problem, apart from one who is completely out of contact. The difficulty is what variety and the way a lot. Vitamin and mineral deficiency will be tagged to virtually ANY illness syndrome identified to man. DW Cavanaugh, MD of Cornell College really concluded that:

There is only one major disease, and that is malnutrition.” (Jensen, p8) Malnutrition of the prosperous is the pure results of the meals of commerce.


The perfect nutritional vitamins are referred to as complete meals nutritional vitamins. It is going to be troublesome discovering this out on the Web, nonetheless, as a result of the Internet is dominated by mainstream dietary idea. Within the space of nutritional vitamins, the Web is 99% advertising and marketing; 1% precise data.

However then once more, this isn’t Mission Troublesome. That is Mission Inconceivable, Mr Hunt.

There are about 110 corporations who promote nutritional vitamins within the US. Lower than 5 of them use complete meals nutritional vitamins. The reason being easy: complete meals nutritional vitamins are costly to make. A number of of the most important pharmaceutical corporations on the earth mass produce artificial nutritional vitamins for the overwhelming majority of those 110 “vitamin” corporations, who then put their very own label on them, and each firm claims theirs is the very best! It’s ridiculous! People spend over $9 billion per yr for artificial nutritional vitamins. (Frost, p2)

Entire meals nutritional vitamins are obtained by taking a vitamin-rich plant, eradicating the water and the fiber in a chilly vacuum course of, freed from chemical substances, after which packaging for stability. Your entire vitamin advanced on this approach will be captured intact, retaining its “functional and nutritional integrity.” (DeCava p.23.) Upon ingestion, the physique isn’t required to attract by itself reserves so as to full any lacking parts from the vitamin advanced.

Mainstream advertising and marketing of nutritional vitamins and minerals has efficiently created the parable that nutritional vitamins and minerals could also be remoted from one another, that right quantities could also be measured out, after which we are able to derive complete profit from taking these fractionated chemical creations. Nothing might be farther from the reality. Nutritional vitamins and minerals, and in addition enzymes, work carefully collectively as co-factors for one another’s efficacy. If one half is lacking, or within the mistaken type or the mistaken quantity, whole chains of metabolic processes is not going to proceed usually. Outcome: downward spiralling of well being, in all probability imperceptible for lengthy intervals of time.

Advertising and Promotion

What’s the advertising and marketing philosophy behind the prevalence of the kind of artificial nutritional vitamins out there within the grocery store and mall vitamin shops? Easy: revenue above all else. As soon as the general public is proven that vitamin supplementation is critical, the remainder is advertising and marketing. Advertising is the artwork of persuading by suspending logic and twisting information into junk science.

Instance: what’s the precise distinction in composition between Wheaties and Complete, two cereals put out by the identical firm? Complete is marketed as being rather more nutrient-rich than “ordinary” Wheaties. Have a look at the labels. What justifies the additional $1.30 for a field of Complete? Reply: 1.5¢ value of artificial nutritional vitamins sprayed over the Wheaties. That’s it! That’s what “vitamin enriched” all the time means.

The opposite trick phrase is “fortified.” Usually that signifies that the meals itself is devoid of vitamins or enzymes, so that they tried to pump it up a bit of with some “vitamins.” Low-cost artificial vitamin sprays are all that’s required for the producer to make use of labels like “enriched” and “fortified.” These phrases are crimson flags – if a meals must be fortified or enriched, you may guess it was already useless.

The mega-vitamin idea doesn’t actually maintain in terms of synthetics: If A Little Is Good, Extra Is Higher. Macro doses of vitamin E, and in addition vitamin D have been proven to lower immune perform considerably. (DeCava.) It stands to purpose. Nutritional vitamins by definition are crucial in phenomenally small doses.

The discoverer of thiamine, a B vitamin, and the person who got here up with the phrase vitamin, Dr. Casimir Funk, has this to say about synthetics:

“Synthetic vitamins: these are highly inferior to vitamins from natural sources, also the synthetic product is well known to be far more toxic.”

Diet authority DeCava describes it: “Natural food-source vitamins are enzymatically alive. Man-made synthetic vitamins are dead chemicals. ” — The Actual Fact About Nutritional vitamins p209

Oxymorons: navy intelligence, rap music, artificial nutritional vitamins.

Excessive Efficiency

The advertising and marketing of fractionated crystalline artificial nutritional vitamins has been so profitable that almost all nutritionists and medical doctors are unaware that there’s something lacking from these “vitamins.” Vitamin producers compete for patrons with an identical merchandise – all of them purchased their artificial nutritional vitamins from the identical couple of drug corporations. To distinguish their product, every makes claims of “high potency.” Our nutritional vitamins are greater efficiency than theirs, and so forth. The purpose is, the upper the efficiency, the extra the druglike results are current.

