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Yoshi's restaurant serves poop (Video #1)
Yoshi's restaurant (Video #2)
Yoshi's restaurant 2 (Video #3)
Yoshi's restaurant (Video #4)
SIB Mario's Lego set and Yoshi's near death piano experience (Video #5)
Yoshi's Restaurant! Jumbo Ice Cream Challenge! (Video #6)
Yoshi's Restaurant The Food Truck! (Video #7)
Yoshi's Restaurant - Eddy's Visit + Mole Ball Destruction (Video #8)
Can You Escape the Room?! - Forrest Wheeler Adventures Ep 3 Ft. Yoshi Sudarso (Video #9)
Eating Yoshi's, Rally Burger & Bosa Donuts Boston Cream, Extended Stay Inn, Phoenix, 25 October 2021 (Video #10)
Đánh giá đồ ăn trong bát Godzilla của YOSHI, Phoenix, AZ | tôi sẽ ăn cái đó (Video #11)
Yoshi's restaurant 3 ( Luigi gets hired ) (Video #12)
Yoshi's Drive-Thru, Pedestrian Right-of-Way, Chicken Teriyaki, 4050 N Central Ave, Phoenix 25 Oct 21 (Video #13)
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Yoshi's Restaurant - Diddy's Improvements! (Video #15)
Yoshi's Restaurant! (Video #16)
I Ate The World's Best Sushi (Video #17)

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