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You would know about Delta 8 disposable products if you’re a regular user of the products. These products, as their name suggests- are meant to be only for a few uses and not meant to last long. But since they’re the most affordable products out there, people love and opt for them. If you’re one of the people who wants to know all the secrets to use your disposable vape pen longer, read ahead for the tips.

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What Are Delta 8 Disposables?

Delta 8 disposable vape pens are the shorter-lasting variants of vape pens. It is ideal for many people since they are affordable but just as effective. Manufacturers make them specifically for a couple of uses till the e-liquid runs out.

The disposables, though temporary, have a similar mechanism to regular vape pens and tanks. Users must charge these vape pens before use- with a charger provided with the pen. Some vape pens do not come with chargeable batteries, while some do.

These disposable vape pens are readily available in the market, online, and even in local stores. They also come in various flavors and strengths so that the customers can choose their preferences. It is always ideal to buy trusted brands for better usage and quality.

Why Does My Delta 8 Disposable Not Work?

Before we try to fix the disposable, let us brush over some common issues. There are some recurring problems in disposables that many customers face. They might be severe, or they might be easily fixable too.

So here are some frequent reasons why your Delta 8 disposable might refuse to work or not charge:

  • Faulty Charger- Depending on the brand you opt for, the quality of the product would change. It means that you might get products or accessories that are not the best in their task. Faulty chargers are one of the top reasons why disposables don’t charge.
  • Detached Connection Plate – The connection plate in a disposable vape pen helps transfer the energy. If this link gets broken, no charging can help with your vape pen. However, you can fix such issues with a few small steps.
  • Dead Battery- Sometimes, you might run out of luck and receive a faulty battery. That would mean that it would refuse to charge, and you can’t use it. But in such cases, you can ask the company for a replacement of your products.
  • E-Liquid Problem- Sometimes you might think that your disposable battery is the issue while the actual cause might be different. Low levels of e-liquid or cold e-liquid might also cause problems in your disposable.
  • Damaged Delta 8 Disposable- Sometimes, external damage to the disposable might cause further problems in the system. It could also lead to damage to the battery, which may be why it doesn’t charge anymore.

How to Fix Disposable Battery?

There are many reasons why disposable pens may stop working, a few of which we have already discussed above. Sometimes, this damage is irreversible, and you might have to buy a new disposable altogether. Sometimes, you can follow some steps and even fix the battery.

So here are a few tips to follow if your disposable battery has stopped working, which may help fix it:

  1. Yes, you saw it right- restarting almost any machine may even fix a problem initially present. Try to turn off the Delta 8 disposable and wait for 10 seconds before starting it again. When you switch on your vape pen, it may begin charging again, so try it out once.
  2. Undercalculating the charging time for disposables is a simple mistake vape pen users often make. Disposables may charge for longer than you think, so they might just be undercharged. Follow the exact instructions on the vape pen guide to ensure that your vape pen is fully charged and ready to use.
  3. Switch out the charger provided with any similar charger. As mentioned above, faulty chargers are the number one cause of issues in vapes. So you can try using a different charger or plug it into another outlet to see if it charges.

Source: https://trehouse.com/collections/thc-vape-pens/

  1. Try to fix the connection plate with the battery if that’s in your model. Some disposable vapes have connection plates that connect the charger and battery. You can remove the charger and use any thin object like a paper clip to pull the connection plate. You don’t have to pull it up too far- pull it gently and plug your charger back. Most probably, your battery will begin charging after doing so. However, be careful not to pull it out or damage the plate.
  2. If you have charged your battery, but your vape pen is still not working, the liquid might be the issue. The e-liquid might be too cold or not reach the outlet. There are two things to do here; First, you can heat the e-liquid using a hairdryer slowly on a low setting. Second, you can take a few long draws to pull the liquid and start drawing again. Between these two methods, one would certainly help if your e-liquid is the issue.
  3. If your disposable is not working from the first-ever try- then it’s most probable that it’s a defective product. Sometimes people receive faulty products and don’t know what they’re doing wrong. In this case, the only course of action needed is to apply for product replacement. You can attach pictures and explain your situation to the company, and they will reach out and replace the faulty product.


Just because products are disposable doesn’t mean that they cannot be fixed and used for a considerable time. Even disposable products must last till their given period, but sometimes they don’t. In such cases, you can take matters on your own hands and try a few simple tricks to restart your disposable vape pen. Then, you can continue enjoying draws of Delta 8 from your disposable just like before.

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