Pure complete meals nutritional vitamins are very low efficiency. Keep in mind the 20mg of vitamin C in a potato that was capable of treatment a affected person of scurvy? That was low efficiency. Low efficiency is all we want. Low efficiency is sufficient to result in vitamin exercise. Excessive efficiency overshoots the mark – the chemical may be very pure and refined, just like the distinction between white sugar and the kind of sugar that’s in an apple.

The Milligram Recreation

Usually talking, if milligrams are being mentioned at size, the writer has no clue about nutritional vitamins. Artificial nutritional vitamins are refined, excessive efficiency chemical substances, and subsequently could also be precisely measured in milligrams, similar to medicine. This has nothing to do with vitamin exercise or vitamin, besides in a damaging approach.

Half The Story

The identical sort of incomplete motion will be seen with any artificial vitamin. Let’s take beta carotene for a minute, which the physique can flip into vitamin A. Now you’ll do not forget that vitamin A is critical for good eyesight, DNA synthesis, and protects cells from free radicals. A research reported in Apr 94 within the NEJM of some 30,000 Finnish topics confirmed conclusively that artificial vitamin A had no antioxidant impact in any respect. A real antioxidant helps to guard coronary heart muscle, lungs, and artery surfaces from breaking down prematurely.

On this research, the themes who acquired the artificial beta carotene really had an 8% greater incidence of deadly coronary heart assaults, strokes, and lung most cancers than those that acquired the placebo (sugar capsule). Stands to purpose: the artificial introduced no vitamin exercise to the tissues that wanted it. As a useless, purified chemical launched into the physique, the artificial additional burdened the immune system, the liver, and the kidneys which all needed to attempt to break down this odd chemical and take away it from the physique. It will be unhealthy sufficient in the event that they had been innocent, however artificial nutritional vitamins even have a web damaging impact.

Vitamin A

was first found in 1919. By 1924, it had been damaged down and separated from its pure complete meals advanced: “purified.” By 1931, LaRoche – one of many largest pharmaceutical corporations on the earth, even as we speak – had succeeded in “synthesizing” vitamin A. Which means that they had created a purely chemical copy of a fraction of naturally occurring vitamin A. Naturally occurring vitamin A is discovered related to a complete group of different parts:

– Retinols


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– Retinal



-Fatty acids

– Vitamin C

– Vitamin E

– Vitamin B

– Vitamin D


-Minerals (Nutritional vitamins and Minerals, Somer, 1992)

Remoted from these different components, vitamin A is a fraction which can’t carry out its organic features. Taken as an artificial, it should then draw on this checklist of sources already within the physique so as to full its make-up. Entire meals vitamin A, against this, is already full and able to go.

Most artificial vitamin A consists solely of retinal, retinol, or retinoic acid. The well-publicized potential for toxicity with mega doses of vitamin A includes one in all these three. Vitamin A toxicity, generally known as hypervitaminosis, all the time outcomes from an extra of artificial, “purified” vitamin A, and by no means from complete meals vitamin A. (DeCava, p 86)

Results of vitamin A toxicity embrace:

– tumor enhancement

-joint issues – osteoporosis

– excessive dryness of eyes, mouth and pores and skin, – enlargement of liver and spleen

-immune despair

-birth defects

Beta Carotene

— is a precursor the physique can convert to vitamin A. Sadly, as a complement, artificial beta carotene is normally “stabilized” in refined vegetable oils. On this trans fatty acid type, oxidation happens and the chemically “pure” beta carotene can now not act as a nutrient, as a result of it was modified. Virtually all artificial beta carotene is produced by the Swiss drug big Hoffman-LaRoche. This way can now not be transformed to vitamin A. The perfect it may be is nugatory, and on the worst is poisonous.

Pure vitamin A and beta carotene are nicely generally known as immune boosters and most cancers fighters, of their function as antioxidants. Artificial vitamin A against this has really led to important will increase in most cancers. A research achieved in Finland supplied people who smoke with massive doses of artificial beta carotene. Lung most cancers incidence elevated 18%! (NEJM Apr 94, “The Alpha Tocopherol Beta Carotene Cancer Prevention Study Group”)

These findings had been corroborated two years later in one other research written up in Lancet. Pharmacologic doses of syntheric beta carotenes had been discovered to dam the antioxidant exercise of the opposite 50 naturally occurring carotenoids within the food regimen. Anti-cancer exercise was thus blocked by the artificial. (Lancet, 1996)

With the huge outpouring of mistaken details about nutritional vitamins A and C, the findings of a 1991 article in Well being Counselor are not any shock: 50% of People are poor in vitamin A and 41% are poor in vitamin C. Artificial nutritional vitamins can’t stop deficiencies.

Faux Vitamin B

In a single experiment, artificial vitamin B (thiamine) was proven to render 100% of a bunch of pigs sterile! 100% can be thought-about a big discovering. (Dr. Barnett Positive, Journ Natr, 1939) Maybe the truth that artificial vitamin B comes from coal tar, perhaps that has one thing to do with it, you assume? Then there’s vitamin B12, which comes from activated sewage sludge. (Frost p 60) Been taking pictures blanks because you began on these multi’s?

For the licensed dieticians and scientific nutritionists studying this in disbelief as a result of it’s too “unscientific,” think about the best way Theron Randolph, M.D., delineated between pure and artificial:

“A synthetically derived substance may cause a reaction in a chemically susceptible person when the same material of natural origin is tolerated, despite the two substances having identical chemical structures. The point is illustrated by the frequency of clinical reactions to synthetic vitamins – especially vitamin B1 and C- when the [same] naturally occurring vitamins are tolerated.”


In line with Los Angeles naturopath, Dr. Jack Singh, all business lecithins in dietary supplements, in addition to most vitamin D, comes from irradiated vegetable oils. That’s rancid, oxidizing trans fatty acids! A celebration of free radicals. That is the exact mechanism for arterial wall breakdown previous to plaque deposits, then arteriosclerosis, then coronary heart illness. I believed we had been imagined to be taking nutritional vitamins to remain wholesome!

Misplaced Horizon

Why is that this data so troublesome to seek out? It’s in not one of the “alternative” well being ‘zines, or any of the mainstream media. Alternative-Lite guru Julian Whittaker, in his summer 1998 newsletter actually had the temerity to state outright “Synthetic vitamins and whole food vitamins are identical.” I’m certain his artificial vitamin firm and all its retailers had been reassured by this extremely smug and flagrantly inaccurate pronouncement. However who’s objecting? Solely these purchasers of the 5 corporations who know sufficient to take complete meals nutritional vitamins, as a result of they’ve turn out to be educated to comprehend the distinction. These are the huge minority, having no management of the media.

Royal Lee and Harvey Wiley misplaced. No person is aware of who they’re as we speak, besides we few. That is no accident. What all people does know is Pepsi and Viagra and Surprise Bread and prednisone and Double Whoppers with Cheese and Zantac and Baskin-Robbins and Lengthy’s Drug Retailer. And grocery retailer nutritional vitamins: artificial nutritional vitamins. That’s America, as we speak because the product of yesterday. Management of knowledge in America as we speak is without doubt one of the most subtle programs of affect ever devised. The easy concepts contained on this chapter are merely not out there to the mass consciousness. The documentation is on the market, however you actually gotta dig.

100 years in the past if a medical physician noticed a case of most cancers he would name all his colleagues to come back and take a look, telling them it was unlikely they might see one other case, as most cancers was so uncommon. Folks hardly ever died of coronary heart assaults; in truth the time period coronary heart assault itself didn’t even exist. There was no incidence in any respect of atherosclerosis. Diabetes was virtually extraordinary. What did they eat? Fruits, greens, meat, butter, and lard. However none of it was processed with medicine and chemical substances.

Right this moment one in three dies of most cancers. One in two dies of coronary heart illness. Diabetes is the seventh main reason behind demise within the U.S. (Very important Statistics) Is that progress? In case you are a meals producer it’s, and particularly if you’re a drug producer. Within the Eighties the WHO ranked the US as #22 on the earth in toddler mortality. Male sperm depend is lower than 20% of what it was in 1929. (1981 College of Florida report, Pure vs. Artificial) Toddler mortality is up; start defects are up. We spend $1.5 trillion per yr for well being care, most of which matches for administration and govt salaries.

Who’re the most important advertisers for TV and the printed media? Proper: drug corporations and meals producers. Do they need to maintain the ball rolling? You guess. Will they kill you to do it? You guess. Do they need individuals to take cost of their very own well being by pure cheap meals and dietary supplements? Unfavourable. A treatment for most cancers has been “right around the corner” since Nixon. Persons are beginning to ask questions; they’re much less inclined to imagine the slick adverts coming each 10 minutes on TV and in Newsweek.

Maybe Hippocrates didn’t envision medical doctors as element males or drug reps. He almost certainly thought like Henry Bieler, MD:

“Nature, if given the opportunity is always the greatest healer. It is the physician’s role to assist in this healing, to play a supporting role.” -Discovering the Proper Remedy for You

So what do you do? Properly, you now have some perception that your vitamin wants should not being met by the Safeway generics. Wallach used to speak about costly urine from these unmetabolized grocery retailer artificial placebos.

The water soluble nutritional vitamins are greatest obtained via natural produce grown in mineral-rich soil. The fats soluble nutritional vitamins, A, E, and D are greatest obtained via fish, uncooked dairy, avocado, uncooked nuts, uncooked coconut, and clear meats.

Past this it’s MLM advertising and marketing roulette, and when you can’t spot the mark within the first 5 minutes, child, it’s you.

Observe: Underlining added for emphasis


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